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Title: Sam Winchester, Sex God
Pairinga: Sam/various OFC,Sam/various OMC,Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Timeline:Takes place sometime in S1
Warnings:Please see pairings
Disclaimer:These men don't belong to me, no money being made.
A/N: Big thanks to my beta, [ profile] dreamlittleyo for the thoughtful questions and great suggestions.

Summary: “Okay, now I know something is wrong! You can’t even watch fake lesbian porn in the same room with me and suddenly you’re talking about threesomes?"

Story )
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Wow, who put the good stuff in the spn writers drinking water?

Killing me with those American thighs )
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Title: I Dream of Jensen
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: No
Disclaimer: This totally didn't happen.
A/N: Why yes, I did find a big field of spn crack. Why do you ask? Big thanks to [ profile] affectingly for the fantabulous beta. And thanks to [ profile] sandersyager for not laughing too hard when I said I was going to write this.
Feedback: Always appreciated

Summary: “What’s the first wish; money, fame, girls? Big strapping boy like you, can’t be height, thank god.”

Story )
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Title: Dealbreaker
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Goes AU during 'Mystery Spot'
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine and I am not making money from this.
Warnings: See pairing.
A/N: Big thanks to [ profile] slashyme for the beta and suggestions.

Summary: Sam takes matters into his own hands.

Story )
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Title: Drop by Drop
Pairing: Sam and Dean, can be seen as pre-wincest
Genre: Gen, or pre-slash
Rating: R
Spoilers: No
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made.
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] sandersyager and [ profile] slashyme for the cheerleading and pointing out of things.

Summary: It's a waiting game

Story )
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Me and [ profile] slashyme got to talking about the winchesters like we do about every night and she wrote up a little something based on us giggling at 2 in the morning about Dean and his 'annoy the hell out of his little brother' skills.

Go read, give feedback.


Me: Still not writing about an adorable little hell!kitty.

Dean: You can't resist us, so just write it.

Sam: Yes, write it and have the kitty so something so Dean gets no sex from that waitress and then I can make dirty jokes.

Dean: That's my job.

Sam: I can makes dirty jokes too.

Dean: No, mostly they just turn out lame cause you're a big geek.

Sam: I hope the hell!kitty scratches up the impala's seats.

Dean: I hope it mistakes your hair for a another cat and humps it. I'd totally put that on youtube.

Sam: shut up

Me: both of you shut up
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I love 'Sweet Dreams.'

Just got finished listening to Kenny Chesney's "She thinks my tractor's sexy." I don't know why I listened to it, it was just there.

Spent the last few minutes on AIM last night snorting and giggling like a loon because dirty or semi-dirty thoughts on Dean Winchester )

I don't know where these thoughts come from.

OH! And i'm not writing about a hell!kitty that Sam and Dean find. There are stories about hellhounds and antichrist but no kitties. The kitties feel left out. Seriously I am not writing this so any gray and white kitties with red eyes need not apply.

Dean: *Looking at evil kitty eating the tuna his sappy ass brother had bought it*

You know what this means, don't you?

Sam: *Sighs because he knows his brother* What?

Dean: Pussy is evil.

Sam: I hate you so much.

Dean: We're not keeping some demonic kitten you freak.

Sam: Why not? She's not any bother and she likes you.

Dean: *grins wide and obnoxious* Pussy's always liked me.

Sam: You're insane, you know that?


Tim Mcgraw is now on. I love Tim Mcgraw.

Off to work on one of my six gabillion WIPs.
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A great way to start a Monday. It's Bobby from SPN and the story and accompanying pics had me laughing until I was crying. Beware dial up users.

Arm hurts. Had to go get some blood drawn this morning.

Dean with an evil hand y/y? Meeting Lindsey or getting the evil from Lindsey's evil hand?

SPN bunnies are mean and persistent.

Secrit code to [ profile] sandersyager: You should come mountain climbing with me. Maybe at the top they'll have ponies that we can ride.

Am reading Jack/Ianto because how can I resist? The power of Jack's hotness compels me.

'Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th dimension' was on last night. I had to turn to the channel and watch it. It's in my geek contract.

Then later, 'Near Dark' was on and I had to watch some of that. The Adrian Pasdar Pact of Awesomeness (APPoA) says I have to watch something with him in it at least once a week to remain a member.

Musings about the fic I am attempting to finish )
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Title: Waiting for something more
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Mild ones for S3
Disclaimer: Not mine, no dinero being made
Warnings: Look at pairing, mild religious issues possibly being distorted.

A/N: Written before 'Dream a little dream.' I saw that ep and thought 'oh man.' Thanks to [ profile] budclare for the beta and [ profile] sandersyager for the encouragement. Additional author's notes at end of story.

Summary: There is no order to it but it happens anyway

Story )

Additional author notes )
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Title: Gravel
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Genre: PWP, Slash
Spoilers: No
Disclaimer: So not mine, so not making money
Warning: Look at pairing please

A/N: So I was talking to my evil evil [ profile] sandersyager as I usually am and she wanted 'sam and dean in public and handjobs.' Maybe I don't have evil friends, maybe i'm just easy.

Summary: Late night in a parking lot

Story )
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Title: Reckoning
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen, Futurefic
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Any recognizable name, not mine, no money earned

Summary: The Winchester's footsteps shook the world

Story )
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Alphabet ficlet still going on. I think I may have more bunnies than letters left. I'll see. First two stories are parts of earlier alphabet ficlets, so to find them just scroll back a few entries.

R is for Rockstar and more Peter/Nathan in the rocker 'verse )

S is for Summertime which I know is a cliche but I couldn't think of any other title. More Peter born as girl 'verse )

[ profile] llaras for her input">

T, Toys, Sam/Dean, NC-17

Sam finds them under the passenger seat. Cotton candy pink and softer than he’d expect. Not that he spent a lot of time thinking about the construction of pink, fuzzy handcuffs. He waits until they’re in their hotel room before draping them over one of Dean’s thighs.

“Anything you want to tell me?”

Dean picks the handcuffs up and gets a goofy look on his face. “Ohhh, yeah, Abigail. I wondered what happened to these.” He twirls them on one finger. “She was wild, Sammy. She did things to me I’m positive were illegal in all fifty states.” He waggles his eyebrows up and down and smirks. “Gotta love a girl with a tongue ring.”

Sam shakes his head. “On second thought, dude, keep it to yourself.”

Dean lays down, both arms folded so his hands are behind his head. The pink handcuffs are bright against his black tee shirt. “She had this giggle. It was cute and sexy, and the way she could bounce for hours on top of me.” He let out a lusty sigh. “She was quite the energizer bunny.”

Sam groans. What had he started? He should have just put the handcuffs back where he found them. “I get it, alright? She was perfect, the epitome of womanhood. Now can I take a nap?”

Dean snickers and finds a James Bond marathon on their hotel TV. Sam turns on his stomach and falls asleep to some woman trading sexual innuendos with Sean Connery.

He wakes up with the weather channel playing. He’s on his back and he can’t move his arms. He follows them to the surprisingly sturdy headboard. His wrist is surrounded by soft pink on top of hard steel. He pulls, but his hand isn’t going anywhere. He looks at his other hand. It’s handcuffed with a pair of hot pink, fuzzy handcuffs. They’re so neon pink they almost makes his eyes hurt.


His brother comes out of the bathroom trailing steam behind him. He’s naked and using a towel to dry his hair. His grin is wide and happy and Sam almost smiles back before he remembers his predicament. He shakes his cuffed arms at Dean.

“What the hell?”

Dean throws the towel over his shoulder and straddles Sam’s hips. “I went out to the car. Found the second pair of cuffs.” He fiddles with the buttons on Sam’s jeans. “Did I mention Abigail had a twin named Amy? She was wild too.” Sam flinches as Dean’s warm hand wraps around his dick. He’s more used to late night sex or long dark highway hand jobs. Even with the fuzzy handcuffs this seems kind of normal.

Sam grunts and pushes into Dean’s hand. “You going to tell me more stories about you and the porn twins?”

Dean shakes his head and strips Sam’s pants off. “Nope. Though I do think we should pick up a woman one night.” His voice deepens and he stares at Sam’s face like he wants to read Sam’s mind. “I’d love to see you eat her out while I fucked you from behind.”

He grabs Sam’s cock again and strokes him fast and hard. Sam bites his lip and tries not to whine with lust and beg for more. Dean will tease him enough as it is. He comes when Dean presses a thumb into the bundle of nerves right below the head of his dick. Sam watches in post-orgasmic pleasure as Dean slips two fingers inside him and finger fucks Sam with an eagerness he usually reserves for setting things on fire.

When Dean pulls his fingers out and thrusts his cock into Sam, he sets up a fast pace. Sam closes his legs around Dean’s hips, and makes noises because Dean knows how fuck. Sam never means to say anything, but he can’t help it. Dean smirks and fucks him harder. He’s silent and focused on the slap and pull, while Sam bites his own lips so he can stop saying stuff that belongs in a porn movie.

Dean comes with a muttered curse and Sam’s already frowning at the thought of sleeping in the wet spot. Dean chuckles softly and pulls away. “He who lets himself get handcuffed, and with girly handcuffs at that, automatically sleeps in the wet spot.”

Sam sighs as Dean lets him out of the cuffs. “You are seriously freaky, you know that?”

Dean kisses the top of his head briefly. “You know you like it.” On the way to the bathroom he calls out over his shoulder, “We need to get you a gag. Maybe I’ll look for something pink to match your cute handcuffs.”

Sam rolls his eyes and wonders when Dean’s toys became his toys. Probably right around the time he found them under his seat. Sam frowns. He’d checked under that seat just a few days ago. Dean had set him up! It would serve his brother right if Sam bought a pink, glittery vibrator and used it on him. He settles down into bed, his mind whirling with all the ways he’s going to get revenge.
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Have not been asleep.

Have mainlined the first six episodes of Supernatural.

One doesn't have to do with the other but watching this show ain't exactly conducive to getting aboard the sleepy train.

Yes, I gave in or how I learned to love the winchester boys, or at least like them )

Hmm, watch more, or try and sleep? Got to do some stuff for the kiddies then I will decide. When does JDM show up with the beard and the hot growly voice? I've read wayyyy too much RPS and am eagerly awaiting present day John.

Glares at show. New fandoms, bad! Bad Supernatural! No cookie for you!*

*Cookies will be given out for any screen time of Sam and a shotgun. Or shirtlessness. Or Sam speaking in Latin.
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Me and hubster saw a guy at Wal-mart reading the last page of the new HP.

How did I end up watching 'Burn Notice?' I said I wasn't going to watch it but I've seen every ep and I think I've seen them on re-runs instead of what ever time it actually comes on. Good plan USA! Cause there is seriously nothing else on. It's an interesting show and I watch it while surfing the net. I like his ex though. She's funny.

Oh, and if anyone would like, me and the lovely, but evil [ profile] skripka have a Heroes story up for vote at the [ profile] bestofheroes fanfic awards. "I'm no angel, but i've spread my wings a bit is nommed in Best Peter characterization and Best Humor fic. So go vote because the voting ends on Monday.

I have Cherry coke zero. It's getting cold in the freezer right now.

Oh! Almost forgot. If anyone on my flist has not read the fabulous RPS AU with skeevy 70's porn director Adrian and eager Milo do it now. Run, don't walk over there and read [ profile] linarys story. It's funny and hot and I love awkward desperate Milo.

It all started because of Adrian Pasdar and his Beard. There's a pic over there too in case you have not seen the fresh horror that is on his face. It's I was truly speechless when I first saw the pics.

Am still reading SPN RPS starring JDM. JDM is hot. Went to Youtube and found the devil's trap scene that 4 out of 5 stories seemed to talk about. Heh. Demon!John was a trip.

This just helps me slide further and further into the SPN trap doesn't it? I resisted JA and JP(though now I find JP cute and i love how in RPS stories he is a gigantic slut) and it's like the porn fairies called in JDM as like the specialist that they knew would make me read fic.

"We almost got her, Heroes weakened her. Send in Jeff. Get her to read kinky J3 and she shall be ours! Mwa ha ha ha!"

No time for new fandoms. Darn them and their hot growly voiced actor!
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Oh man. Went to bed much too late or too early depending on how you look at it. It was around 5:30am when I finally fell asleep. Stayed up late agreeing and drooling with [ profile] skripka about our favorite subject these days; Nathan and Peter. Or Adrian and Milo.

Pssst skrip? We still on for the kinky fic exchange? Just let me know and I'll start seriously writing.

Also the SPN fandom has kinda caught me. I couldn't resist such a hot thing as rps threesome with Jared, Jensen and Jeff. Beware! Talk about kinky rps stuff! )


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