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Been thinking about this for awile. Posting some older WIP's and letting people have them to either finish, or change to a different pairing or/and fandom.

I hate to say I'll never finish them but even if I do, it'll be different. Might do this after January since people are doing Yuletide and other stuff.

Thinking about signing up for Fandom Stocking over on Dreamwidth.

Tumblr continues to irriate me though not as much as it used to. I consider it a lookbook type site and don't feel like I must see every entry on my dashboard.

Teen Wolf. Oh where should I start? Might talk more about this tomorrow.
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Dear Author,

I was digging on your fic. But then I noticed it was a WIP. No update since April 2013.

Oh? This is a series. Maybe there's a finished prequel or something!

No, no, nope. Three parts in the series and none of them are complete.

I'm sorry but I cannot allow myself to become emotionally attached to your fic.

*closes fic*

Seriously, ever since I almost had a fucking fit(there was hair clutching and frantic searches and maybe even some tears) over a McShep WIP I approach all WIP's with caution.
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I don't know what that subject title is about. Probably me thinking about hip hop in the eighties.

So I need some ficlet ideas.

Give me a fandom, a pairing or just a person, and a word.


Teen Wolf


Hannibal (havent wrote or had any solid bunnies but i'll give it a try)


The Losers


Fast and Furious

Maybe if I write a few ficlets I can jumpstart my muse(who I think is hiding because I am trying to write original fic. *tempts muse with delicious fanfic prompts*)

WIP Meme

Dec. 21st, 2012 10:42 pm
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I saw this around a few other places and it looked fun.

Pick a number (1-10) and I'll post an excerpt from the corresponding work in my WIP folder.

Then, if you are so inclined, post this with the appropriate number range and let people have a peek at your unfinished stuff. Slacking FTW!

I probably have more than 10 WIP's but I'm going to say top 10 that I really want to finish.

I love it

Sep. 7th, 2012 12:45 am
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I love it when I'm struggling with a story, (Heh,almost every story ever) and then the words just start coming and my fingers start flying across the keyboard. I love that feeling. I love going back over the story, replacing a word with that word and hoping the whole thing makes sense.

That rush of endorphins I get when I know how the story is going to end. That rush is like an addictive drug that I crave. I love that almost audible AHA! that I get when I realize the story even though it took a turn is back on track. I can see the ending in my head and it translates to words so easily. Or sometimes it does, and sometimes you have to grab the words and shake them or bargain with them until they cooperate.

What is id fic? Because I think that's what i've been writing for the last coulple of weeks. It's all Teen Wolf but it's...two of the stories remind me of the historical/contempory romances I used to read back in high school and college. This was before I discovered the magic that is slash, but it's really not all that different.

Two people are intrigued/attracted/have to spend time with one another. Stuff happens. Outside forces might keep them apart or their own misgivings/damaged psyche. OMG, I just realized all the 'Heroes' in those romances, all the ones I liked best had buckets of angst. I still read that!

Ha! These days it's just werewolves or space captains or vampires and their snarky sidekicks. Ha!
That or soldiers who talk too much and the silent snipers who love them. Occasionally there are former soldiers who now work for the government and their senior field agents. Heh.

Okay off to bed where my brain will probably try and give me more plot bunnies.
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I am resisting the urge to write Avengers/Sentinel fusion fic where Bruce is Tony's guide. Or Alpha/Omega fic, though I just read that and haven't tried to write A/O yet.

Why am I resisting this?

1)I have some many WIP's it's ridiculous.

2)I'm already writing a Losers/Sentinel fusion. Sentinel!Cougar/Guide!Jensen.

3)Working on another Loser's fic for someone on my f-list.

4)Original fic is original and hard and I am easily distracted.

5)I already have two Avengers AU's fic bunnies and they are cute and soft and have me cooing and nodding my head.

On another note Avengers )

ETA: If anyone wants to write A/O fic or Sentinel AU fic, please do so. Or if you know of any Avengers in these two genre's hook a chick up.
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Meme time! Ganked from flist.

I put in about three paragraphs from a Losers AU that I'm working on for my AU bingo card.

I write like
Stephen King

I Write LikeEnd I Write Like Badge -->

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No one is around on AIM to squee with me about Uhura/Spock and tell me I should write some sexy sweet scenes between them. Then I can whine about all my WIPs that are lined up and frowning at me.

Let's see and these are not all my WIPs, just the most current ones in my head that I really want to finish:

My writerly babble, let me show you it )

And to bed I go.
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I had the weirdest dream last night. Maybe that's what I get for going to sleep early(which for me is midnight).

In the dream Dean and this other guy, I think it was Sean William Scott who was playing a hunter stepped through this mirror into another universe where they were looking for a way to stop Evil!Sam.

They met the other Dean but Evil!Sam wasn't around and then suddenly the Dean that had come through with Sean unzipped! (yes unzipped!) his own head and he was Evil!Sam. Needless to say hunter!sean was a little shocked and awed.

Then there was stuff about getting John and Mary's souls from heaven and torturing them though Sean thought they might be able to straighten Evil!Sam out.

Then Angel showed up and helped defeat Evil!Sam but later at the end(after what I think was a commercial break) he was really Angelus.

No wonder I felt tired when I woke up.

Then I got to wondering who would win between Evil!Sam and Angelus?

I mean they're both hot,yes, but in the evil department, I think Angelus has more work experience. He did used to terrorized most of Europe on a regular basis.

I have discovered's mp3 download store. This is not a good thing. Though I love that now I can listing to Muddy Waters, Sam Cooke and Al Green songs when I want to.

The writing, oh the writing. Why must you bring me such pain? Writing about the writin' )


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