Mar. 21st, 2013

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I had a Dr. Pepper with my lunch. A real Dr. Pepper. I am hyper as hell.

Started watching Game of Thrones about 2 weeks ago. Is Ned Stark ever going to catch a break? I mean damn, he's the Derek Hale of GoT or maybe Derek Hale is the Ned Stark of Beacon Hills. I don't know. Does Lena Hedley ever get hers? Don't spoil me, but I hope so.

I've got about 3 eps left of S1. My favorite is Khaleesi and her husband. I may be a little biased because I know there are dragons coming and yay! Jason Momoa! (Recently hubby told me he saw some interview with Jason Momoa and they asked him about his fitness routine and he said he basically just has a lot of sex as his workouts. Has anyone seen Lisa Bonet recently? Does she smile a lot?)

So I'm watching GoT on Comcast on demand and The Following, which is basically Serial Killers in love and Serial Killers who fall for the FBI agents that catch them.

I'm not watching Vikings yet (the hot new darling of LJ and Tumblr) but is it just me or does the main viking guy played by Travis Fimmel look like Tom Hardy? Or Tom Hardy playing a Viking in like a really good inception AU I read. I think I read more than one. I love a good Viking AU. Probably left over from my historical romance days(shout out to Johanna Lindsay and her influence. She had some awesome Viking stories) I will try to watch it soon but I think I might get it confused with GoT so I want to wait.

Justified is kicking all kinds of ass. I love it and Raylan so much. And Boyd. Boyd fascinates me and terrifies me at the same time. Just like Peter Hale on Teen Wolf.

These days everything has a Teen Wolf tie in. Just ignore me and my werewolf mumblings. How long til June?

New Scandal tonight. I love Scandal and Kerry Washington. And her outfits. I love her outfits.

Work is getting slow. For someone who does not like to talk on the phone I don't know how I ended up with a job where I do that for about 7 hours a day. Weird. About 2 and a half months until my annual summer layoff. Whee! I really need to line up some writing and freelancing type stuff this summer. Hopefully I can go part time in the fall.


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