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Earilier I heard my kids playing Lego Teen Wolf(there are no official Lego Teen Wolf, but my oldest has many, many legos. She made her own Derek Hale, scruff and leather jacket included.) This is the convo I overheard.

K: You are Derek Hale! Derek Hale, I am Chris Argent. (lego Chris Argent has a cool lego motorcycle with a mounted lego gun on the side).

Z: Sometimes I turn into a snake! (I assume they made a Jackson lego? Maybe using one of the reptilian legos?)

My kids are crazy and continue to amaze me with their creativity and love for My Little Pony, Monster High, Hello Kitty and Teen Wolf.(I let them stay up on Monday night to watch TW but not the Wolf watch, so they find Wolf Watch on the comcast on demand and watch it later in the week).

Nielsen tv ratings people called me about two weeks ago. They want us to be a Nielsen family for a week. I didn't know it was still a thing. They did ask about a DVR and stuff. I remember one time back in the 90's I did the week long Nielsen thing. I don't know how I got selected. I feel out surveys sometimes? No clue but I have to fill out this notebook for each tv in the house. And I get a little moola for compensation. I should have asked them how I and my family got picked.

Finished watching the first season of History Vikings. Damn. I loved it! I liked Ragnar for awhile until he decided to cheat on Lagertha. The threesome offer does not sadly show up again after they ask Athelstan to sleep with them but oh wow. I read somewhere that was the first scene they shot for the series.

I didn't like that there was no discussion about them wanting to sacrifice him! I'm like Oh my god. Then when he grabbed his wrist with the cross tied to it and he's not a worthy sacrifice. And Ragnar's all "I guess your God finally came through for you."

I'm just as confused as Athelstan about his position. Slave or friend? Both? Neither? I do wonder why he said he didn't want to back to England. (Though I don't think Ragnar would let him go). Did he just say that like he was saying he'd renounced his God for the other Gods? So he would fit in better. I think the better he assimilates the less chance he has of dying.

I mean he watched over the kids so Lagertha and Ragnar could go raiding and he announced Siggy when she came to visit Lagertha. Servant? Can't wait to February 27th. But Hannibal and Scandal come back on too so something might have to wait. That is why I love my DVR and the On Demand selection.

And don't get me started on the Season2 promo of everyone they kept showing after each episode (I watched on Comcast's On Demand) because Athelstan looked hot as whew! Long hair, viking clothes, sword. It was a damn,baby moment.

And Rollo in the promo. Ropes holding him down and then him bursting out of his shirt.

What the fuck, History Channel? Plus Rollo, Viking Athelstan and Ragnar all look like the cover of a really good Viking Historical Romance. Especially Rollo. I blame Johanna Lindsay and her Viking books.

Sleepy Hollow finale wrecked me. I can't even ponder it too much since it doesn't come back until Fall. Fall! Augggh. I am enjoying Orlando Jones foray into Tumblr and fandom. It's cute.

Back at work for the last three weeks. Same old, same old.

I need to make some extra money. Anyone have any comments about Zazzle?

I looked at it and Cafe Press for tee shirt,etc making convenience. Zazzle seemed better. Still researching. I do want to find a public domain of pictures. I need to find out copyright or trademark wise about selling fandom/geek type shirts though I don't plan on using the name. Like Sleepy Hollow. If I made a shirt with just words on it like: Sleepy, Headless, Witness. Is that infringement? Maybe I will ask OTW. I remember the stuff with Jayne's hat and how Etsy people just renamed it and kept selling it.
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