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Oh NCIS:LA how I love you and your silly ways (and silly plots)

I think all the talk about folders and tabs was a euphimism for how a frustrated Sam gets really anal about his paperwork when he can't have sex.

The new guy or new old guy is crafty. I like him. Though the remark about him and G bunking together just means there is now competition for G's affections. I bet Sam and the new guy(mike?) buy G weapons and disguises, instead of flowers and chocolate.

Hettie is awesome and I hope to be that awesome one day.

The guys getting called out by Hettie was hilarious. Like she was mom calling and they had a party even though she said no parties.

Kenzi is kick ass and I might watch the Kenzie kicks ass show.

Heh, Sam in disguise and G teasing him. Then Sam in his short sleeved shirt (HI TATTOO WE SEE YOU SINCE YOU'RE WRAPPED AROUND LL'S ARM LIKE A SNAKE).

Awww, it's mini-G. He's cute and scruffy like a lost puppy.

Sam to the rescue which left me all 'whaaaaa?' Cause Sam's love knows no bounds.

The tied up convo! I love these two guys so much and Sam's huffy 'of course i can communicate back cause i have skills,yo'

Mini-G again! Chasing the car on foot. The F-14's flying overhead. Best bluff ever!

The end with G and Sam cuddled talking as G falls asleep on the couch. Or faking so Sam can wake him with a kiss.

NCIS original flavor was good too. I loved Gibbs being old school while the rest of them ran around like headless chickens.

Loved Tony's old detective show quoting. Didn't Gibbs say 'book'em' at the end too? Hee.

I thought the other undercover lady would be the bad guy but since she wasn't involved with any of the team, she was not.

I actually understood the retina stuff and the vasoconstricto(?) medicine thereby proving that CSI and Gil Grissom are great teachers.

Gibbs loves screwing with Tony. Take that how you will.

Tardis! Ha!

The end with all of them checking their email and whatnot. Gibbs smile makes me giddy.
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