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****I talk about all kinds of stuff here, from why Matt Bomer should be permanently shirtless on White Collar, to my theory that Gibbs and DiNozzo are practically married. I also appreciate Navy SEALS that work in Hawaii with their loud mouth partners. After all 'Book'm Danno' is a term of endearment.

I love cowboys from Kentucky with their long legged swagger and the criminals that love them, or just like to fight with them.

Former special ops men that now work with terrifyingly smart men with eyes on the whole city are hot too.

If you like shows about two partners that stare at each other a lot and save each other and end up in each others arms after the scene fades to black, then this may be the place for you.

I write about guys liking other guys and I babble about TV shows involving these same guys.

I love men who have no concept of personal space, and think that a headslap is just another way to say "I love you."

I love men who love their partners and break up with said partner only to make up before the episode is over. I also love men that dangle other men off roofs and look adorably confused when their partner tells them that is not cool.

Some might say I have a ticket to hell, but it's a first class one and the journey is awesome.

Friending Policy: No need to ask, just jump right in and lurk or comment, whatever floats your boat.
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