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This episode was so good.

I love Deaton. I may have to marry him. Dog Whistle! He's an advisor! Heh, he's Giles just less involved. He made Derek's mom a promise! He told Derek he was a crappy alpha and needed to trust someone. That someone is Scott which I'm not too sure of after the end of this ep.

I hate Gerard. Did Victoria even write that note? His speech. Is this how he helped Kate decide to seduce Derek and burn his family?

So you put a 17 yr old girl in charge? A emotionally unstable 17 yr old girl? Or you know 'in charge' since it seemed like Gerard was prodding her and stuff.

Because I really believe he 'convinced' Kate mentally to do it. I kept noticing how many words for fire he used, including conflagration. I'm not saying it was all on him, but I think he had a hand, a big hand in it.

How long has Gerard been a Kanima? So does Gerard control Jackson now? And come on! He just wanted to be a widdle werewolf and not he's got no control over his life and he's killed a bunch of people, some that were innocent.

Loved Stiles and Derek's talk while they were both paralyzed. Loved Derek telling Scott to get Stiles out of there since Derek could take care of himself.

I laughed at Stiles 'yeah bitch.'

Scotts mom is awesome. I really thought for a moment she was going to keep going at Matt after Scott got shot. And then she saw Scott's Wolf face! I was squeeing all over the place.

Damnit Stiles' Dad got knocked out and didn't see Scott or Derek or Jackson. I did love him getting loose. I wonder if Scott's mom will tell the sheriff what she saw.

On a morbid note, I think the Sheriff has his job back since they're down 4 or 5 officers.

I really wanted Allison to be the one to kill or seriously injure Matt. I did feel sorry that he died by drowning but not that sorry.

Loved Allison's fight with Kanima!Jackson.

I thought they were going to have Derek save Allison but I'm kind of glad he wasn't the one. I still like her dad but I'm kind of tired of the Argents.

Matt was creepier than the actual monsters on this show. I know he had some serious issues about what happened to him but I think he was more angry that this trauma that marked his life didn't mark the others. He said something about the mechanic not even remembering him, so he was angry about that. Justice for almost killing him was him using Jackson to kill them. I guess he was turning into a Kanima. Heh, I did find it funny that he got made at Scott for not knowing the greek myth he was talking about. Oh,Scott.

OMG! Peter! I try not to like him but man. I love him doing recon on the town and seeing Gerard and Jackson!Kanima being all meet cute. Was it him that Gerard saw outside the police station while popping his pills? So are the pills for masking his Kanima stuff?

And Scott and Gerard talking and Derek heard them. He knows! He knows! Though I don't know if he knows why Scott is spying for Gerard.

Just Peter. Since there are only two episodes left I get the feeling Peter is going to wreck shit in S3.
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