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Spn was like whoa.

SPN s4 finale )

I've been gorging myself of Uhura/Spock people and it's good and yummy and there are descriptions of them touching each other on the elbow that are better than some porn out there. I've only read one story that made me go 'wtf' and even then, not that much.

I have an idea or two and work is slow. I may try and drabble tomorrow. And there are about 50 U/S icons I wan to use at the same time.

Who's writing the Firefly/Star Trek story? Mal and Kirk meeting? The snark, the hotness, the tight pants. Come one, it almost writes itself!

Scotty and Kaylee totally making out in engineering because hell, it's the Enterprise and I even got a little breathless when they showed it.

Kirk/Inara? She'd run circles around him and Zoe would be cautious because her captain made her leave one of her shotguns on Serenity and how did he expect her to just be okay with two guns, three knives and a grenade she borrowed from Jayne?

Simon would think Bones was just like Mal and go find Spock to talk to, and he'd be busy eyeing River and muttering, 'fascinating.'
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Almost all the shows are ending. It's been a weird season due to the strike. I wish I could go to an Alternate Universe where there wasn't a strike and see what differences would have taken place on some of my favorite shows.

The squee and meta about the Season finale of SPN have been interesting. I haven't read any 'this will harsh your squee' posts because I like my squee and want it to stick around for tea.

My babbling about SPN finale )

I have finished one of what I call my 'big 3 WIPs.' It's a sequel to my 'Las Vegas Wild' CSI Werewolf AU. Whew! It's been hanging around for what seems like forever.

Two more big ones to go and a lot of little ones. Finished a SPN fic too that has lots of naughty parts for those that like that sort of thing.

I've finally started writing out some of my original fic ideas. I hate that it took me so long and even though it's fear(hello! Irrational, right this way)I am determined to overcome my doubts and get a book or actually just a story done.

I have two bunnies I'm working on and yes, more are knocking on the door. Out of four i'm thinking about three have supernatural elements like mediums, or creatures of the night. One is a 'two young men run from bad guys and fall for each other' type story.

My head is quite full of people and places, and other goings ons.
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It's been a few days since I watched these. I might have to go back and watch them again. For research purposes. Really.

Further episode observations )

Okay that's it for now. I'm still reading SPN stories and I think I've read more gen stories than i've read in any other fandom. Oh and genderswitch. I used to hate genderswitch but there are so many good ones in SPN, cesty and not. Or ones where one of the brothers was always a girl.

I'm going to make myself write 500 words of one of my fics before I read some more SPN. We'll see how well this goes.
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Heh, I had dream about the Winchesters earlier. Something about a dorm and I and the other RA's were getting it ready for occupancy. I'd say I need to stop watching so much SPN but I'm almost done! Then I have a few I want to watch again.

More short episode observations )

I've been reading fanfic which of course has brought me into a fandom before, where I hadn't seen any or a lot of the eps. Hell, I still haven't seen one episode of Due South but I was knocking back DS fic like whiskey a year or two ago.

There are some very creative people out there. Now I'm paying attention to spoilers so I want read something in a story that may spoil me though I know how season two ends.

I didn't care before, but now I'm like, "Wait! I'll read it in a few days."
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Hmm, my crush on JDM is not going away. *Settles in for long haul*

My hubby is teasing me about watching Supernatural. He better be glad I'm watching on the computer or he'd be watching it too.

So, wow, how about those Winchesters? )
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Didn't go to sleep until around hmm, I don't remember now. I was up at 3 but I think shortly after that I went to sleep.

Now it's 9:30 and I've had my breakfast soup and am sipping on my cherry coke zero. I have pre-patted(by my hubby) meatloaf to stick in the oven for tonight. I think I'll freeze some because he always makes so much. One of the hazards of working in cafeteria food service.

More Supernatural stuff )

Am beginning to suspect this show was created so JA and JP could drive around and listen to lots of 80's heavy metal bands. I'm having high school flashbacks which are not pretty. Actually middle school/high school flashbacks before I discovered the joy of gangsta rap.

Am beginning to see why people compare the Petrelli's and Winchesters.


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