Dec. 11th, 2013

Day One

Dec. 11th, 2013 04:04 pm
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I decided to try and post for 10 days straight.

Hubby's present just came. Amazon is on the ball. I ordered from an Amazon affilate on Monday. He's been wanting this 1938? 1934? something Watkins cookbook. So I tracked one down and ordered it.

Zoe just came up to me and said, "Hint, hint. My favorite candy in the universe is Sweet tarts. Or Sour patch kids."

She's so crazy. We have most of their stuff bought already even though they just wrote their Christmas list's about two weeks ago. The stuff we go matches some of the stuff on their lists. They both are into American Girl Dolls now. Do you all know how much one American Doll costs? Answer: Very much.

So I showed them some other similar dolls and talked about all the awesome accessories that you could get. So two dolls apiece are in layaway plus some accessories like clothes, purses, little dogs for the little dolls.

Hubby goes nuts doing Christmas shopping and I have to try and rein him in. Guess what 12 year old is getting a Lego jabba the hut palace? For a minute I thought he was going to grab the Lego Millenium Falcon too. He admitted he was reliving his childhood through K which I found funny, but yes, I do it too.

Also he mumbled something about flat screens for the girls' rooms the other day. *eyes hubby*

Okay, off to make some cole slaw before picking up the oldest at tae kwon do. She's got a test on Friday where she must break a board to get her blue- black stripe belt. Then there are three more until she can test for a black belt.


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