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Losers/Aliens xover. Gen.


Short but awesome with a great Jensen voice.
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Happy birthday to the pink princess of evil [ profile] puffgirltwo. Hope your day was full of fun and lipgloss.

While rewatching the NCIS ep, 'Heartland' I noticed something that nearly sent me over the mooooon.

cut for those that still have not seen it and omg you need to see this ep )

I think i'm going to be watching this ep over and over and over.

So, [ profile] poisontaster wrote this story about Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen. It's a WIP and the universe is full of possibilities. If you like RPS AU's then this is a verse you need to explore.

She made a comm so all the parts are there, plus she's allowing others to play in the verse and already there are some great stories featuring Joe Flanigan, David Hewlitt,and Jason Momoa. Another author is writing Dylan Neal and Kyle Schmidt.

I had a nice Michael Weatherly/Mark Harmon bunny so when I finish I'll post a linky link.
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Me and [ profile] slashyme got to talking about the winchesters like we do about every night and she wrote up a little something based on us giggling at 2 in the morning about Dean and his 'annoy the hell out of his little brother' skills.

Go read, give feedback.


Me: Still not writing about an adorable little hell!kitty.

Dean: You can't resist us, so just write it.

Sam: Yes, write it and have the kitty so something so Dean gets no sex from that waitress and then I can make dirty jokes.

Dean: That's my job.

Sam: I can makes dirty jokes too.

Dean: No, mostly they just turn out lame cause you're a big geek.

Sam: I hope the hell!kitty scratches up the impala's seats.

Dean: I hope it mistakes your hair for a another cat and humps it. I'd totally put that on youtube.

Sam: shut up

Me: both of you shut up
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Me and hubster saw a guy at Wal-mart reading the last page of the new HP.

How did I end up watching 'Burn Notice?' I said I wasn't going to watch it but I've seen every ep and I think I've seen them on re-runs instead of what ever time it actually comes on. Good plan USA! Cause there is seriously nothing else on. It's an interesting show and I watch it while surfing the net. I like his ex though. She's funny.

Oh, and if anyone would like, me and the lovely, but evil [ profile] skripka have a Heroes story up for vote at the [ profile] bestofheroes fanfic awards. "I'm no angel, but i've spread my wings a bit is nommed in Best Peter characterization and Best Humor fic. So go vote because the voting ends on Monday.

I have Cherry coke zero. It's getting cold in the freezer right now.

Oh! Almost forgot. If anyone on my flist has not read the fabulous RPS AU with skeevy 70's porn director Adrian and eager Milo do it now. Run, don't walk over there and read [ profile] linarys story. It's funny and hot and I love awkward desperate Milo.

It all started because of Adrian Pasdar and his Beard. There's a pic over there too in case you have not seen the fresh horror that is on his face. It's I was truly speechless when I first saw the pics.

Am still reading SPN RPS starring JDM. JDM is hot. Went to Youtube and found the devil's trap scene that 4 out of 5 stories seemed to talk about. Heh. Demon!John was a trip.

This just helps me slide further and further into the SPN trap doesn't it? I resisted JA and JP(though now I find JP cute and i love how in RPS stories he is a gigantic slut) and it's like the porn fairies called in JDM as like the specialist that they knew would make me read fic.

"We almost got her, Heroes weakened her. Send in Jeff. Get her to read kinky J3 and she shall be ours! Mwa ha ha ha!"

No time for new fandoms. Darn them and their hot growly voiced actor!


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