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Hey! Hey!

Sending out Christmas Cards. If you would like one or have moved let me know.

You all can email me at if you'd like a card. No need for you to send one(you can if you like) but I just enjoy sending out cards!

Hope everyone is having a good day!
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My babies recently turned 10 and 13. I can't believe it.

Zoe likes Hello Kitty, Minecraft and talking on the phone.

Keyanah likes Adam Lambert, Teen Wolf and Minecraft. And when I say she is into Teen Wolf, I mean she is really into Teen Wolf. She's got stories she reads on Wattpad and friends she chats with on Deviantart.

Time has passed so fast with them.

Monday is back to work. Um, yay? I guess. It's weird to be laid off so long and then back to work for about 8 weeks and then laid off for Christmas. Then back to work in January until June.
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Fic: Everybody's Looking for Something
Fandom:Hannibal (TV Show)
Pairing: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
Rating: NC-17, no gore
Genre: AU, Hooker AU,Vaguely Psychic dystopic AU
Spoilers: No
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made
Author Note: I finished something! Yay me!

Read more... )

There was a picture on tumblr that inspired me. pic
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Wow, no post since Feb. Bleh. Too much Tumblr for me.

Though i'm not as frantic about it as I was at first. I don't feel like I must see every post that was posted since I last looked.

Let's see

Off work for my usual summer lack of work thing. Might have to get a job since I don't go back until September and we have hella bills. Might try and find something at night since anything in the daytime is basically paying for the childcare i'd have to get. Just the thought of working at night, having kids in daytime is making a nervous breakdown seem possible because when do i sleep? Taking care of kids is a job (easier when they're 9 and 12 but still stuff that has to be done) but no one (read, my husband) seems to realize this.

My dad had heart surgery last week and asked if he could come up here (we're in different cities) to recuperate so I said yes and he's fine. So after he goes home next week will fill out some applications and see what happens. I wish I could win the lottery for a few thousand but I need to play the lottery in order to do that.

Teen Wolf- At this point i'm watching so I can keep up with Fanfic and gifs. My 12 year old watches and is super into it. She talks about it and wants fanfic and is writing some of her own fanfic. In one of her stories, Scott has a twin sister. Or is it Stiles? I forget but I found that so cute. The only advice i've given her so far is to split the story up into readable paragraphs. We're hilarious

Hannibal- Into Hannibal big time. Loved the S2 finale. Really happy they're getting a S3. It's the best horror show on TV. Just bought S1 a few days ago for 12 bucks including shipping ( So rewatching S1. So many clues I never caught. Got some fanfic ideas for Hannibal. 2 are AU's. One is a short fic of what happens after the s2 finale.

Vikings-I need more. No more until 2015. Booo.

Penny Dreadful- Yes. This is good. Love it and the characters. Even Dorian Grey. Everyone is betting American Cowboy is going to be a werewolf. I think they might be right. I like Dr. Frankenstein. He's a trip.

From dusk til dawn- Really psyched they made this a TV series. Loved it. Loved them creating a new vampire mythos. The guy playing Ritchie. Wow. Guy playing Seth channeled George Clooney. Already know they're going to have a 2nd season. (Having Robert Rodriguez own/run the channel it airs on is a good thing)

Dominion- New show on Syfy. Trying to give it the old 3 episode try but the main guy is kind of whiny. Giles accent. Whoo boy. That was a mess in the Pilot but i've always said you can't judge a show by its pilot.

Can't wait for Dr. Who.

I watch a lot of gory/fantasy stuff. Heh.

Um, what else.

Discovered Dr Pepper Vanilla Float. Omg. So good

I don't care for Transformer Movies but this new one. DINOSAUR ROBOT. It's all I ever wanted in my life. I feel like it should be something Syfy has already done but I don't think they have.

Mark Ruffalo is on tumblr and the biggest mystery is how did he snag the name:markruffalo. Hee.
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Earilier I heard my kids playing Lego Teen Wolf(there are no official Lego Teen Wolf, but my oldest has many, many legos. She made her own Derek Hale, scruff and leather jacket included.) This is the convo I overheard.

K: You are Derek Hale! Derek Hale, I am Chris Argent. (lego Chris Argent has a cool lego motorcycle with a mounted lego gun on the side).

Z: Sometimes I turn into a snake! (I assume they made a Jackson lego? Maybe using one of the reptilian legos?)

My kids are crazy and continue to amaze me with their creativity and love for My Little Pony, Monster High, Hello Kitty and Teen Wolf.(I let them stay up on Monday night to watch TW but not the Wolf watch, so they find Wolf Watch on the comcast on demand and watch it later in the week).

Nielsen tv ratings people called me about two weeks ago. They want us to be a Nielsen family for a week. I didn't know it was still a thing. They did ask about a DVR and stuff. I remember one time back in the 90's I did the week long Nielsen thing. I don't know how I got selected. I feel out surveys sometimes? No clue but I have to fill out this notebook for each tv in the house. And I get a little moola for compensation. I should have asked them how I and my family got picked.

Finished watching the first season of History Vikings. Damn. I loved it! Spoilers )

And don't get me started on the Season2 promo of everyone they kept showing after each episode (I watched on Comcast's On Demand) because Athelstan looked hot as whew! Long hair, viking clothes, sword. It was a damn,baby moment.

And Rollo in the promo. Ropes holding him down and then him bursting out of his shirt.

What the fuck, History Channel? Plus Rollo, Viking Athelstan and Ragnar all look like the cover of a really good Viking Historical Romance. Especially Rollo. I blame Johanna Lindsay and her Viking books.

Sleepy Hollow finale wrecked me. I can't even ponder it too much since it doesn't come back until Fall. Fall! Augggh. I am enjoying Orlando Jones foray into Tumblr and fandom. It's cute.

Back at work for the last three weeks. Same old, same old.

I need to make some extra money. Anyone have any comments about Zazzle?

I looked at it and Cafe Press for tee shirt,etc making convenience. Zazzle seemed better. Still researching. I do want to find a public domain of pictures. I need to find out copyright or trademark wise about selling fandom/geek type shirts though I don't plan on using the name. Like Sleepy Hollow. If I made a shirt with just words on it like: Sleepy, Headless, Witness. Is that infringement? Maybe I will ask OTW. I remember the stuff with Jayne's hat and how Etsy people just renamed it and kept selling it.
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Title: The Offering
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles/Derek
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU
Spoilers: None
Timeline: Season two happened. 3A did not.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made

Summary: This is Derek's last chance. He knows it.

Story )
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Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! Hope those that celebrate had a great Christmas or at least some days off.

Had a great Christmas. The girls got some nice stuff. Z got some Hello Kitty stuff and K got some Star Wars legos. She had a 700 piece Jabba's Palace built in about 2 hours. It also came with a Carbonite Han Solo,which cracked me up. They loved their American Girl like dolls. I think some of their friends got some stuff from the same line called My Life dolls.

I Got some gift cards and some Despicable Me minions! I felt silly putting them on my list but then I thought, they make me smile and laugh, so why not? Got the Despicable Me2 blue ray and a fluffy pink unicorn plus some minions or tater tots as I call them. Best believe when I go back to work one or two minions will be gracing my desk.

Found the cookbook from the 30's that Stacey wanted. Cracked me up that the inside price said $1.50. Heh. I paid about $36 bucks. Worth it though. He really liked it. His b-day is Jan 13. He will be getting another cookbook from The Pioneer Woman.

Did some after Christmas shopping today. I LOVE discount wrapping paper and Christmas stuff. If I was more web savvy I'd totally make a website that discussed what stores had the best deals and what percentage off.

I hit Michael's which didn't have much left, but found some Hello Kitty ribbon for next year along with some felt decorations. Also found a acrylic paint set for a $1.25! I was amazed. I didn't really care about the paint supplies but the roll out case it came it is lovely. Also found some Martha Stewart jewelry on clearance.

Hit Target, found some wrapping paper for 50% off. Considered some 5 foot tinsel trees that were cute but I could not think where we would put them. Hit TJ Maxx and Pier One too. Saw some cute stuff but didn't buy anything but some chocolate at TJ. Hubby wanted to hit Lowe's which was not on my list but they did have some discount Christmas stuff. The girls' chose new stockings for next year. Found a beautiful silver snowflake design basin? bowl? to put ornaments inside of. There were two. I got one. I'm going to regret not getting that 2nd one.

These days I hit a store's clearance section before I do almost anything else.

I don't really do NY resolutions but will try Do: have more patience, write more, be kind, listen to my kids adventures about their lives, share more with my friends.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one.”
2014 (via themercifulservant on tumblr)
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Someone emailed me because the link to this was down. I wasn't sure if I ever posted it to LJ or if I did, that I tagged back then. I was tempted to rewrite some of it, but I believe once a story is beta'd and posted, I leave it alone. ETA: This story is 10 years old. Omg. *Pulls out rocking chair. In my day...*

Title: Five Things that never happened to Brian O’Conner
Author: Kellygirl
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, no money being made. No infringement intended.
Spoilers: Based on Fast and Furious so only spoilers for that movie.

Summary: There are a lot of ‘Five things that never happened’ stories out there in different fandoms like Smallville and Buffy. It’s kind of like an alternate universe type idea. So the idea is not mine, just the story it helped produce.
Notes: Big thanks to Dirty Diana for the beta. This has been done for awhile but my brain kept pulling me in other directions.
Feedback: Any and all appreciated greatly.

Story )
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I did it! Yay me! It was hard but not as hard as I initially thought.

I think I mostly talked about TV, which is one of my favorite subjects anyway. I wanted to talk more about writing but since my own has stalled, it just all seemed blocked.

I just found a playlist labeled, 'Inspire.' Okay I WILL write something(story wise) tonight. Just five sentences.

I can't wait to watch more robots, cops and their patriotic 200 hundred something year old partners, (plus some Jirving. I am here for the Jirving), more Justified Cops and elegant Cannibals.

Thank you for reading. I have felt more in touch with all the people I have met here through various ways and means and hopefully will continue to do so.

Later, Taters!

P.S. Does anyone else hear "there's a bathroom on the right," instead of "there's a bad moon on the rise," in Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Bad Moon Rising?'
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I feel very blah today. I was going to tell a story about socks but I changed my mind.

Anyone know of any scary books for teens? K is 12 and wants some scary books. She watched the first 3 Scream movies with one of her friends and all of sudden she's into horror. She mentioned Stephen King and I was like 'um,let's wait on him. Start you out with someone else.'

She said she didn't like Goosebumps books but any recs are welcome.

Catching up on Nikita. I'm up to April of last season. Shit is Cray in Division.

Let's see. Saw an poster type ad for Hannibal which comes back end of February. Tag line was 'Embrace the Madness.'

Between it and Teen Wolf's 'Lose your mind,' I'm going to need some alcohol.

Anyone else that watches Teen Wolf like and despise Peter Hale at the same time? Like I want to see what he'll do next and as a villain he fascinates me, but if Lydia or one of the others wanted to kill him again, I'd be okay with that. It's weird.

Christmas is almost here! I think I'm done being excited and just want it over with.(grinchy gif here)
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Got Beyonce's album/video's. I'm tardy to the party but whatev. I really like a majority of the songs. My Ipad was like "lol you out of space" when it started d/l the videos. I got the radio edit version I guess you call it because I like for my kids to be able to listen to stuff I listen to with minimal cursing, but I'll need to listen a few more times. It's a very grown woman album.

Almost done shopping. Kids want Just Dance 2014 so I have to go find it. Walmart has it for around $39. Might have to see if it's cheaper some place else. They have Robin Thicke on it though.:( ugh.

Gotta help the kids clean their rooms in the next few days. I always try and get rid of some stuff before new stuff comes in.

I get so tired around 7pm but I got stuff to do to get kiddies ready for school and then if I go to sleep before them it's chaos. I rarely do that, I have to be really wiped. I try and do the ironing of clothes and stuff early but since i'm on layoff (aka christmas break yoyodyne style) I might do it later but before bed. Then around 10 pm i'm not sleepy anymore. Weird.

Someone emailed asking about one of my older stories so I'm going to try and track it down. I don't know if I ever posted it to LJ. Then if I did, I was probably before I tagged stuff. *puts on detective hat*

Since i'm having problems with my original fic and fanfic my brain decided to give me a completely whole new idea. Thanks brain.

Day Seven

Dec. 17th, 2013 09:44 pm
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Got a message for K's school about them having a code yellow and locked the school down because an armed robber was in the area.

K told me a few weeks ago they had a code red drill. I told her when I was in school, we had fire and tornado drills but no code red. She was amazed.

Code red is to try and prepare them in case of a gunman gets in the school. Right now Z's school has a buzzer where they have to let you in after they ask you why you're there. And then you come to the office with you ID.

Sometimes I just want to wrap them in bubblewrap and never let them out of my sight.

My writing fu is just...bleh. I have several WIP's and one or two that are almost...almost done, but I just don't feel like writing. Though I want to write.

Off to bed!

Day Six

Dec. 16th, 2013 10:04 pm
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We got approved for financing on the HVAC! Yay! They'll put it in tomorrow. Today I kept throwing my fuzzy cover in the dryer to warm it up then I'd wrap it around me until I resembled a giant burrito.

The stove stopped working for awhile and we thought we blew the heating element but it still worked after we let it rest. Whew!

I love glitter nail polish. All kinds of colors and grades of glitter. Give me all of them.

Watched Almost Human tonight. It was good and the next ep looks good too. Supposed to show in three weeks. Hopefully it will.

Dear quirky shows, Please stop ending up FOX.

Everybody done with Christmas or holiday shopping? I have few more things and I need to check on a shipment of two slushy cups that the kiddies have been asking for for about 3 years.

Day Five

Dec. 15th, 2013 09:20 pm
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Realized I had two Day three's. Went back and corrected that.

Watched Fast6. I didn't cry but then I watched the first look at Fast 7.

Read more... )

Anybody watch the end of Leverage? I stopped watching about a season and a half before it ended. Did it really end with a nod to Hardison/Elliot/Parker?

Our heating unit (HVAC) quit last night. Very cold night. Hubby said it was a tripped breaker and he turned it back on but it turned itself back off ten minutes later. I smelled burning when it first cut off, so after the first time we left it alone. Got someone to come and look at it. They charged $99 to just come and do that.

Then the guy said several parts of it were shot. Repairs would cost about 2500 or we could talk about a new one all together. Guy got the owner of the company to come out and talk to us and it wasn't as bad as me or Stacey thought. Over five thousand but under 10 thousand. So hopefully we will get financing and they can get it done in the next few days. The owner offered to bring us some heaters from his shop. We told him we were okay for tonight.

So everyone is wearing fuzzy socks and sleeping with extra blankets and we have the stove on.

Fingers crossed!
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I got the Fast 6 movie the day it came out, but I have not watched it. I think I'm going to end up crying when I do.

I plan to get Despicable Me 2 because I love the tater tots! AKA Minions. They crack me up so much and I took the kids this summer to see it in theaters. We had a good time. I might buy it as a gift for the entire family.

Hiding stuff in your garage is hard once you clean it out. But I did manage it.

Favorite Christmas Movie? It's a Wonderful Life. I have great memories of watching it with my Mom while we wrapped presents. So it's a Christmas Eve tradition now, though most of the gifts are already wrapped.

Does Die Hard count as a Christmas Movie? I say it does. I still haven't seen the one with him and his son.

There is a Ironman and Hulk movie or cartoon coming on on Disney XD. Thanks, I need some more Science Bros in my life though I'm not sure how much Bruce is in it. Oh and Hulk can talk,like in full sentences and stuff. Plus I swear a few weeks ago I saw some cartoon with a family of Hulks. It was a little Surreal.

Hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I had no clue. Some gift cards to a few places, some Doctor Who stuff, and maybe some Minion pajamas. Did I mention I have two Minion crossover Tees? One of them has the minions carrying off the Tardis and the other has them in Firefly gear. That's my favorite.

Okay, off to paint my nails!
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Watching Grimm. I love this show.

Almost Human- I heard it's getting the Firefly treatment from Fox. Showing episodes out of order.

Sleepy Hollow- Omg, I love this show. It's campy and scary and doesn't take itself too seriously. Orlando Jones is a fandom treasure.

I'm behind on NCIS but not NCIS L.A. Hetty is the best cockblocker in history.

Shield- I like it. It's missing something but I like it.

Scandal- This show is crazy, crazy with a nice chewy underlayer of crazy.

AHS:Coven- I stopped about three weeks ago. It seems to go more on shock and gross than anything. I really wanted to watch Angela Bassett but she wasn't on there enough to keep watching.

Behind on Nikita. Still recording it but I have about six eps from last season that I still need to watch.

K had her test today but did not break her board. She wasn't the only one and they get to redo that part of the test next week. I think she was hitting it with the wrong part of her foot. I want to be there but I don't know when they'll do it. Their Master said it'd be in front of the other kids but not when. We told her she'd do it next time and to just practice.

Time to wash this coconut oil out of my hair. Night all!
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Been thinking about this for awile. Posting some older WIP's and letting people have them to either finish, or change to a different pairing or/and fandom.

I hate to say I'll never finish them but even if I do, it'll be different. Might do this after January since people are doing Yuletide and other stuff.

Thinking about signing up for Fandom Stocking over on Dreamwidth.

Tumblr continues to irriate me though not as much as it used to. I consider it a lookbook type site and don't feel like I must see every entry on my dashboard.

Teen Wolf. Oh where should I start? Might talk more about this tomorrow.

Day One

Dec. 11th, 2013 04:04 pm
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I decided to try and post for 10 days straight.

Hubby's present just came. Amazon is on the ball. I ordered from an Amazon affilate on Monday. He's been wanting this 1938? 1934? something Watkins cookbook. So I tracked one down and ordered it.

Zoe just came up to me and said, "Hint, hint. My favorite candy in the universe is Sweet tarts. Or Sour patch kids."

She's so crazy. We have most of their stuff bought already even though they just wrote their Christmas list's about two weeks ago. The stuff we go matches some of the stuff on their lists. They both are into American Girl Dolls now. Do you all know how much one American Doll costs? Answer: Very much.

So I showed them some other similar dolls and talked about all the awesome accessories that you could get. So two dolls apiece are in layaway plus some accessories like clothes, purses, little dogs for the little dolls.

Hubby goes nuts doing Christmas shopping and I have to try and rein him in. Guess what 12 year old is getting a Lego jabba the hut palace? For a minute I thought he was going to grab the Lego Millenium Falcon too. He admitted he was reliving his childhood through K which I found funny, but yes, I do it too.

Also he mumbled something about flat screens for the girls' rooms the other day. *eyes hubby*

Okay, off to make some cole slaw before picking up the oldest at tae kwon do. She's got a test on Friday where she must break a board to get her blue- black stripe belt. Then there are three more until she can test for a black belt.


Nov. 30th, 2013 09:40 pm
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Yahoo, facebook, his official twitter are saying Paul Walker died in a car crash.

I'm just...

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Dear Author,

I was digging on your fic. But then I noticed it was a WIP. No update since April 2013.

Oh? This is a series. Maybe there's a finished prequel or something!

No, no, nope. Three parts in the series and none of them are complete.

I'm sorry but I cannot allow myself to become emotionally attached to your fic.

*closes fic*

Seriously, ever since I almost had a fucking fit(there was hair clutching and frantic searches and maybe even some tears) over a McShep WIP I approach all WIP's with caution.


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