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I need some NCIS:LA icons

So um wow. I mean. Wow. When other people point out how close Sam and G are the slash ship has left the dock and she ain't coming around no more,no more, no more.

The line G says about how he completes Sam and his 'love you man' as Sam is leaving. They both have glints in their eyes that speak a whole lot more than their words. I love the teasing and the smiles.

STOP: I rewatched the first ep the other night and spotted a very very slashy moment. When they're talking about the dead naval officer being tied up with the hood on his head and Sam says it's so the guy can't take the hood off and he's had to use that same technique before.

People, he leans over and looks very pointedly at G. I missed this the first time but if you have the ep available, watch that part and watch G's smirk. Sam has at some point tied G up and put a hood over his head.

BACK TO EP 2: I really love the Sam and G show. I like Dom too and the psych guy, Nate. Hettie is awesome, but I need more on Eric. Kenzi is okay. I cracked up at Dom's panic that she was about to use the bathroom with him still in the car.

Sam being all angry at the SEALS made LL look kinda pouty at times then hot. Especially when he was boxing.

I didn't see the two cops thing coming so bravo on the twist being interesting. BAMF (bad ass motherfucker) award goes to Sam doing his thing as a SEAL. He should come up all slow motion out of water on every show,or be shirtless, or both. Loved how he asked after G first then the rest of the team.

Sam teaching Dom is good too. I like Teacher Sam and back ground Callan watching. I kinda want to see them fight. I bet Sam and G fighting would be *sings* Awesome!

Did I miss the 'cheating on me' line? I caught the 'we weren't dating if that's what you mean.'

And wtf was hettie talking about when she said they walked in holding hands and she had to almost turn the hose on them? I know she said she was kidding but it was a strange line. Unless they're totally doing it and there's nothing wrong with that.

I'd say we could have a drinking game in which we all took a drink when something slashy happened but we'd all be drunk as hell by the half hour.

I'm trying to decide if I dislike Ziva because of all the media crap about 'TIVA' or if I just don't really like her anymore. I think it's half and half. Kate can come back now.

I rolled my eyes so much during this ep I gave myself a headache. It could have been worse but I smell a hint of the special snowflake syndrome where even when Ziva isn't around she's all the others can talk about or discuss.

Okay she went through some stuff and she's back after some shit went down, so I'm trying to be understanding. I love how everyone knows what they did.

I bet military people tell stories about Gibbs around campfires to scare young marines.

Hmm, I don't see the Tim/Tony as much as some people but it was abundant tonight and nice. Loved Tim's shirt when he decided he was going to be the leader. McGee has the bouts of self confidence that don't border on cocky and smug and I like.

Someone else somewhere said the new agent at the beginning was Original Cindy from Dark Angel! Omg, I miss that cheesy ass show.

Gibbs teasing Tony as he did a shuffle-pee dance was mean/funny. Gibbs loves to fuck with his bff.

Gibbs and Ziva. Yes! I'd forgotten about the shooting Ari to gain Gibbs' trust! An elephant never forgets and neither does Gibbs. I like that he wasn't all gung ho to have her back. Suspicion is written on this man's DNA and it's served him well.

Tony's reference to the Fiance being engaged again so soon sounding familiar had me laughing like a hyena and so did Gibbs' asking how many times Tony was going to bring it up.

Abby is hilarious.

Dude they tried to fence a plane. That's pretty ballsy.

So that woman killed all three guys? And the cop? Wow.
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