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Wow, no post since Feb. Bleh. Too much Tumblr for me.

Though i'm not as frantic about it as I was at first. I don't feel like I must see every post that was posted since I last looked.

Let's see

Off work for my usual summer lack of work thing. Might have to get a job since I don't go back until September and we have hella bills. Might try and find something at night since anything in the daytime is basically paying for the childcare i'd have to get. Just the thought of working at night, having kids in daytime is making a nervous breakdown seem possible because when do i sleep? Taking care of kids is a job (easier when they're 9 and 12 but still stuff that has to be done) but no one (read, my husband) seems to realize this.

My dad had heart surgery last week and asked if he could come up here (we're in different cities) to recuperate so I said yes and he's fine. So after he goes home next week will fill out some applications and see what happens. I wish I could win the lottery for a few thousand but I need to play the lottery in order to do that.

Teen Wolf- At this point i'm watching so I can keep up with Fanfic and gifs. My 12 year old watches and is super into it. She talks about it and wants fanfic and is writing some of her own fanfic. In one of her stories, Scott has a twin sister. Or is it Stiles? I forget but I found that so cute. The only advice i've given her so far is to split the story up into readable paragraphs. We're hilarious

Hannibal- Into Hannibal big time. Loved the S2 finale. Really happy they're getting a S3. It's the best horror show on TV. Just bought S1 a few days ago for 12 bucks including shipping ( So rewatching S1. So many clues I never caught. Got some fanfic ideas for Hannibal. 2 are AU's. One is a short fic of what happens after the s2 finale.

Vikings-I need more. No more until 2015. Booo.

Penny Dreadful- Yes. This is good. Love it and the characters. Even Dorian Grey. Everyone is betting American Cowboy is going to be a werewolf. I think they might be right. I like Dr. Frankenstein. He's a trip.

From dusk til dawn- Really psyched they made this a TV series. Loved it. Loved them creating a new vampire mythos. The guy playing Ritchie. Wow. Guy playing Seth channeled George Clooney. Already know they're going to have a 2nd season. (Having Robert Rodriguez own/run the channel it airs on is a good thing)

Dominion- New show on Syfy. Trying to give it the old 3 episode try but the main guy is kind of whiny. Giles accent. Whoo boy. That was a mess in the Pilot but i've always said you can't judge a show by its pilot.

Can't wait for Dr. Who.

I watch a lot of gory/fantasy stuff. Heh.

Um, what else.

Discovered Dr Pepper Vanilla Float. Omg. So good

I don't care for Transformer Movies but this new one. DINOSAUR ROBOT. It's all I ever wanted in my life. I feel like it should be something Syfy has already done but I don't think they have.

Mark Ruffalo is on tumblr and the biggest mystery is how did he snag the name:markruffalo. Hee.
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Okay, still watching the new Season of Teen Wolf. Yay! I'm not trusting a damn thing we've seen until the end of the season. By then I will probably rewatch the whole thing since I think we have a break between the first 12 episodes and the next 12.

Have fallen down the Hannibal well. Just wow, the show is good and just got better. The finale made my jaw drop. Now I plan to rewatch the whole season, then watch Hannibal Rising, Manhunter, Red Dragon(Manhunter remake)Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.

I think I first knew who William Peterson was because of Manhunter. A line in the first ep of Hannibal, the TV show reminds me of Manhunter and how much the writers of CSI took from William Peterson's character to make Gil Grissom. Insect specialist being the main thing.

The fic from the Hannibal fandom(or fannibals as they are sometimes known) is good. The one's I've read that can keep Will and Hannibal in character are just breathtaking. I think we as readers and viewers know what is going to happen but seeing it happen is almost like peeking into a window of Will's and Hannibal's lives and the lives of those around them.

I don't really ship Hannibal/Will but I read the gen and slash pairing (hannigram! Hee! I am always impressed by the fandom hive mind to give any two or three people a cute smushed name)if it reads in character (to me). The Gen and Slash to me in this fandom so far hold this level of intimacy between the two that is prevalent on the show. It's awesome.

My writing muse is gone. I'm thinking of putting up wanted posters.

Anyone know where I can D/L Vikings? I d/l the history channel app onto my Ipad but they're basically like 'Hi! We're going to show you everything but Vikings!'
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I had a Dr. Pepper with my lunch. A real Dr. Pepper. I am hyper as hell.

Started watching Game of Thrones about 2 weeks ago. Is Ned Stark ever going to catch a break? I mean damn, he's the Derek Hale of GoT or maybe Derek Hale is the Ned Stark of Beacon Hills. I don't know. Does Lena Hedley ever get hers? Don't spoil me, but I hope so.

I've got about 3 eps left of S1. My favorite is Khaleesi and her husband. I may be a little biased because I know there are dragons coming and yay! Jason Momoa! (Recently hubby told me he saw some interview with Jason Momoa and they asked him about his fitness routine and he said he basically just has a lot of sex as his workouts. Has anyone seen Lisa Bonet recently? Does she smile a lot?)

So I'm watching GoT on Comcast on demand and The Following, which is basically Serial Killers in love and Serial Killers who fall for the FBI agents that catch them.

I'm not watching Vikings yet (the hot new darling of LJ and Tumblr) but is it just me or does the main viking guy played by Travis Fimmel look like Tom Hardy? Or Tom Hardy playing a Viking in like a really good inception AU I read. I think I read more than one. I love a good Viking AU. Probably left over from my historical romance days(shout out to Johanna Lindsay and her influence. She had some awesome Viking stories) I will try to watch it soon but I think I might get it confused with GoT so I want to wait.

Justified is kicking all kinds of ass. I love it and Raylan so much. And Boyd. Boyd fascinates me and terrifies me at the same time. Just like Peter Hale on Teen Wolf.

These days everything has a Teen Wolf tie in. Just ignore me and my werewolf mumblings. How long til June?

New Scandal tonight. I love Scandal and Kerry Washington. And her outfits. I love her outfits.

Work is getting slow. For someone who does not like to talk on the phone I don't know how I ended up with a job where I do that for about 7 hours a day. Weird. About 2 and a half months until my annual summer layoff. Whee! I really need to line up some writing and freelancing type stuff this summer. Hopefully I can go part time in the fall.


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