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Okay I love the fact that Kendra the guidance counselor and mysterious doctor vet guy know what's going on more than the others. I really like these two. I wonder if Isaac asked what the vet was because he smelled different or what.

Isaac is tall when he stands up straight. He was really shocked that Scott was worried about him. I wonder if this could be the beginning of Scott taking over the pack at a future point? Like if anything happened to Derek(nooooo)Scott would be the one in charge. Along with Stiles.

I loved Stiles and his dad working on the case together. OMG tell him what's going onnnnnn.

I was saying "awwww" so much with the scene between Stiles and his Dad that my hubby came in and asked if I was alright. Then he got me a tissue. I think we had a hint or two that the sheriff's job was in jeopardy before this but now. Wow. I mean, Stiles notices right away that his dad doesn't have his gun with him. I really need them to do a Buffy and have Stiles' Dad find out or have someone tell him what the hell is going on with his town and his son. I mean I can't imagine what is going through his mind about his son. Stiles looked so stricken when he asked his dad was he going to even yell at him and his dad just looked like he'd given up on even getting the truth out of Stiles.

Okay, so this hunter 'code' is just bullshit, right? First Kate kills most of the Hales, including kids and non werewolfs. Then Granpapa Tigh catches that Omega and cuts him in half. Now the mom runs Scott down and is doing pretty good in killing him because he's sleeping with Allison?

I think Chris is the only one who seems to give a crap about the code? Maybe? I don't know. Hypocrites piss me off. And wth? with Granpapa Tigh not being able to cross the line. So is the Mom now going to be a wolf? Someone else already pointed out that when wolves bite someone there has to be intent with the bite and Derek was not intending to change her nutjob ass into a wolf. I wonder if Chris or Granpa will kill her. And this gives them a clean 'conscious' to go after Derek and the rest. Not they really needed a reason.

I love Chris Argent though and his "Never bring claws to a gunfight." Ha, yes! JR Bourne you are awesome. I hope you continue to be so.

I love Boyd.

Erica and Isacc dancing up on Jackson as a distraction. Wow. Very hot.

Hypnotized Jackson saying the people he's killing,killed him. Hmmm. I love how well Stiles, Isaac and Erica all worked together. Oh! and earlier with Stiles and the ash and him making it stretch or whatever he did. Wow. Interesting.

I liked this episode but I spent most of it waiting on some Lydia and Peter. I mean, last week blew me away! Also all the clues they gave us before they revealed that the guy was a figment of her imagination or whatever Peter did to her. I mean, no one else could see him. When she had that hallucination in class at the board, Peter was drawing a spiral on the board. His younger self shows up in one of the class seats when he wasn't there before. The flower he gives her is wolfsbane.

There's some scene where Allison's mom is looking at the security cameras and she's looking at Lydia and in the next scene we see Lydia talking to the guy, but he doesn't show up on the cameras. Then when she shows up at the Hale House which I assume is looking how it looked before it burned and she finds out the truth, or part of it, or something.

So is the only way to kill a werewolf is by cutting it in half? We saw granpa Tigh kill the omega like that and that's how Derek's sister ends up, cut in half. Is Peter cut in half? I'm just saying. Derek might want to see to that. I love how Peter tells Lydia she was his backup plan. I will always wonder if he hadn't done anything to her would Stiles have been his backup plan.

I haven't wanted to know what was going on this bad since Angel slept with Buffy and then stumbled out into that alley. So, we get some Lydia and Peter next week. I really like Peter as a bad guy. He does it so well and seems to be really into it. Kinda like Spike.

Oh and can we talk about how much ass Sigourney Weaver kicked in 'Political Animals?' I mean I seriously love her. Adrian Pasdar as POTUS. How is he still so hot?

Date: 2012-07-17 12:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Like if anything happened to Derek(nooooo)Scott would be the one in charge.

I really hope they don't kill Derek just to allow Scott to become leader, simply because that story of the young innocent who eventually becomes leader has been done already countless times. Plus, while I love how Scott has matured and is probably the most caring person on the show right now, the honest truth is that he's not the sharpest claw on the collective werewolf and a leader needs to be more than empathetic. I'm hoping Derek and Scott could be come co-leaders or that the pack will become more of a democracy. Or even that Derek gets fake dead again for a bit and Scott takes over well enough that Derek takes on only an advisory position - anything that will keep Derek alive and Scott not completely taking over.

I loved Stiles and his dad working on the case together.

Here's the thing I realized this morning - the murder victim's name was not on the list Stiles helped his dad compile (his father said this at the crime scene). Yet I thought we clearly saw Stiles find her in the yearbook? Am I wrong? I'm wondering if Stiles deliberately left her name off the list in hope that they could trap Jackson while he went after her while keeping his father safe. But if his dad goes back looking at the yearbook, he'll realize Stiles left her off... That right there could provoke a confrontation and maybe reveal the truth?

Honestly, I'm kind of in fear for Papa Stilinski's life because I think he may find out, and on shows like this that's practically a death knell.

Okay, so this hunter 'code' is just bullshit, right?

Maybe? I think Chris Argent believes it, he's just surrounded by a bunch of nutters who like to kill werewolves. I think he truly believes it's about protecting the innocent from supernatural creatures - he and the Winchesters would get along great. I think Mama Argent is just plan crazy-cakes, while Grandpa Tigh is devious and up to something. I'm still not sure what happened with Kate to make her kill everyone like that - she was obviously nuts when she came back, but was she always that way and just led Derek on, or did something happen?

I love Chris Argent though and his "Never bring claws to a gunfight."

Yeah, but clearly he failed to do his homework and watch the Mythbuster ep where they tested the knife vs gun in a gunfight theory. They found that at under 15 feet, the gunfighter can't get his guns out quick enough to stop from getting stabbed - and even further out, he could get it out but it was mutual death. Only beyond 20 feet was it true that a gun was better. Of course, this is when you have to draw your gun - but also doesn't assume fast werewolves who can keep going after being shot... In other words, I thought it was a great line - but wasn't true, and Derek and Boyd proved that rather well.

Hypnotized Jackson saying the people he's killing,killed him.

So is he possessed by ghosts who are controlling him? I'm very confused! It was creepy though.

earlier with Stiles and the ash and him making it stretch or whatever he did. Wow. Interesting.

I'm going to assume that it was magic powder that responded to the will of the person, rather than Stiles being magic (although he is). I really think he is going to remain fully human, at least until the very end. He's kind of the gateway character, you know, and having him gain magic powers would be weird.

I liked this episode but I spent most of it waiting on some Lydia and Peter.

I had read only 1 spoiler from Comic Con about the ep they showed and that one thing was that Lydia wasn't in it. So I knew not to expect it, but am hoping for more next week. The girl who plays Lydia said next ep had a lot of development for all the characters.

Is Peter cut in half? I'm just saying. Derek might want to see to that.

I wondered that too, because he was clearly healing in his grave (since he had been set on fire, etc before getting his throat cut). I think Derek may think because alpha power transferred to him, that means Peter is dead dead - but dominance fights don't have to be to the death, just to the win. So yeah, maybe Derek should get on that dismembering his last living relative thing...

Date: 2012-07-19 04:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
All of Jackson's scenes seem creepy these days. That stuff with the snake from last ep where he swallowed it. Ugh.

I hope they don't do anything to Derek too. I like Scott but not at the expense of Derek. I do love that for season three they have double the episodes so more of everyone.

Yeah the exec producer has twittered and said the powder had to respond to a strong will and that does match what the Vet kept saying to Stiles. I don't think I'd want Stiles to get any powers.

Do you read a lot of fanfic? There have been all these Demon!Stiles fics based on some manips on tumblr and they're pretty good.

I cannot wait for next week. The previews look so good.

Date: 2012-07-19 06:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Jackson had those creepy werewolf fingers coming out of his throat first season too. I think they like to do stuff like that to him to torture the actor (in fun).

I do read the fan fic, but I haven't read the demon ones. I guess coming from SPN, the idea of poor Stiles being possessed makes me sad because it never ends well. Or that "Stiles" never existed, it was all a demon (although I guess that could be interesting...). Hmmm, I don't know - are there any you think are must read?

My DVR cut out before the previews. I did hear a lot of squee because apparently in the previews Stiles is wearing an outfit that he was in an pic outtake where the actors are lying on a floor with Hoechlin laughing over at O'Brien, whose got a hilarious oops look on his face.

Date: 2012-07-24 04:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hmm on the Demon Stiles front most of them are WIP's but if I find some that are done, I'll let you know.
(deleted comment)

Date: 2012-07-19 04:22 am (UTC)
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I cannot wait for the next episode! It was soooo good and time passed by too quickly. Weaver was too too awesome.


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