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I liked Stiles talking to Kendra the guidance counselor.

So Erica and Boyd are leaving for some mysterious pack they heard in the woods? Can Derek give an intelligence test next time before he turns someone?

What's Boyd talking about they lost?

Poor Derek.

Omg Peter caught the mirror shard. More importantly Peter likes dark wash jeans. They look so good on him too. Were the Hales Supermodels?

Isaac and other werewolves can make people/animals feel better by touching them, taking some of their pain away. I sense a lot of hurt/comfort fic coming. Awww, Isaac is crying. Yeah, A LOT OF FIC.

Geriatric psychopaths. Peter is a gift from the snark gods. I have this image of Peter and Derek wrecking the last of the Hale House.

I hate Granpa. I thought Peter was all mustache twirling, tie someone to the train track villain but forget Peter(though not really. Peter is yummy) Grandad is all shakespearian melodrama with his slow drawn out speeches and threats to Scott. He bores me and pisses me off at the same time.

Poor Mrs McCall.

I love the Coach! I love that speech. It's my favorite part of Independence Day besides Jeff Goldblum's sexy walk at the end. Seriously, the coach is hilarious.

Peter is full of sass. He just wants to help! Let him love you Derek! And snark at you!

Stiles and Scott. I forget sometimes that this all started with the two of them.

Omg was the masturbation joke planned or just something Dylan ad-libbed?

Stiles gets to play!

Granpa tigh please shut up.

It's Chris and Allison having some father/daughter time! With fake wolf howls! How cute! *Rolls eyes*

Drench everyone you love in blood? Really? Please die.

Peter. I could watch him for the whole hour. "I'm not a total psycho."

Oh Stiles. Even bumbling on the field I still love you.

Isaac came back! Isaac is my favorite junior werewolf.

Isaac getting Scott in the game. Ha.

Aww, Boyd came back for Erica. I want Boyd/Erica fic.

I know that Allison is going through some life changing shit, but she's pissing me off too. I think she kept shooting Boyd because it made her feel good. Gahhh. She's Kate 2.0 now. Chris shooting her bow. Heh. I'm glad he noticed Allison call Gerard, Granpa.

If Argent women are supposed to be leaders it seems like all that happens is they get manipulated. I still love Chris though. I just wish he knew what Granpa was up to.

Here comes Granpa offering up his granddaughter. "I'll let you have Allison." He pisses me off so much.

I'm so glad Isaac didn't get cut in half. I mean wow, this 'code' must be so much bullshit that the hunters pacify themselves with and only some of them really try and live by. I mean, even Chris at the beginning of S2 was ready to kill Scott for dating his precious. The mom tried to kill him for the same reason. So the code is for everyone else.

Stiles made the winning point. Yay!!!!

The key to stopping Jackson is love.
Peter has the key to stopping Jackson. It's Lydia.

Derek needs to learn about heart. There will be so much fic about Stiles teaching Derek about heart and love. While they have lots of sex.

Then the lights go out. Jackson hurt himself. Awww.

Where the fuck is Stiles?

For a moment there I thought Isaac was dead, then Boyd. Then Stiles.

Next week looks good too but hell, every week looks even better on this show. I can't believe how it went from my summer candy show to having all this depth. They pulled me in with hoyay and shirtless boys and made me stay with plot. Well played, Teen Wolf, well played.

Date: 2012-08-07 01:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
My DVR cut out so I didn't see the preview - wah! What looks good?

Did you notice when Peter said Derek needed to learn about heart the shot immediately switched to a close up of Stiles' face? I'm just saying...

I'm worried about the betas buying it, but I'm looking forward to Gerard being killed - possibly by Allison or Chris (probably?). I do think Chris believes in the code. He may also believe in unicorns too though, because he may be the only to believe in the code.

Gerard makes Peter look good in comparison and while I do love snarky Peter, he really is a complete psycho too (haha - not a complete psycho, everyone's a work in progress though in response to that accusation). Gerard is almost worse because he doesn't seem as crazy as Peter, just blinded by bigotry/hate and that's much worse to me. Although I do think it's possible he's not actually killing werewolves out of hate but because he has ulterior motives. Evil ones, but still - I could deal with him better if he has a plan that doesn't seem to be let there be blood for no good reason.

Teen Wolf starts like a beautiful mirage of beautiful abs and then all the sudden you're sucked into the quicksand of feelings.

Date: 2012-08-09 08:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
All of it looks good. There was someone hitting Stiles across the face I think and then Erica and Boyd were chained up and Gerard's voice was all "Kill them all!!!!" which I hope means someone kills him.

I did not notice the camera going from Derek to Stiles! I will have to watch again.

I love Peter. That man can talk and his snark is addictive. Plus he looked really good in those jeans.


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