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Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! Hope those that celebrate had a great Christmas or at least some days off.

Had a great Christmas. The girls got some nice stuff. Z got some Hello Kitty stuff and K got some Star Wars legos. She had a 700 piece Jabba's Palace built in about 2 hours. It also came with a Carbonite Han Solo,which cracked me up. They loved their American Girl like dolls. I think some of their friends got some stuff from the same line called My Life dolls.

I Got some gift cards and some Despicable Me minions! I felt silly putting them on my list but then I thought, they make me smile and laugh, so why not? Got the Despicable Me2 blue ray and a fluffy pink unicorn plus some minions or tater tots as I call them. Best believe when I go back to work one or two minions will be gracing my desk.

Found the cookbook from the 30's that Stacey wanted. Cracked me up that the inside price said $1.50. Heh. I paid about $36 bucks. Worth it though. He really liked it. His b-day is Jan 13. He will be getting another cookbook from The Pioneer Woman.

Did some after Christmas shopping today. I LOVE discount wrapping paper and Christmas stuff. If I was more web savvy I'd totally make a website that discussed what stores had the best deals and what percentage off.

I hit Michael's which didn't have much left, but found some Hello Kitty ribbon for next year along with some felt decorations. Also found a acrylic paint set for a $1.25! I was amazed. I didn't really care about the paint supplies but the roll out case it came it is lovely. Also found some Martha Stewart jewelry on clearance.

Hit Target, found some wrapping paper for 50% off. Considered some 5 foot tinsel trees that were cute but I could not think where we would put them. Hit TJ Maxx and Pier One too. Saw some cute stuff but didn't buy anything but some chocolate at TJ. Hubby wanted to hit Lowe's which was not on my list but they did have some discount Christmas stuff. The girls' chose new stockings for next year. Found a beautiful silver snowflake design basin? bowl? to put ornaments inside of. There were two. I got one. I'm going to regret not getting that 2nd one.

These days I hit a store's clearance section before I do almost anything else.

I don't really do NY resolutions but will try Do: have more patience, write more, be kind, listen to my kids adventures about their lives, share more with my friends.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one.”
2014 (via themercifulservant on tumblr)
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