Dec. 13th, 2013

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Watching Grimm. I love this show.

Almost Human- I heard it's getting the Firefly treatment from Fox. Showing episodes out of order.

Sleepy Hollow- Omg, I love this show. It's campy and scary and doesn't take itself too seriously. Orlando Jones is a fandom treasure.

I'm behind on NCIS but not NCIS L.A. Hetty is the best cockblocker in history.

Shield- I like it. It's missing something but I like it.

Scandal- This show is crazy, crazy with a nice chewy underlayer of crazy.

AHS:Coven- I stopped about three weeks ago. It seems to go more on shock and gross than anything. I really wanted to watch Angela Bassett but she wasn't on there enough to keep watching.

Behind on Nikita. Still recording it but I have about six eps from last season that I still need to watch.

K had her test today but did not break her board. She wasn't the only one and they get to redo that part of the test next week. I think she was hitting it with the wrong part of her foot. I want to be there but I don't know when they'll do it. Their Master said it'd be in front of the other kids but not when. We told her she'd do it next time and to just practice.

Time to wash this coconut oil out of my hair. Night all!


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