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Ya'll I had to take notes during the commercial breaks. I mean seriously, jotting down shit. What has this show done to me?

Jackson. Awwww. Does no one else see the liquid stuff leaking from the body bag?


Isaac is so tall. It's like he grows with every episode.

Awww, Coach. He cracks me up. "Except Greenberg."

Scott is more pissed than he let on with tearing the door to Stiles locker off.

Derek and Peter!

I'm not sure which was more disturbing. Watching Granpa Tigh drown Matt or watching him beat Stiles. I'm gonna have to go with Stiles. It made my stomach hurt to watch that.

Omg, Peter is full of snark and sass. "Have you seen his mom?" Now I want Peter and Sheriff Stillinski to try and date her.

I hate Gerard. He makes me feel sorry for Kate. I mean, shit, did she even have a chance to be sane?

I love Chris for trying to reach Allison. Then he broke her crossbow. Hee!

Mom McCall is awesome. Hey, someone actually listened when I yelled at the screen, "Oh my god, don't touch that!"

So what was the point of beating up Stiles then letting him go? Awww,Papa Stillinski. I love you.

Peter! "What century are you living in?" I love love love how he snarks on Derek so much. I could watch Peter snarking on people for the entire hour.

Shit, was that some sort of cocoon around Jackson?

I just...Lydia and Stiles. I am capable of taking my slash goggles off and I still can't see them as a couple. Friends, yes. More, no.

What kind of allowance does Stiles get?

Chris and his pretty eyes. He turned off the current. This show continues to surprise me. Chris/Code 4 ever!


"Look,someone made an animation of it. Maybe it's less frightening...*screeech*" Can't stop laughing.

Chris talking to Scott. Nice, since they started the season with Chris and his gun 'talking' to Scott.

Um, Stiles and Lydia's argument.

Chris changed sides. Holy shit. I love that I cannot predict what's going to happen on this show so much. I had an inkling when he turned the current down on Boyd and Erica but he is taking a stand. I love that some of the grownups on this show are as awesome as the teens.

Heroes never think they're heroes. That's part of what makes them heroes.

"Well, someone likes to make an entrance." Peter rolling his eyes at Derek's antics will never get old. NEVER.

Derek is always getting stabbed. It's like 'oh it's Monday. Time for Derek to get stabbed.'

I hate Gerard's voice.

Shit, can Allison stop shooting people?

Chris. I love Chris. Have I mentioned that?

One of my favorite moments: when the theme music came on as Scott and Isaac wolfed out.

Wow, I thought Allison killed Isaac.

Oh shit! Oh shit! Gerard wants to be a wolf. Oh shit!

Wow,Gerard wins worst dad award.

Oh, shit. Scott forced Derek to bite Gerard. Why is Peter still hiding?

The black gunk! Oh my god. Scott switched his motherfucking pills.* This show loves that black gunk.

"Because you might be an alpha,But you're not mine."

Oooo,Burn. But really, Derek is hot like the sun but his Alpha skills. Yeah, they need some work.

Stiles in his jeep. Then Lydia and Jackson. Them I can see as a couple and wow,that flashback was very romantic and Jackson wasn't a douche canoe.

So, Jackson found himself again. Awwww.

So, um why did they both want to stab him?

Okay, who was on Gerard watch?

Wow, wow. I think I ship Jackson and Stiles' Jeep, what with that lovely lighting.

Jackson and those eyes. Then he turned into a wolf! Wheeeeeee! Yay!!!!

Allison and Scott. Ehhh. I like Scott knowing she was going to break up with him.

Can Boyd and Erica take themselves back to the subway station hangout because they get in so much trouble in the woods. Why am I not surprised that Derek didn't tell Isaac(or anyone) about the Alpha pack? There's holding cards close to your chest and then there's Derek Hale. Ohhh, so that's what Derek was doing? Seems like he wasn't worried so much about the hunters.

Um, what the hell with Deaton and Kendra the wolf counselor? Retired but not really? So many questions. Was he off to track Gerard? What did he used to do before he was the town vet? And where can I get Kendra's boots?

But, yeah. I really liked their leather outfits. I bet who ever owns the leather store in Beacon Hills is rolling in it.

An Alpha Pack! Fanfic is going to go crazy with this. I should keep count on how many times Stiles will get kidnapped/assaulted/brainwashed/trade himself/outsmart them because he's human and awesome/ by wolves from this alpha pack. He's going to be like the flag each team keeps stealing.

That's right,Scott. You still got Stiles.

*In my head,Scott is Kevin Bacon in 'Tremors' running towards the cliff screaming, "I got a plan!"

So, was it good for you all?
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