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In trying to determine which Avenger is the little black dress of the fandom I have concluded that they all are. Seriously. I think I love all permutations and OT6. (Bonus Pepper,Coulson and/or Darcy FTW)

The various mashed nicknames (Sthor? wth?) will either drive me crazy or I will end up endlessly talking in nothin but smished name language.
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I am resisting the urge to write Avengers/Sentinel fusion fic where Bruce is Tony's guide. Or Alpha/Omega fic, though I just read that and haven't tried to write A/O yet.

Why am I resisting this?

1)I have some many WIP's it's ridiculous.

2)I'm already writing a Losers/Sentinel fusion. Sentinel!Cougar/Guide!Jensen.

3)Working on another Loser's fic for someone on my f-list.

4)Original fic is original and hard and I am easily distracted.

5)I already have two Avengers AU's fic bunnies and they are cute and soft and have me cooing and nodding my head.

On another note Avengers )

ETA: If anyone wants to write A/O fic or Sentinel AU fic, please do so. Or if you know of any Avengers in these two genre's hook a chick up.
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Had a great Mother's Day. My kids have been giving me drawings for about two weeks. And then on Mother's day K gave me a poem and Z gave me a bookmark that was made from a pic of her in her Phineas and Ferb tee shirt. It was pretty cool.

Stacey in his goal to try and surprise me got me an Ipad. Which, yes, it did surprise me since I was planning to get a laptop with my work bonus. (If this sounds familiar a similar thing happened last year with the Nook he got me for Mother's Day which I'd been planning to buy with that work bonus).

I love it. I have named it Bruce.

Any Ipad tips? I plan to get a wireless keyboard so I can type stories up. I'll have to figure all that out, but it'll be fun.

Saw Avengers again on Fridiay. Yoyodyne was having employment appreciation day and I appreciated the fact that we could leave after our luncheon so I went to the movies. Just as good if not better a 2nd time.

Avengers )
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So yeah how about those Avengers?

Spoilers )

So yeah, my 10 yr old loved it. My 7 yr old fell asleep on my arm in the theater. But I'm already planning to go back next friday and see it alone.

Hulk smash

May. 6th, 2012 06:45 pm
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I have seen the Avengers. It is a wonderful, beautiful thing.

More later.


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