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Is it wrong that I watch the new ep of Teen Wolf, then watch it again?

I wanted Victoria to accept her wolfiness and be HBIC or Head Alpha bitch in charge. So, no code for this? Just kill the person. I did like that we got some sort of confirmation by seeing her eyes change before Chris helped her kill herself. Oh and on her daughter's bed? Allison's going to have enough issues. Gerard gets on my nerves.

I thought they said in order for someone to change from the bite there has to be intent to change that person from the werewolf?

Wolfsbane is a hallucenogenic, who knew? Awww, everyone's worst fears.

So I have been waiting for some more Peter. I love him. He is insane and owns his evil insanity. If he was a little bit more cheery he'd be the Mayor of Sunnydale.

I like that Isaac helped Derek.

Matt is creepy. His explanation for the pics was crap and then he's all 'there are other pretty girls' made me roll my eyes. I'm glad Allison didn't fall for that BS.

Hmm, was the talk about betas becoming Alpha's and Alpha's becoming betas, foreshadowing? Dunh duh duh duhhhhhh.

So Matt is the master. Hmmm.

I feel for Lydia with everyone calling her a nut job or wack job but how aware of anything is she? How deep is the thrall I am wondering?

Stiles' hallucination. Awwww bb, come here and let me fix you a sandwich.

Erica's headgear looks like something from Silent Hill.

Lydia and Derek. Wow. Peter's back. I loved loved his little half smile at the end. And Derek trying to scoot away from Peter. Did Peter take Derek's Alphaness? Cause if so, oh shit.

This show is really picking up. I am loving it.

Dear Tyler Hoechlin, you are wearing that gray tank like it was painted on. Your arms are like art. So is your everything else. Thank you.

So, off to watch Alphas.
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