Sep. 17th, 2010 01:23 pm
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This week has been insane. Started back up at work. Yoyodyne is the same, pretty much, but the added stress of working here and working at home (keeping house halfway decent,cooking dinner, ironing clothes, helping kids with homework, list goes on) is crazed. I'm thinking of ideas to reduce that stress in the future.

Kids had a thing where they had to dress up today too. K as the word 'Electric' and Z as a character from a book so I've been running around after work getting stuff for them to wear. I told K to next time choose an easier word like 'Tree' or 'apple.'

TV is my boyfriend

I am super behind on like four shows season finales. Have yet to watch Psych's, Dark Blue's, Royal Pain's or Burn Notice's. Gahh. I will catch them soon as I have On Demand and can rewatch stuff. I did see Leverage's and White Collar.

Am watching Nikita and it is Awesome. If you are not watching you need to watch. Maggie Q is a awesome, hot, kick ass Nikita. Shane West as Michael looks like Pacey and then I think i'm watching Fringe but he's ticking my 'ambiguously evil and hot' buttons like rowr. Evil tech guy is skeezy and looks like Connor from Angel but wait! it's Pyro from X-men!!!

Will he start lighting shit on fire? Probably not but he's less skeevy than Topher on Doll house. Speaking of DH, parts of Nikita remind me of DH. With people being 'activated' and 'the division' being all hand in everything evil let's take over the world. I miss Faith and Helo on my screen.

I never watched the other show with Peta. I did love the movie with Bridget Fonda and saw that several times.

CW wants me to watch the 'last' season of Smallville which I might do if Sexy Lexy is going to be on it.

SPN- I stopped watching this mid last season. The reasons are many and I can't say 100% that I will never watch again but right now I have zero interest in Dean and Sam's infinite journey. Though I still love me some Jared Padahotass.

Still on a Losers writing kick. Almost done with my minibang which is now a big bang with over 10,000 words that need to be wrangled and arranged where they will make sense to other people that are not me. Sometimes when I write I forget that people cannot read my brain and figure out what that paragraph meant.

I asked my muse for some non losers bunnies but it decided to give me some xover ideas. More on that later.

JDM has a movie coming out that involves Hilary Swank and an apartment building. I don't know what that means but I just want some JDM loving.

Most everyone at Yoyodyne is gone for the day because even evil corporations bent on world domination like to leave early on Friday. After work I have to pick up kidlets and go find a bday present for one of Z's friends as she has a party to go to. It's a slumber party but she nor I, are ready for that so she will be going for about two hours and then coming home.
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Me and Yoyodyne have parted company for the summer. Working for a place bent on world domination that lays off 90% of its workforce in the summertime is not so bad. I get a break from crazy people and get to spend time with the kiddies.

And I get to write! And unpack stuff at the new house! Wheeee!

My tv watching will include some Castle I missed. I just watched the last two eps of Justified and wow. They really outdid themselves. I could not predict what would happen from one moment to the next.

I plan to watch some Generation Kill, maybe some True Blood. Don't know what else.

I also plan to watch 'The Losers' about a dozen more times. I kid. It'll be more than a dozen.

As for writing, I'm really into Cougar/Jensen right now and I'm considering joining the kink_bingo crowd and write about them.

I really want Losers and C/J AU's and xovers and all kinds of stuff. Writing wise the fandom is small but slowly growing. There are some great stories out there and I'll make some recs at some point.

I also need to take about two weeks and work on nothing but WIPs. My accidental rewrite of 2fast2furious, CSI slave au, NCIS gangster AU. Some White Collar stuff, including an AU. (I'm sensing a theme here).

The new place is so quiet. At the apartment, we called our upstairs neighbor "Stompy McStomperson" because he stomped a lot. He moved out about 2 days before we did. But now there are no upstairs noises, no sharing a wall with someone right next door. It's quiet but i'm getting used to it.

The next two days I will attempt to relax and laze about. Next week the kids will be at home with me all day and oh joy. I will have to find some stuff for them to do this summer instead of driving me bananas.
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Last weeks White Collar was mainly about Neal's true love being proven true and stuff y/y?

Prompt me so I can write a short little something something. Also I need ficlet ideas so I'll stop thinking about a mob boss AU in which Peter bends Neal over a desk.

Or there's this Vampire AU (thanks to repeated listenings of Bad Romance) in which Peter makes Neal his pet newbie vamp and then Neal's all in love and stuff until Elizabeth comes back and Peter's all 'yeah, she made me so you know...' then they angst for 2 seconds until El makes both of them her pretty boy toys.*

First five peeps get a drabble, ficlet or something. White Collar, NCIS, Firefly, other stuff I usually write.

*If either of these AU's tickles anyone's fancy, please go for it. I have so many Wip's that it's kinda ridic that I even contemplate another longer story.
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So I got laid off yesterday. :(

It's not permanent so that's good. I should go back around mid-january. I'm trying to look at this as a vacay and hopefully I'll get some stuff around the house done. I was worried Christmas wise but hubby came home and said he'd got a bonus so yay for that!

Big thanks for all the snowflakes! I loved them and tried to send more to other people but I was at work and only able to get a few out. That was fun. LJ should give freebies away more often or have mistakes or whatever.

Saw Adam Lambert last night on Barbara Walter's special. I luff him. I totally blame my f-list and chat peeps for seeing and recognizing Kris Allen the other morning on VH-1, as I got ready for work. I passed by the TV, squinted and then said, "Oh! It's pocket idol!"

Plus when they talked about Adam on the special they showed clips from his vid for that 2012 movie. I need to see the whole vid since I never bothered to watch it but his coat looks awesome.

I have a cold. Blehh. I've been sicker this year then any other and I am suspicious of my flu shot. Also have a doc appt tomorrow so it's good i'm on layoff since I was near trouble absentee wise at work. It's hard to try and balance when your kids are sick (as they were a few weeks ago) and work. Kids win. But having to take off for one kid and then the other a few days later can be trying. Stacey stays home sometimes but if he has a big meeting or whatever then he can't.

If you want a holiday card, email me your address at I love sending cards and I have some cute ones this year.

Another thing about being laid off? More time to write fic! Most likely White Collar fic! I have fic ready to post after I polish it a little more so stay tuned for that one tonight. Anyone else read and re-read a fic you're working on so much you get sick of it?

Fic Rec: Firefly/Farscape, Gen. Great story that avoids the trap of trying to introduce every character and their pasts, but shows us what they are capable of.

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Big thanks to the anonymous sender of my v-gift. Cookies are yummy for any occasion. It really made me smile.

So as of Friday at Noon I was laid off from Yoyodyne. No worries, Yoyodyne regularly lays off about 80% of its minions employees during the summertime. So I will be going back to work mid to end of august.

Whew! It's been a very hectic and stressful time returning to working outside of the home. I say this because I still work at home and it's been a bitch trying to combine the two and occasionally I stumbled and then said, "screw folding clothes, i'm going to bed."

Most nights it was dinner,homework, bathtime for kids, iron clothes, bath for me, bed. Then up the next day to do it all again. Minimum housework was done and I didn't freak out about that so much.

I have hopeful deep cleaning plans and hopeful finish-fic-before-I go insane plans.

More chat time! More kids driving me nuts! I can't wait which just proves I'm crazy.
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Yoyodyne let us watch the inaugeration! We got off the phones and they turned out the lights and closed the shades and we all gathered and watched history.

It was not something I expected and I did want to see it as it was happening.

They hijacked my manager's computer and did stuff so it projected the swearing in onto a sheet they hung over one of the Vice president's closed office doors. I didn't cry but it was a very emotional moment watching Obama become our 44th president.
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Hello all. It's raining and cold. Hubby is at work all day long and I have story bunnies that are acting like teens by rebelling and changing their minds.

Late but better than never thanks for the Christmas cards from justblue0162, Twoweevils, and slashybits. I was very bah humbug this year and they cheered me up.

Kids + us got a Wii. Hubby managed to get up and get to Toy R Us when they opened at 6am and get one. Got games for each of us though he loves the Star Trek Conquest one he got for me better than I do. The Wii sports is fun and the four year old is kicking all newcomers butts in bowling and boxing. She's hilarious in the boxing and utters stuff like "You want a piece of me?"

I got two very nice purses and 3 sets of satiny pajamas. I love them and they are perfect for getting my lounge on. One pair is a cream and maroon striped pants and button down shirt, another is a cotton long-sleeved maroon shirt with satiny pants with maroon amoeba looking things on them.

The other pair of pajamas are purple and very island like and I got a tropical green, yellow housecoat to go with them since the shirt has spaghetti straps.

Also got a nice gift card from Lane Bryants because I like to occasionaly browse their store. And by browse I mean buy stuff.

14 year anniversary was yesterday. Me and hubby plan on celebrating next week with dinner out. Wow, that's a long time.

Work is slow even with Yoyodyne's christmas time lay off. I didn't get laid off and worked with one other lady on the 29th and 30th. There was supposed to be three of us but our assistant manager had a death in the family.

Those two days before New Year's eve were not slow at all since the other lady didn't get on the phone(she thought she was the boss) and listened to voice mails then called those people back. Took her all day but I was zen about it and didn't keep punching my phone to see how many people were on hold or how long they'd been holding.

I did my best and that was that. See I can't remember if our boss told her to do that stuff or not. I thought she didn't but maybe I didn't hear her tell the lady to do the voice mails very slowly.

Plus the higher ups let us go early on the 30th cause they wanted to jet too. Ahh, old Yoyodyne, never change. Work should pick up soon but meanwhile I get to stuff envelopes and stick stamps on envelopes while answering calls with my tight* headphones on.

*Not tight as in cool but tight as in oh-my-god these things are about to squeeze my brains out through my nose.

Think that's it on the personal front. Will post kid's new holiday pics later and do a post about writing and the tv shows for the new year. Rec's too maybe.
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So tired. Send energy and some good fruit.

Terminator was excellent tonight. Prison break was at its cracky best.

Had a dream Justin Timberlake was stalking me. He just happened to 'coincidentally' be where i was.

Had a seperate dream that me and Vin Diesel were fight vampires.

My brain at sleep people. Be awed or afraid. Or both.

Yoyodyne is mostly the same as it was five years ago. I remembered more than I thought I had. About 95% of it came back pretty easily. We're slow right now so I get to surf the internet and try and find something that won't set off alarms.

My bebes! K's b-day was on friday. She's seven. Zoe's b-day was today. She's four, which she told everyone about.

Okay off to bed after I check my TV listings to make sure nothing I want to see is coming on tomorrow.

Later, peeps!
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So my old job called me back. (From now on, known as yoyodyne to protect what I suspect are aliens)

Gave me a date to come in and take the required test, and also gave me a start date. The woman I spoke to, who I used to work with, pooh poohed the interview process and we worked out a start date of September 2nd!

She made me giggle and feel good when she said her boss told her to call me and offer me the job that day, because other people in the company were sniffing around my application and wanting to call me.

Very nervous. We've signed Zoe up for Pre-K and she's excited. Me? Nervous. I think I might have more seperation anxieties than her. She starts next week so we can have that week in case I need to go get her early or something.

So! I will be driving more and K will be in an after school program. She's looking forward to that too. I will be working full time and answering customers rather...unique questions. I liked working there before and I know what to expect. Still nervous.

My kids will be 7 and 4 on Sept. 5th and 8th. Three years and three days apart. Cause that's how I roll. Or rather how my doctors roll since they decided those dates.

I leave you with a funny link i got from Mochamomma. I find your lack of pants disturbing


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