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Anyone watching Grimm? Spoilers for newly aired eps )

I'm liking Copper on BBC or as I call it, Law and Order:1864. I don't know how they managed to make the guy from Blood ties less hot but they did. I mean, he looks okay but I had to imdb him to make sure it was him. He plays the main guy's high society friend.

Doctor Who! Loved the first new ep. Can't wait until Saturday.

Teen Wolf. I'm planning a big teen wolf post with recs and other stuff. I gave in and got a Tumblr but I mainly use it to look at and reblog Teen Wolf stuff. I still don't understand how Tumblr all works but I'll give it a try. I'm The-geek-cornucopia over there.
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Heh, it is the 4th here already so Happy 4th to all that celebrate it.

Not going to cut for Independence day spoilers b/c you've either seen it by now or not.

Anyone else think Brent Spiner's character and Adam Baldwin's character had something going? Or at least were close friends? It's the way Adam Baldwin's thumb caresses Brent Spiner's face after Brent's character dies.

Anyone else think Adam Baldwin helped take care of Randy Quaid's kids after his Hail Mary?

Also, thinking about them meeting as Jayne and Data makes me giggle.

Oh and I love how Jeff Goldblum was the go to guy in this movie and Jurassic Park. He makes psuedo-science so sexy.

Oh and Jeff Goldblum's swagger at the very end with him and Will Smith walking away from their wrecked alien ride. HIS SWAGGER WAS ON POINT. JUST THE WAY HE WAS WALKING. HELL YEAH I HELPED SAVE EARTH. I AM THE FUCKING MAN.*

Drive by post is quick. I have many Teen Wolf feels and am working on two stories. I know how my brain works and soon the crossover bunnies will visit. Damn Teen Wolf with its hot angsty boys and kick ass girls. Oh and the same guy that does Criminal Minds. Does Teen Wolf. I'm just saying. The Teen Wolf people as criminal profilers or omg, hotch and co trying to profile Derek. You know they'd be all 'well yeah he's a serial killer with some sort of wolf obsession.'

*I have loved Jeff Goldblum since The Fly. See, another movie with sexy psuedo science. Well,it was sexy until he started to change. Oh and The Fly II? I was all over that movie because Eric Stoltz was cute.

Omg I'm watching some show called 'Oddities' and this guy on here looks just like Joel Grey's character on Buffy. It's creepy and terrifying at the same time. I keep expecting him to have a tail.
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Justified season finale was so good. Omg, just I love this show so much.

Spoilers' )

Magic City- Have watched the first two episodes. Jeffrey Dean is still as fine as ever. This helps.

Spoilers )

I loved Scandal! First ep hit it out the park, 2nd ep is tonight. Oh and Bonus Columbus Short! I didn't even know he was going to be on the show. I love him. He looked really good in the suit. Then the other guy reminded me of Methos.

Spoilers )

I have to catch up on Fringe and Grimm. Nikita is still good. Loving Person of Interest. Over Easter weekend my dad had me watching 'Storage Wars.' Those people are crazy but it was a fun show.
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I love where this show is going.

Spoilers )

Still need to watch White Collar and Southland from tuesday. Watched Justified. Then sort of watched it again for the Boyd/Raylan parts. I love Raylan so much.

Alcatraz was okay. Will tune in again. Still convinced main guy is the devil. Don't know why. I think I just miss Brimstone and want Lionel Luthor back on my Tv.

Still gotta watch Castle. The Finder was okay. spoils )
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^Points to subject header: I'm tempted to try and title all my journal entries with quotes from 'Aliens.'

Just did five songs (about 20 minutes) of some Just Dance 3 on Wii. Me and hubby noticed when buying the game that it had a exercise option but I did that the other day and it looked the same as the dance option and for some reason I like the dance option better.

It was really fun! I danced to some Katy Perry "California Girls", some Britney Spears "One more time", some Taio Cruz "Dynamite", some Cee Lo's "Forget you" and even though I was feeling a little wiped I did a fifth song, LMFAO(?) "Party Rock Anthem."

During the dancing I talked and shouted at the dancers on the screen, telling them, 'my knees didn't bend that way!' or that that move wasn't happening. If I couldn't do the move I usually just kept doing the previous move. At least I was still moving. Plus, I like shouting at the TV.

Also I noticed the right hand is always lit up on the dancers but my right arm seemed to be getting more of a workout than the left arm so I switched the controller during one song and it was doable but you kind of have to switch some of the dance moves around. Still fun.

I might go and get the other ones, the Just Dance 1 & 2 once I work out some more to this one. The kids like it and like when I get up and dance with them.

Okay, need to stare at some fic and see if it will write itself. *stares hard*
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I have no clue if the above quote is correct or not. But I love that song because it's at the end of 'It's a Wonderful Life' which I watch every year on Christmas Eve.

Had a great Christmas. Pics to come soon. Am currently eating double chocolate brownies and drinking Cherry Coke Zero as I usher in 2012.

I'm not a big New Year's Resolution type person. I do hope to accomplish some things this year so I'll just try and keep them in the forefront as the year starts.

Hope you all had some great Holiday times.
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In my quest to post more I present some stuff I found while on Pinterest aka the prettiest, most awesome timesuck ever.

cut for pics and dr who S5 spoiler )
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So, Christmas was good. I got seasons one and two of Dollhouse so I can now watch Helo and Faith be all sexy and stuff. And November! And Alpha! Damn Fox.

I got hubby seasone one of The Big Bang Theory since we just started watching this year.

Watched the Dr Who Christmas story. I liked it and Eleven was okay. I'll need to catch up on the last season's episodes. Next Season looks interesting.

Oh! I'm late with this but here is a link to my one 'i will have to get off work early and go watch' 2011 movie. I love fast cars, hot guys and then they had to go and add The Rock. It's like they were reading my mind. I cannot wait till Furious Five or whatever they decide to name it comes out. I already see a Vin VS The Rock magazine cover in my future.

I bought the Pitch Black trilogy or Chronicles of Riddick Trilogy as a Christmas present to myself a few weeks ago. I love Pitch Black so much and Vin as Riddick made that whole film. The animated sequel was okay. The Chronicles of Riddick is okay. Could have been better. I need to find a fanfic titled 'Riddick's Bitch' which was an outstanding sequel to Pitch Black told partly from Jack's POV.

Writerly babble )

Oh and never google for Scott Caan pics while at work. This does not end well.

Since I'm not getting urges to write tons of H50 fic I am trying to finish some WIPs. I have like a page of my losers mini bang to do and i'll be done. Then I have a few other loser fics I need to finish.

Anyone up to beta'ing a losers au fic? It's not dark but it's not light either. It's about 5,500 words.

Dear TV scheduling people: Plese stop scheduling every show I want to see in 2011 on Tuesday. I have NCIS, NCIS: LA, No Ordinary Family, V, and Southland. Wednesday is good. I only have Justified(I think) since there will be no more shirtless Boris on my TV.

Me and SPN have parted ways with the agreement that I might rewatch my S1 and S2 DVD's in the future and if I catch S3 and 4 on reruns that's cool, but that'll be about it. I stopped midway through S5 and just am not interested anymore. Oh and RPS and me are still buddy buddy. But this ) is almost enough to make me watch again. I found it on Pervygirl's tumblr and have spent many a delightful hour making up stories with chat friends about it.


Sep. 17th, 2010 01:23 pm
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This week has been insane. Started back up at work. Yoyodyne is the same, pretty much, but the added stress of working here and working at home (keeping house halfway decent,cooking dinner, ironing clothes, helping kids with homework, list goes on) is crazed. I'm thinking of ideas to reduce that stress in the future.

Kids had a thing where they had to dress up today too. K as the word 'Electric' and Z as a character from a book so I've been running around after work getting stuff for them to wear. I told K to next time choose an easier word like 'Tree' or 'apple.'

TV is my boyfriend

I am super behind on like four shows season finales. Have yet to watch Psych's, Dark Blue's, Royal Pain's or Burn Notice's. Gahh. I will catch them soon as I have On Demand and can rewatch stuff. I did see Leverage's and White Collar.

Am watching Nikita and it is Awesome. If you are not watching you need to watch. Maggie Q is a awesome, hot, kick ass Nikita. Shane West as Michael looks like Pacey and then I think i'm watching Fringe but he's ticking my 'ambiguously evil and hot' buttons like rowr. Evil tech guy is skeezy and looks like Connor from Angel but wait! it's Pyro from X-men!!!

Will he start lighting shit on fire? Probably not but he's less skeevy than Topher on Doll house. Speaking of DH, parts of Nikita remind me of DH. With people being 'activated' and 'the division' being all hand in everything evil let's take over the world. I miss Faith and Helo on my screen.

I never watched the other show with Peta. I did love the movie with Bridget Fonda and saw that several times.

CW wants me to watch the 'last' season of Smallville which I might do if Sexy Lexy is going to be on it.

SPN- I stopped watching this mid last season. The reasons are many and I can't say 100% that I will never watch again but right now I have zero interest in Dean and Sam's infinite journey. Though I still love me some Jared Padahotass.

Still on a Losers writing kick. Almost done with my minibang which is now a big bang with over 10,000 words that need to be wrangled and arranged where they will make sense to other people that are not me. Sometimes when I write I forget that people cannot read my brain and figure out what that paragraph meant.

I asked my muse for some non losers bunnies but it decided to give me some xover ideas. More on that later.

JDM has a movie coming out that involves Hilary Swank and an apartment building. I don't know what that means but I just want some JDM loving.

Most everyone at Yoyodyne is gone for the day because even evil corporations bent on world domination like to leave early on Friday. After work I have to pick up kidlets and go find a bday present for one of Z's friends as she has a party to go to. It's a slumber party but she nor I, are ready for that so she will be going for about two hours and then coming home.
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Survived the school supply event yesterday. Five stores, four hours. Then today we had to enter the madhouse known as Show Carnival to buy the kidlets shoes.

This pic is hilarious:

I think it's Rick's finger pointing that makes me laugh.

To see the comments on this pic, go here.

ETA Click on pic to make bigger
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Me versus school supply time!

Two kids and a mom venture forth to gather numerous(band-aids, really?) supplies for the 2010-2011 school year. Their only foe? Crowded stores and no cattle prods. How ever will they make it out alive?

Seriously, ya'll this is a partial list of what a 1st grader and 4th grader need to start the school year.

6 Composition notebooks
5 boxes of Crayola crayons
3 packs of washable markers
2 boxes of band-aids
20 Glue sticks
50 #2 pencils
1 box of colored pencils
4 boxes of Kleenex
3 boxes of ziploc bags
8 Expo brand dry erase markers
School box
2 Backpacks and 2 lunchboxes

There's some other stuff but my fingers are tired.

Lunch at home and then off to the stores. Wish me luck!
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Why is there no fic in which Hardison, Matt Farrell, and Jensen from the Losers all chat late into the night about loving guys who seem to attract bullets?

I would pay a lot for this type of fic.

*Goes back to reading DH 4 slash*

I'd forgotten Timothy Olyphant and his sexy long legs were in DH 4. I also want fic where John and Matt meet Raylan and are kinda creeped out at the resemblance.

TV and fic

Jun. 22nd, 2010 04:36 pm
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Signed up for [ profile] au_bingo because I love love writing AU stuff.

I plan to write lots of Losers stuff but may throw in some WC and NCIS.

Here's my card:

Card )

Ha! Disney! And when I saw Other: Evil Goateed Universe I thought it said Goatse and was preparing to run far away until I saw i'd read it wrong. Hmm, evil Neal with a goatee. Rowr.

I'm one ep behind on Royal Pains and Burn Notice, but i've seen the opening eps and I love where the series are going.

Oh and that TV guide cover with Michael from BN, Hank and RP and Neal from WC make anyone else want a big xover?

Watched ABC's offering of their summer television on Sunday. Ehh, Scoundrels has Shawn from the 4400 playing twins. One's good! One's a fuckup! How ever will it end? Will one of the twins have to impersonate the other? Harm from JAG is the dad and he's okay.

Watched The Gates too which is even more ehhh than Scoundrels. It was like Desperate Housewives with some supernatual stuff thrown in. It's got vamps, werewolves and witches. How ever shall we keep up? *Rolls eyes*

There was a splash of slash between teen wolf and his newly arrived clueless to the supernatural rival. And then another slashy encounter between the same teen wolf and one of his friends where teen wolf is about to attack his rival from the bushes when his friend grabs him and we see his friend straddling teen wolf's now naked body. Heh.

Then the other night i'm flipping channels and came upon some Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Dude! It's like OZ in ancient times with more swords. Spartacus is hot like damn and omg it's Lucy Lawless getting her freak on. Wow. I really like Spartacus and managed to find the first three eps and watch them. The next three are on the schedule for tonight. Spartacus is insane and a gigantic trouble magnet. I luff him already.

Off to stare at my bingo card and think about what I want to write first.
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Me and Yoyodyne have parted company for the summer. Working for a place bent on world domination that lays off 90% of its workforce in the summertime is not so bad. I get a break from crazy people and get to spend time with the kiddies.

And I get to write! And unpack stuff at the new house! Wheeee!

My tv watching will include some Castle I missed. I just watched the last two eps of Justified and wow. They really outdid themselves. I could not predict what would happen from one moment to the next.

I plan to watch some Generation Kill, maybe some True Blood. Don't know what else.

I also plan to watch 'The Losers' about a dozen more times. I kid. It'll be more than a dozen.

As for writing, I'm really into Cougar/Jensen right now and I'm considering joining the kink_bingo crowd and write about them.

I really want Losers and C/J AU's and xovers and all kinds of stuff. Writing wise the fandom is small but slowly growing. There are some great stories out there and I'll make some recs at some point.

I also need to take about two weeks and work on nothing but WIPs. My accidental rewrite of 2fast2furious, CSI slave au, NCIS gangster AU. Some White Collar stuff, including an AU. (I'm sensing a theme here).

The new place is so quiet. At the apartment, we called our upstairs neighbor "Stompy McStomperson" because he stomped a lot. He moved out about 2 days before we did. But now there are no upstairs noises, no sharing a wall with someone right next door. It's quiet but i'm getting used to it.

The next two days I will attempt to relax and laze about. Next week the kids will be at home with me all day and oh joy. I will have to find some stuff for them to do this summer instead of driving me bananas.
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Am bored. Trying not to be bored. I owe someone fic but all my brain wants to write is cracky White Collar high school AU where Peter is captain of the basketball team and Neal is his smirky bff and then they get together and there is angst and possibly mpreg. I...just don't even know. My brain is so weird sometimes.

I think I can count on one hand the number of people on my flist watching Justified. It is oh so good, people. Any show that lets Timothy Olyphant walk around in that cowboy hat being awesome is a good thing.

Babble about last nights show )

Anyone watching V? Morena B is very lizard like and awesome.

NCIS last night was very Tim/Tony and very adorable. The guy Tony 'cheats' with played Parker on Buffy. I knew I recognized him. So is spoilery for last night question )
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So 'Justified' was pretty good. The guy that played Shane on 'The Shield' was in the ep chewing up scenery all over the place.

Spoilers for Justified pilot )

Work is slower than slow today. I was talking to a woman on the phone earlier and I heard her cellphone ring in the background. Her ring tone? The banjo song from Deliverance.

Have to watch Southland tonight when I get home.

I need more icons.

Flashforward comes back on Thursday! Joseph Fiennes and his low mumbly voice! John Cho! Other people. I need to find out when V comes back on.

*IZ BORED* Omg, so bored.
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This week is ovah ovah ovah. Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled and the hubby does not have to go out of town for a third time next week. He came home today and I was very happy to see his as were the bebes.

My Television viewing

Southland! Omg, people I need screen caps and icons of Regina King or/and Regina King and her shotgun. How awesome is she? Especially with the shotgun? How about when she told that reporter behind tag just in case )

Heroes makes me roll my eyes a lot and am convinced the writers ship Claire/Sylar, Sylar/Peter and Clair/Peter. Not even Milo's very fine ass kept me entertained enough to watch if they get another season.

I'm loving Castle and I love that NF is getting a chance to show what he can do. I like Beckett and I could almost almost see her as Eve in Nora Robert's 'In Death' series, if she were more grumpy and pissed off.

Supernatual-eh, I dvr'd some eps but have no desire to watch them.

Burn Notice- Fiona, with a shotgun. Need I say more?

Psych- I'm loving it but I need to go back and pay closer attention to some eps.

Leverage- Same as Psych but I'm a little more involed with the Leverage group. Also this fanvid by Talitha78 made me fall in love with Hardison all over again. Me and my kids watch this at least once a day.

White Collar-My shiny new toy! I still think this show has a baby fandom but it's growing and the stories are popping up. I'm loving it so hard and I have all these crazy fic ideas. I love that first bloom of love after a new fandom passes you a note and asks if you like them: check yes or no.
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So for Christmas, Hubby got me a 3 month massage memebership to this place here in town. I have never been to a massage place or therapist.

If anyone has been I'd love to know about your experience and if you have any advice or/and tips.
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Happy New year to all. Hope it was good. Mine involved being on the computer and hubby playing Lego Star Wars. I saw it was 11:59 and we paused what we were doing and wished each other a Happy New Years.

We roll like that. Usually he's in bed but he's obsessed with the Star War Lego game so he was still up playing that.

Christmas was great. We bought too many things as usual but the kids had fun. K's eyes got really big when she opened up her Wizards of Waverly Place doll(it's a show on Disney).

Could not find those zhu zhu hamsters anywhere but I listened to what K an Z talked about and they never really mentioned them, even though they were first on the Christmas wish list. They were more excited about webkins so they got two each. Zoe got some Hello Kitty stuff and some Tinkerbell stuff. Keyanah got another barbie like doll from BFC INK which is some tween doll um something.

rest of christmas happenings )

I made a panini earlier with honey mustard, turkey, onions, fresh spinach, swiss cheese and some honey. Soooo good. Crunchy bread and some sweet plus the turkey. I will definitely be making again.
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So I got laid off yesterday. :(

It's not permanent so that's good. I should go back around mid-january. I'm trying to look at this as a vacay and hopefully I'll get some stuff around the house done. I was worried Christmas wise but hubby came home and said he'd got a bonus so yay for that!

Big thanks for all the snowflakes! I loved them and tried to send more to other people but I was at work and only able to get a few out. That was fun. LJ should give freebies away more often or have mistakes or whatever.

Saw Adam Lambert last night on Barbara Walter's special. I luff him. I totally blame my f-list and chat peeps for seeing and recognizing Kris Allen the other morning on VH-1, as I got ready for work. I passed by the TV, squinted and then said, "Oh! It's pocket idol!"

Plus when they talked about Adam on the special they showed clips from his vid for that 2012 movie. I need to see the whole vid since I never bothered to watch it but his coat looks awesome.

I have a cold. Blehh. I've been sicker this year then any other and I am suspicious of my flu shot. Also have a doc appt tomorrow so it's good i'm on layoff since I was near trouble absentee wise at work. It's hard to try and balance when your kids are sick (as they were a few weeks ago) and work. Kids win. But having to take off for one kid and then the other a few days later can be trying. Stacey stays home sometimes but if he has a big meeting or whatever then he can't.

If you want a holiday card, email me your address at I love sending cards and I have some cute ones this year.

Another thing about being laid off? More time to write fic! Most likely White Collar fic! I have fic ready to post after I polish it a little more so stay tuned for that one tonight. Anyone else read and re-read a fic you're working on so much you get sick of it?

Fic Rec: Firefly/Farscape, Gen. Great story that avoids the trap of trying to introduce every character and their pasts, but shows us what they are capable of.



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