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Earilier I heard my kids playing Lego Teen Wolf(there are no official Lego Teen Wolf, but my oldest has many, many legos. She made her own Derek Hale, scruff and leather jacket included.) This is the convo I overheard.

K: You are Derek Hale! Derek Hale, I am Chris Argent. (lego Chris Argent has a cool lego motorcycle with a mounted lego gun on the side).

Z: Sometimes I turn into a snake! (I assume they made a Jackson lego? Maybe using one of the reptilian legos?)

My kids are crazy and continue to amaze me with their creativity and love for My Little Pony, Monster High, Hello Kitty and Teen Wolf.(I let them stay up on Monday night to watch TW but not the Wolf watch, so they find Wolf Watch on the comcast on demand and watch it later in the week).

Nielsen tv ratings people called me about two weeks ago. They want us to be a Nielsen family for a week. I didn't know it was still a thing. They did ask about a DVR and stuff. I remember one time back in the 90's I did the week long Nielsen thing. I don't know how I got selected. I feel out surveys sometimes? No clue but I have to fill out this notebook for each tv in the house. And I get a little moola for compensation. I should have asked them how I and my family got picked.

Finished watching the first season of History Vikings. Damn. I loved it! Spoilers )

And don't get me started on the Season2 promo of everyone they kept showing after each episode (I watched on Comcast's On Demand) because Athelstan looked hot as whew! Long hair, viking clothes, sword. It was a damn,baby moment.

And Rollo in the promo. Ropes holding him down and then him bursting out of his shirt.

What the fuck, History Channel? Plus Rollo, Viking Athelstan and Ragnar all look like the cover of a really good Viking Historical Romance. Especially Rollo. I blame Johanna Lindsay and her Viking books.

Sleepy Hollow finale wrecked me. I can't even ponder it too much since it doesn't come back until Fall. Fall! Augggh. I am enjoying Orlando Jones foray into Tumblr and fandom. It's cute.

Back at work for the last three weeks. Same old, same old.

I need to make some extra money. Anyone have any comments about Zazzle?

I looked at it and Cafe Press for tee shirt,etc making convenience. Zazzle seemed better. Still researching. I do want to find a public domain of pictures. I need to find out copyright or trademark wise about selling fandom/geek type shirts though I don't plan on using the name. Like Sleepy Hollow. If I made a shirt with just words on it like: Sleepy, Headless, Witness. Is that infringement? Maybe I will ask OTW. I remember the stuff with Jayne's hat and how Etsy people just renamed it and kept selling it.
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End of first week back to work. Yay! or Ehh. It's work and no other job gives me 4 months off in the summer and about six weeks off for Christmas. #can'tbeatthoseperks

Tired from trying to get back into the swing of things. I miss my afternoon nap I'd take before going to get the kiddies.

Work is sort of slow. I just think of it as coming in to hang out with a better computer connection. We have Macs now and yesssss, tumblr works so fast! :)

Though our manager's manager can see what sites we visit :( But she's not here today :)
I am paranoid enough. *shifty eyes*

Sleepy Hollow! Yes, I love it though I am hating that it's on FOX aka FUX. I don't trust them a bit and haven't since Firefly. Actually since Alienation.(omg anyone else remember how they left it with this big cliffhanger and they cancelled the show and then a year or two later had a movie that tied it up. Then, then they had 3 more movies! What the fuck Fox?)

Looking forward to Almost Human and American Horror Story: Coven. Angela Bassett. Mmmm. Yes, please.

I still don't get tumblr sometimes. I treat it like a big picture book. Communication is iffy and I don't understand some of the self aggrandizement that goes on(is that a word? like when people post all of these comments they get about a story or the posts of people praising them and telling them about how awesome they are.)

Teen Wolf- Season 3A was not...good. So many problems. I can take a little illogical but when you say, anchors and they need them but they come up out the water with no one there I'm confused. Or when Jennifer seemed to think it was all about her looks in that very just ugh conversation with Derek in the elevator. Lady you're killing people I don't think he's mad about your true face. And why did her face look like that? They show her flashback and yes, she's got the slashes over her face but she still had hair and stuff. I was confused again.

Don't even get me started on Peter and his bullshit. I like Peter as a villain but were any of us really surprised? And also if anyone wanted to try and kill him again? That'd be cool.

God I was not going to rant about Teen Wolfies but but are all the bad guys still alive? How do the twins that helped kill Boyd still around and how did Deuces get a freaking slap on the wrist with bonus eyesight back? And Gerard fucking Argent is still chillin and bleeding black shit everywhere. I just...Jeff what the hell?

*takes deep breath*

In the files of stuff they never tell you about having kids besides you get to go back to school and help with math and english! And other stuff you don't remember! They don't mention the whole kids 'borrowing' your stuff. My jewelry, my perfume, my lotion, and since K has hit size 10 in shoes, she's eying those too. Even though I have gotten them both their own stuff, mama's is still apparently the best. :) They crack me up. K is now 12 and Zoe is 9, and it's just a trip about every day.
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At work for almost two hours. Have received less than 10 calls.

Rewatched S1 of Teen Wolf. 11 yr old wakes up when I was watching and watched some of it with me. She likes Scott. She giggles whenever he's on screen or shirtless.

Started reading 00Q fanfic because I am a sucker for cute smished names of couples. Watched Skyfall. Daniel Craig is yum. Also watched Cowboys and Aliens and The girl with the dragon Tattoo. I may have a Daniel Craig problem. The girl with the... was really good. A good murder mystery.


Omg, are you kidding me? March? By then i'll be Revolution who? Grimm has been on a few years but still I have been waiting for the reveal that happened and I want the rest now. There's a episode recap preview thing on Youtube about the upcoming eps. I have watched it numerous times.

Stopped watching White Collar and Suits. Is it just me or do some of USA's shows tend to start to repeat themselves? That's why I stopped watching Burn Notice and Royal Pains. Still might try to catch up on Suits and WC or just kind of watch them by looking at reaction gifs on Tumblr.

Continuing to read Teen Wolf stuff. Tumblr is a well of funny, hotness and despair. I still don't like the format but ehhhh. What can you do?

Saw some pics from Fast 6. I still think they can do a part 7 where they go back in time and rescue Han from part 3, you know the movie where he dies? Timeline is messed up like whoa. Part 3 is like the little girl on Family Matters that just disappeared and no one mentioned her. Oh and Michelle Rodriguez is back after being dead in part four. Someone pointed out that she comes back from the 'dead' in this franchise and in the Resident Evil franchise. That's how badass she is.

Vin Diesel has a sequel to his Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick movie coming out. I guess this would be a part 3. Or maybe a part 4 if you count the mini cartoon they did that was between Pitch Black and Chronicles.
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She was awesome tonight!

Southland )

Quick thing about V

Tonight )

Off to eat a banana and contemplate bed. I am back at yoyodyne working to cause mass destruction through nefarious means involving these things called magazines.
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So, Christmas was good. I got seasons one and two of Dollhouse so I can now watch Helo and Faith be all sexy and stuff. And November! And Alpha! Damn Fox.

I got hubby seasone one of The Big Bang Theory since we just started watching this year.

Watched the Dr Who Christmas story. I liked it and Eleven was okay. I'll need to catch up on the last season's episodes. Next Season looks interesting.

Oh! I'm late with this but here is a link to my one 'i will have to get off work early and go watch' 2011 movie. I love fast cars, hot guys and then they had to go and add The Rock. It's like they were reading my mind. I cannot wait till Furious Five or whatever they decide to name it comes out. I already see a Vin VS The Rock magazine cover in my future.

I bought the Pitch Black trilogy or Chronicles of Riddick Trilogy as a Christmas present to myself a few weeks ago. I love Pitch Black so much and Vin as Riddick made that whole film. The animated sequel was okay. The Chronicles of Riddick is okay. Could have been better. I need to find a fanfic titled 'Riddick's Bitch' which was an outstanding sequel to Pitch Black told partly from Jack's POV.

Writerly babble )

Oh and never google for Scott Caan pics while at work. This does not end well.

Since I'm not getting urges to write tons of H50 fic I am trying to finish some WIPs. I have like a page of my losers mini bang to do and i'll be done. Then I have a few other loser fics I need to finish.

Anyone up to beta'ing a losers au fic? It's not dark but it's not light either. It's about 5,500 words.

Dear TV scheduling people: Plese stop scheduling every show I want to see in 2011 on Tuesday. I have NCIS, NCIS: LA, No Ordinary Family, V, and Southland. Wednesday is good. I only have Justified(I think) since there will be no more shirtless Boris on my TV.

Me and SPN have parted ways with the agreement that I might rewatch my S1 and S2 DVD's in the future and if I catch S3 and 4 on reruns that's cool, but that'll be about it. I stopped midway through S5 and just am not interested anymore. Oh and RPS and me are still buddy buddy. But this ) is almost enough to make me watch again. I found it on Pervygirl's tumblr and have spent many a delightful hour making up stories with chat friends about it.
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Life is hectic. Stessing out all over the place trying to balance work work and at home work since hubby now works further away and is not home as much.

More on that later maybe. Right now let's talk about TV and those people. (May contain small spoilers for already aired episodes!)

Monday Night

The Event- Eh. I'm still watching though I don't know why. I've nicknamed the main guy pocket idol version 2.0. There's a hot FBI? NSA? Some government agency guy who I keep hoping will get more face time. The guy that was hunting down people on heroes in the third season and played the governor on OZ is on the event. Guess what he's doing here? Yep, keeping a certain type of people locked up.

There was discussion of torture. Rest behind spoiler tags )

Hawaii Five O or H50(I find that abbreviation so cute and wee! I want to pinch its cheeks!) More on this show later as I plan to do a pimpin post complete with a few fic and vid recs. It's my favorite new show.

Tuesday- I'm watching NCIS on Comcast On Demand later in the week since every station wanted to put their hit on on this night. We DVR Glee and watch No Ordinary Family. NOF is okay. Has a few kinks to work out but I like that the big bad is apparently going to be the father from Seventh Heaven. I wonder if The Commish likes playing The Thing but this time with no orange costume. I like super speedy Darla who somehow looks younger on this show than she did on Angel and Buffy. The kids aren't very memorable.

NCIS: LA is okay. I watch mainly for the gay though I think H50 is about to take their hoyay crown. The new guy isn't so irritating. Kinda funny. Hetty makes me shout 'Edna Mode' at the screen all the time. (A line from The Incredibles).

Glee- Eh. I liked the Britney ep. Didn't like the religious ep.

Wednesday- Watching Undercovers though I keep forgetting it comes on at seven and not eight p.m. Didn't realize until I read it somewhere that the main woman played Martha's sister on Dr. Who. Love Boris and his willingness to get shirtless. Leo is kind of annoying. Reminds me of Shawn from Psych. Major Dad is kind of funny when he's not telling them how they suck. Seriously, I would have cursed him out by now.

Thursday- Fringe time. Was pissed about the finale but they finally explained some stuff last week so not as peeved about the switch. Love Walternate and really want him and Walter to spend some time together. DVR'ing Nikita which I love and I'm shipping Nikita/Michael big time. Sometimes Shane West looks more like Pacey than Pacey does. It's distracting. But he's hot and I'm happy.

Castle and Bones are on the DVR. Haven't watched any of Bones yet but Castle is still awesome. Need to catch up to last weeks.
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Everybody needs to watch this show. It was awesome! Also they are totally trying to steal NCIS:LA's slash crown.

Spoilers for the pilot )

The Event was okay and I will give it a few more viewings but they need a mad scientist daddy ala Walter from Fringe, to keep me interested. Or a Pacey.


Sep. 17th, 2010 01:23 pm
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This week has been insane. Started back up at work. Yoyodyne is the same, pretty much, but the added stress of working here and working at home (keeping house halfway decent,cooking dinner, ironing clothes, helping kids with homework, list goes on) is crazed. I'm thinking of ideas to reduce that stress in the future.

Kids had a thing where they had to dress up today too. K as the word 'Electric' and Z as a character from a book so I've been running around after work getting stuff for them to wear. I told K to next time choose an easier word like 'Tree' or 'apple.'

TV is my boyfriend

I am super behind on like four shows season finales. Have yet to watch Psych's, Dark Blue's, Royal Pain's or Burn Notice's. Gahh. I will catch them soon as I have On Demand and can rewatch stuff. I did see Leverage's and White Collar.

Am watching Nikita and it is Awesome. If you are not watching you need to watch. Maggie Q is a awesome, hot, kick ass Nikita. Shane West as Michael looks like Pacey and then I think i'm watching Fringe but he's ticking my 'ambiguously evil and hot' buttons like rowr. Evil tech guy is skeezy and looks like Connor from Angel but wait! it's Pyro from X-men!!!

Will he start lighting shit on fire? Probably not but he's less skeevy than Topher on Doll house. Speaking of DH, parts of Nikita remind me of DH. With people being 'activated' and 'the division' being all hand in everything evil let's take over the world. I miss Faith and Helo on my screen.

I never watched the other show with Peta. I did love the movie with Bridget Fonda and saw that several times.

CW wants me to watch the 'last' season of Smallville which I might do if Sexy Lexy is going to be on it.

SPN- I stopped watching this mid last season. The reasons are many and I can't say 100% that I will never watch again but right now I have zero interest in Dean and Sam's infinite journey. Though I still love me some Jared Padahotass.

Still on a Losers writing kick. Almost done with my minibang which is now a big bang with over 10,000 words that need to be wrangled and arranged where they will make sense to other people that are not me. Sometimes when I write I forget that people cannot read my brain and figure out what that paragraph meant.

I asked my muse for some non losers bunnies but it decided to give me some xover ideas. More on that later.

JDM has a movie coming out that involves Hilary Swank and an apartment building. I don't know what that means but I just want some JDM loving.

Most everyone at Yoyodyne is gone for the day because even evil corporations bent on world domination like to leave early on Friday. After work I have to pick up kidlets and go find a bday present for one of Z's friends as she has a party to go to. It's a slumber party but she nor I, are ready for that so she will be going for about two hours and then coming home.

TV and fic

Jun. 22nd, 2010 04:36 pm
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Signed up for [ profile] au_bingo because I love love writing AU stuff.

I plan to write lots of Losers stuff but may throw in some WC and NCIS.

Here's my card:

Card )

Ha! Disney! And when I saw Other: Evil Goateed Universe I thought it said Goatse and was preparing to run far away until I saw i'd read it wrong. Hmm, evil Neal with a goatee. Rowr.

I'm one ep behind on Royal Pains and Burn Notice, but i've seen the opening eps and I love where the series are going.

Oh and that TV guide cover with Michael from BN, Hank and RP and Neal from WC make anyone else want a big xover?

Watched ABC's offering of their summer television on Sunday. Ehh, Scoundrels has Shawn from the 4400 playing twins. One's good! One's a fuckup! How ever will it end? Will one of the twins have to impersonate the other? Harm from JAG is the dad and he's okay.

Watched The Gates too which is even more ehhh than Scoundrels. It was like Desperate Housewives with some supernatual stuff thrown in. It's got vamps, werewolves and witches. How ever shall we keep up? *Rolls eyes*

There was a splash of slash between teen wolf and his newly arrived clueless to the supernatural rival. And then another slashy encounter between the same teen wolf and one of his friends where teen wolf is about to attack his rival from the bushes when his friend grabs him and we see his friend straddling teen wolf's now naked body. Heh.

Then the other night i'm flipping channels and came upon some Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Dude! It's like OZ in ancient times with more swords. Spartacus is hot like damn and omg it's Lucy Lawless getting her freak on. Wow. I really like Spartacus and managed to find the first three eps and watch them. The next three are on the schedule for tonight. Spartacus is insane and a gigantic trouble magnet. I luff him already.

Off to stare at my bingo card and think about what I want to write first.
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Me and Yoyodyne have parted company for the summer. Working for a place bent on world domination that lays off 90% of its workforce in the summertime is not so bad. I get a break from crazy people and get to spend time with the kiddies.

And I get to write! And unpack stuff at the new house! Wheeee!

My tv watching will include some Castle I missed. I just watched the last two eps of Justified and wow. They really outdid themselves. I could not predict what would happen from one moment to the next.

I plan to watch some Generation Kill, maybe some True Blood. Don't know what else.

I also plan to watch 'The Losers' about a dozen more times. I kid. It'll be more than a dozen.

As for writing, I'm really into Cougar/Jensen right now and I'm considering joining the kink_bingo crowd and write about them.

I really want Losers and C/J AU's and xovers and all kinds of stuff. Writing wise the fandom is small but slowly growing. There are some great stories out there and I'll make some recs at some point.

I also need to take about two weeks and work on nothing but WIPs. My accidental rewrite of 2fast2furious, CSI slave au, NCIS gangster AU. Some White Collar stuff, including an AU. (I'm sensing a theme here).

The new place is so quiet. At the apartment, we called our upstairs neighbor "Stompy McStomperson" because he stomped a lot. He moved out about 2 days before we did. But now there are no upstairs noises, no sharing a wall with someone right next door. It's quiet but i'm getting used to it.

The next two days I will attempt to relax and laze about. Next week the kids will be at home with me all day and oh joy. I will have to find some stuff for them to do this summer instead of driving me bananas.
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Me and my fam are okay. Nashville and some other places got way more rain than we did, though we got a lot. We checked on 'La Clev' (this is my name for our new house. just roll with it) and it was fine. Some water standing in the backyard but nothing flood like.

Last night TV

Justified! OMG! I need someone to squeal with about the end. The very slashy end.cut to spare the innocent and pure on my list.oh wait. )

NCIS: Sorta weird but I liked the ending. Next week looks good.

NCIS:LA. WTF. Thanks for trying to screw with my mind.

V: I still like you and Morena Baccarin was born to play a giant gecko but you are slowwwww. I need more action and maybe for Marc Singer to stop by. How about Michael Ironside?

Castle: You are very adorable. Keep going with that.
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Thank you for all the congrats on the house! And the advice. Of which I will be asking for more advice over the coming weeks and scouring the intenetz.

So am I the only one that thinks Tony and Gibbs used to date, then Gibbs broke up with him and Tony started dating Tim, but then they broke up so after a brief hop in bed with Jimmy, Tony is back with a affectionate and tolerant Gibbs?

last night ncis )

Didn't watch NCIS: 'we are gay' b/c Glee was on but I'll catch NCIS:'look at how gay we are' today or tomorrow.

Justified! I love Justified. It's like that Patrick Swayze movie 'Next of Kin' but instead of Patrick moving to the big city of Chicago he stayed home and had to deal with all his wacky red neck cousins and friends.

last night justified )

I keep waiting for V to get better. I keep waiting for more resistance fighters and maybe Marc Singer or Michael Ironside(from the original series) to show up too. This show moves slowly. I like the terrorist guy. The reporter guy? He looks so much like Michael J Fox, it's crazy.
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Am bored. Trying not to be bored. I owe someone fic but all my brain wants to write is cracky White Collar high school AU where Peter is captain of the basketball team and Neal is his smirky bff and then they get together and there is angst and possibly mpreg. I...just don't even know. My brain is so weird sometimes.

I think I can count on one hand the number of people on my flist watching Justified. It is oh so good, people. Any show that lets Timothy Olyphant walk around in that cowboy hat being awesome is a good thing.

Babble about last nights show )

Anyone watching V? Morena B is very lizard like and awesome.

NCIS last night was very Tim/Tony and very adorable. The guy Tony 'cheats' with played Parker on Buffy. I knew I recognized him. So is spoilery for last night question )
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So 'Justified' was pretty good. The guy that played Shane on 'The Shield' was in the ep chewing up scenery all over the place.

Spoilers for Justified pilot )

Work is slower than slow today. I was talking to a woman on the phone earlier and I heard her cellphone ring in the background. Her ring tone? The banjo song from Deliverance.

Have to watch Southland tonight when I get home.

I need more icons.

Flashforward comes back on Thursday! Joseph Fiennes and his low mumbly voice! John Cho! Other people. I need to find out when V comes back on.

*IZ BORED* Omg, so bored.
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Timothy Olyphant's new show comes on tonight on F/X. It's called 'Justified' and based on the previews he's the sheriff of a small town and he does things HIS WAY.

Also based on previews he looks really really hot with his shotgun and cowboy hat. Oh and his smirk. His smirk alone is reason enough for me to tune in. Plus shotgun. And Cowboy hothat. I'm shallow and I accept this shallowness as part of what makes me, me.
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This week is ovah ovah ovah. Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled and the hubby does not have to go out of town for a third time next week. He came home today and I was very happy to see his as were the bebes.

My Television viewing

Southland! Omg, people I need screen caps and icons of Regina King or/and Regina King and her shotgun. How awesome is she? Especially with the shotgun? How about when she told that reporter behind tag just in case )

Heroes makes me roll my eyes a lot and am convinced the writers ship Claire/Sylar, Sylar/Peter and Clair/Peter. Not even Milo's very fine ass kept me entertained enough to watch if they get another season.

I'm loving Castle and I love that NF is getting a chance to show what he can do. I like Beckett and I could almost almost see her as Eve in Nora Robert's 'In Death' series, if she were more grumpy and pissed off.

Supernatual-eh, I dvr'd some eps but have no desire to watch them.

Burn Notice- Fiona, with a shotgun. Need I say more?

Psych- I'm loving it but I need to go back and pay closer attention to some eps.

Leverage- Same as Psych but I'm a little more involed with the Leverage group. Also this fanvid by Talitha78 made me fall in love with Hardison all over again. Me and my kids watch this at least once a day.

White Collar-My shiny new toy! I still think this show has a baby fandom but it's growing and the stories are popping up. I'm loving it so hard and I have all these crazy fic ideas. I love that first bloom of love after a new fandom passes you a note and asks if you like them: check yes or no.
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Changed the title to my LJ to 'Rollerskating through life blindfolded while holding a chainsaw' cause that's how this week has felt. Next week? More rollerskating like hijinks.

New Burn Notice )

Anybody watch Royal Pains? New show coming on right after Burn Notice? I did.

spoilery about the ep )
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Hmm, I'm going to have to add the Winchesters to my Petrelli's VS Scofield-Burrows 'who has the worst dynamics with their families?' poll. You know if I ever get around to making one.

Spn tonight )

Bones! Omg, what is going on with the emoting and humor then serious serious.

Bones tonight )

Tomorrow is Dollhouse! YES!
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Saw a commercial saying that I could watch a preview of Patrick Swayze's new show on A&E on Comcast's 'On Demand'

Huh. I didn't think Swayze could play dark but he pulls it off in this show. He's a gruff FBI agent that does whatever needs doing to catch the bad guy. He's got a newbie partner, Ellis Dove, played by Travis Fimmel (He of the Tarzan show fame).

Fimmel cut his hair and it helped tone down the male model pretty. He's had some acting lessons since Tarzan was on.

There's ins and outs and gun pointing and cursing.

It reminded me a lot of Training Day with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke.

There's a great twist in the end that I won't talk about but yeah I give it a B. It could use some polishing, but for a pilot ep it was good.
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What I am watching and enjoying so far. Please no spoilers to any of the questions I ask. Just doin some LJ speculations.

Bones eps aired so far )

Criminal Minds eps aired so far )

Desperate Housewives eps so far )

Fringe eps so far )

Heroes eps aired so far )

Life eps aired so far )

NCIS eps aired so far )

Prison Break eps so far )

SPN eps aired so far )

Terminator:SCC eps aired so far )

The Unit eps aired so far )

That is it so far. People at work watch other shows and I have no one to squee with. Crazy Yoyodine.


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