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I love 'Sweet Dreams.'

Just got finished listening to Kenny Chesney's "She thinks my tractor's sexy." I don't know why I listened to it, it was just there.

Spent the last few minutes on AIM last night snorting and giggling like a loon because dirty or semi-dirty thoughts on Dean Winchester )

I don't know where these thoughts come from.

OH! And i'm not writing about a hell!kitty that Sam and Dean find. There are stories about hellhounds and antichrist but no kitties. The kitties feel left out. Seriously I am not writing this so any gray and white kitties with red eyes need not apply.

Dean: *Looking at evil kitty eating the tuna his sappy ass brother had bought it*

You know what this means, don't you?

Sam: *Sighs because he knows his brother* What?

Dean: Pussy is evil.

Sam: I hate you so much.

Dean: We're not keeping some demonic kitten you freak.

Sam: Why not? She's not any bother and she likes you.

Dean: *grins wide and obnoxious* Pussy's always liked me.

Sam: You're insane, you know that?


Tim Mcgraw is now on. I love Tim Mcgraw.

Off to work on one of my six gabillion WIPs.
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I need Bloodties fic. Vicki/Henry, Henry/Mike, Henry/Vicki/Mike. This most recent episode was great. I'm really liking the show. And could Mike and Henry be more 12 years old? I still love Vicki and her collapsible baton.

Just finished watching 'The Marine.' So much cheese. So much. It was raining cheese. Cheese and explosions and probably steroids. John Cena looked huge. I'm probably just used to seeing him on wrestling with no shirt on. I love that they had him doing this swimmers dive into the water about 3 or 4 times. Those were great. That and the slo-mo shooting and explosions. He didn't talk much so that was a plus. I still say he looks like Mark Wahlberg.

NCIS was pretty good last night. I haven't liked this season and I can't quite put my finger on it. Yeah, Jeanne is part of the reason but not the only one. Last night's ep and last weeks )

Oh and my evil twin [ profile] skripka wrote a little story about the characters in McGee's book.

Ever have characters talk to you in your head? Ever have them keep talking and talking and you wish they would.just.shut.up? Yeah that's me with Bo and Jimmy. Bo and Jimmy are from the movie 'Cursed.' Milo from heroes(Peter) is Bo. Bo has a crush on Jimmy. He expresses it by calling Jimmy nasty names that question Jimmy's sexuality. Jimmy doesn't slink away(much). Instead he tells Bo to just admit he's down with the homosexual agenda. Bo doesn't like this. Bo and Jimmy wrestle. Jimmy has werewolf mojo going on, and kicks Bo's ass.

Bo shows up at Jimmy's later to admit that yes, he's gay. He tries to kiss Jimmy. Jimmy's all "Dude, I am so not gay." Bo is hurt but perseveres. Then helps Jimmy out with the ensuing werewolf stuff. In the end, Jimmy, his crush Brooke, who is Bo's gf, and Bo, walk off together. He gave Jimmy his girlfriend. And there is twinkling in Jimmy's eyes. He likes Bo. Bo definitely likes Jimmy. I hate them both since they won't stay out of my head.

Usually it's like this:

Bo: You should write about us and what happens after the movie ends. I bet I get Jimmy.

Jimmy: What? I'm not gay, dude. Shut it. But yeah, write that.

Me: No. No. No. *Me writes*

Bo: Cool. Now write about the next day. And about Jimmy giving me a blowjob.

Jimmy: Why am I giving you a blowjob? What about you? You're the gay one.

Bo: Heh, according to that first story, we're both 'exploring' our sexuality. I want a story where I nail you to the bed.

Me: Omg, you all shut up! All you talk about is sex. Take a freakin break!

Jimmy: What's wrong with her?

Bo: I don't know, but she needs to get to writing.

Me:*Mutters and tears hair out*

Bo: We're teen boys and we're gay, or you know, doing that exploring shit. Whatever. Of course all we think about is sex. Get to writing.

Me: *Writes part two*

Bo: Sweet, but where's the nailing?

Jimmy: Why do I have to be on bottom?

Bo: Cause you're the girl, dude.

*Bo and Jimmy wrestle, then make out*

I go insane.

So yeah. I'm on part three. I hope to have parts one and two and some youtube clips from the movie up by this weekend. Evil horny teen boys.

Cursed was on earlier. I may have recorded it.

Also my evil twin, convinced me, no forced, yes, forced me(that's what evil twins do!) to write a Heroes AU where there will be lots of nakedness and sex and brainwashing and yeah. Too much ogling over Adrian Pasdar is the reason for this fic. Hopefully I'll get it done before they come back on. If Bo and Jimmy shut the hell up and naked, calculating Nathan can make a few visits, that might happen.

Oh and The Unit last night was good. We got shirtless Bob and then Mathteacher!Bob. Both are hot. The Tiffy and Kim stuff was pretty good too. They both had points. I loved Tiffy tearing into that house to get that boy's phone. But my one remaining question is how did he take the pic and the girl not see him?

He had one hand on her breast so his other hand had the camera phone. What was she doing? Tiffy definitely needs to sit her down and have the "All men are dogs, especially teen-aged boys" talk. They're not of course but damn, do you run into a lot.

NBC started some countdown thing about Heroes. I saw it Monday night and my response was basically: "Bastards...I want it now. Crazy bastards, making us wait until April 23rd."


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