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Hey! Hey!

Sending out Christmas Cards. If you would like one or have moved let me know.

You all can email me at if you'd like a card. No need for you to send one(you can if you like) but I just enjoy sending out cards!

Hope everyone is having a good day!
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So, back in 2009 I contemplated giving up the creamy crack, the perm, the relaxer. I hadn't seen the actual hair that grows out of my head (more than few inches) in over 20 years. I went back and forth and finally decided to get my hair cut short in Jan 2010 and go from there.

It's been a love affair, getting to know my natural hair. I may straighten it with a flat iron in the future (once or twice) but I love love love my curly hair and have come to appreciate it. These days if I have what I think is a bad hair day, I grab a stretchy hair band and push the hair back into a cute puff and keep going.

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Set2 )

Set3 )
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I'm eating hot water cornbread (that i fried up with the help of bacon grease a few days ago) and Mrs Butterworth syrup. I feel really Southern right now.

Off work for the summer. Yay! Hope to get some writing done, new and WIPs. Hope to get my fic only lj/dw journal up and running.

Saw X-men:FC twice. Somehow it was even slashier the second time.

Want to babble about various tv shows and stuff plus pics I promised to show a long time ago. Will get to that. Just happy to be off of work so my brain can take a break from moronic people who can't read instructions but somehow can find a 800 # like a frigging heat seaking missle and call me to ask me stuff that's oh! what's that? the answer is two inches from that 800#? Yeah.
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Hey, we're okay. A tornado or three did touch down in Murfreesboro, but me and the hubby and kiddies are fine. I was at the mall when it happened and headed for the bathroom, then mall personel herded us into the service corridors.

Afterwards I drove to MTSU to get hubby and we got kids from daycare,school, and drove around because our home power was out.

It's back on so we're lucky.

Oh man

Aug. 25th, 2008 09:03 am
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Didn't sleep too much last night. Too nervous.

Took Zoe to her first day of preschool.

*freaking out*
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Fast and Furious is on USA. I'm giggling and occasionally watching it, even though I have it on DVD and VHS(leave me alone). Oh, Brian. I love how he does about anything Dom says.

This gives me fic bunnies like crazy. I can't wait for part four since Brian proved in the first two movies that he's a much better criminal than he was a cop.

Got my 500 words in last night before I fell asleep on the couch. I'm going to stop upping the count I want to do each night by 50 and go up to 100 every time I change the limit.

Maybe I read this before I had my morning cola so I need someone else to read it and tell me they are not giving the credit of getting Serenity on the big screen to this one group. I'm not arguing the fund raising but the other stuff? Really?

Maybe the reporter is just being dramatic. I don't know. I might read it again once I cool off.

Tried the caramel crunch recipe I posted a few days ago again. Actually twice now with different things besides crackers. Let's see: Graham crackers were not good. Too thick. Hubby found some pretzels that were shaped like square waffles and omg, they have been the best so far.

Got some white chocolate chips and those two combined with the rest of the ingredients has been sooooo good.

With this latest recipie I tried the waffle pretzels, regular saltine crackers and Ritz crackers. The ritz were okay, the waffle pretzels were better.

Loving the delicious skor tasting treats.

Made a spinach mushroom pizza earlier. Turned out pretty good for my first try. Lots of mozzerella cheese, some fresh spinach and mushrooms. Yum.

*Looks at Kitchen* Off to clean this monstrosity and think about Tony and Gibbs. Or Dom and Brian. Sometimes that makes scrubbing the pots and pans a better past time.

Oh! thisis from [ profile] rivers_bend.

I've never heard of the movie but it seems interesting if I can stop myself from wanting to hurt someone while watching it. I wonder how we as women would fill today if someone wanted to take away our right to vote.
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I think my three year old just told me to get her a "damn popsicle." I understood the popsicle but maybe the other word was 'yam.' Um. Considering that this is the same child who sat on her potty and said, "Damnit, damnit, damnit' a few months ago, she probably did say damn.

I made macncheese the other day because the six yr old wanted some and hubby had to work(as usual). So I got the recipe from him and it turned out great. Some flour some water, some milk and white pepper, some velveeta. Yum.

Then later that night I accidentally made a cake(we had cake mix and brownie mix in the cabinet and I failed to look at the front of the box until after i'd mixed the ingredients,so, accidental)and we had no frosting until hubby pulled out the Paula Deen cookbook of butter and yummy food and found me a quick recipe.

Omg, I never knew cream cheese, butter and vanilla flavoring could taste so good together. I like it much more than the cake which is too fudgey rich for me and the frosting.

So I've went to barely cooking at all years ago to now cooking at least three or four times a week. Heh. Cooking can be very exciting at times. Sometimes I imagine I'm on my own cooking show.

Babbling about new computer and my hinky sleep patterns )
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The woman in my post is Crystal Renn. She's very hot and even hotter for realizing her modeling agency would never be satisfied with her body and telling them to get bent. I found the article about her over on 'Shapely Prose' or a link from that site. I love that site. It's very cool.

I mean, wow, she talked about lettuce being the main thing she ate at about every meal and the nine hours she worked out two days in a row before a shoot and being so skinny and they still kept telling she had to lose weight. *Shakes head* Now she's a plus size model and sounds much happier.

kiddie health, my health )

So health wise everyone seems to be doing good. Stacey didn't get the promotion he was supposed to but he got the raise.

It's all very weird and the company he works for is rife with good ole boys(that's who got his job, his bosses boss had a friend who needed a job so they made stacey's boss hire the guy and gave him Stacey's job, though the guy is nowhere near qualified. Stacey's boss has a plan and it's all corporate intrigue and plans and bwa ha ha ha)

The scary episode of Dr. Who is coming on in about two hours. I heard a lot about 'Blink' so I wonder if it live up to the talk.
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Signed up on Insane Journal under Kellygirl.

Went ahead and ordered Supernatural S2 with my meager work money. Yay! More Yummy, conflicted, hot brothers.

Speaking of hot brothers, [ profile] sandersyager is making me write Peter Petrelli with his weird sexual pocket kink. Don't ask. Just...turn and run in the other direction. It's in my lineup to write just because I'd never heard of it and Sanders is evil.

Writerly stuff )

TV Watching )

Work is going okay. Still not getting the hours and times I want. But apparently people love to buy lamb skin jackets, watches and throat cream at midnight. Who knew?

Things to do today:

Empty dishwasher, fill it up with dishes in sink. Wash extra dishes and pots.

Fold clothes.

Cook dinner which will consist of chicken and dressing. Probably other stuff, but don't know what yet.

Feed kids. Again. And Again. Find them stuff to do so they don't drive me insane, or more insane. Right now, they're eating pringles and drinking chocolate milk.

Work on resume and fic. Try not to confuse the two.

Watch Firefly marathon in progress on SciFi. I have it on mute right now since I wanted to listen to music. Usually I turn the TV off when I have music on but this is firefly and I am contractually obligated as an Old School Fan of Firefly to have it on.
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I need to redo my user info to include my new loves. Watched a preview for 'The accidental Husband' last night and I just wanted to curl up and watch JDM over and over and over.

Read an interview he did(some magazine was like Denny or McDreamy? *Rolls eyes*) and he said he was a naughty texter but a little dyslexic. That made me laugh. I bet he'd type "Pron."

Did the vote thing yesterday. Luckily it was at K's school so I just went a little earlier, voted and then picked her up.

TV shows i'm watching )

Food portion )

Job stuff )

Okay, tired. K had to stay home from school. She wasn't feeling well earlier though she's better now.
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Lets101 - Free Online Dating

I agree on most of this!!

I despair over so much that is popular in hip-hop these days. I hate that all the bling and naked women seems to be what makes up hip-hop, even though it's not. I remember sneaking into my brother's room and playing his 45 of Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh's "La di da di." I remember listening to Run DMC's 'Peter Piper' over and over, just fascinated with the way they rhymed the words.

Now stuff about shooting and having all these women rule the billboards and it's just...ugh. I love sharing music with my children, but those songs are not part of our music education time.

I know there are other types of hip-hop out there, I just have to search harder for it.

This is a good example: Lupe Fiasco w/Matthew Santos. Man, Matthew's voice is just genius. I love it.
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*Whew* Last week sucked big time. Had some severe insomnia and mood swings. Trying to run from grief doesn't work but I gave it a good try.

Doing lots better. Got the weekly shopping out of the way. Am in love with the instant kodak picture kiosk at Wal-mart. I didn't know it was instant, thought it would take a few days, but no. Picked the pictures I wanted of zoe and keyanah, then I saw 'make a collage.'

Wasted no time picking some pictures of AJ (they are the first pics on my digital camera since Stacey got the camera for mother's day back when AJ was in the hospital) and making a very nice collage. I'm already planning to go back and make more collages of keyanah and zoe and then all three.

Am suddenly watching youtube clips of Zac Efron in 'Hairspray.' His singing and body movement style in this movie reminds me of Richie Valens, as played by Lou Diamond Phillips. Got a dash of Elvis too. He's very cute and the songs are cute. I was looking for Queen Latifah stuff and it took me to some of these songs since she's in the movie. I'll have to rent it once it comes out.

Had chili tonight and mexican cornbread. Very delicious though i wish hubby would stop changing his recipe everytime he makes it.

When's Yuletide deadline? I think I still have time and will do it tomorrow. I have the fandoms I want and the ones I will write for all written down somewhere.

Got the kiddies some new jeans. K is up to a size seven and Zoe! omg, she just turned three in september and she's skipped from a 3T to a 5! It depends on the pants but the ones that K used to wear at the same age as Zoe are not working.

Please children, I am not raising the harlem globetrotters, stop growing so fast! Now boots, and coats are next. Zoe will wear K's coat from last year but K will need a new one. I love 'Once upon a child.' It's a gently used kid's clothing store and they have some great stuff. Some of it still has price tags on it.

[ profile] skripka gave me a vgift sucker! And sent me a slightly naughty note about Adrian! Thanks sweetie, you know what cheers me up.
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My brain: There are twinkies in the cabinet. Let's eat one.

Me: We already did. What else do we have to snack on?

My brain: Twinkies.

Me: No

My brain: I don't know if you know this but we have twinkies.

Me: We already had some.

My brain: We should eat more.

Me: No, no more. We'll be sick.

My brain: Know what prevents sickness? Twinkies.

Me: Shut it. You're supposed to be thinking about nathan and peter anyway.

My brain: Nathan and Peter are eating twinkies. The end.

Me: You suck.
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Walked over and picked up K from her first day in first grade! She only had a half day today. It's boiling outside and I am not looking forward to walking over every afternoon to get her.

The other day we had to go over there and outside was like that first hot blast when you open a pre-heated oven. Every breath was like inhaling that heated air. Bleh.

K's very excited to be going back to school. Me, I'm trying to figure out what happened to summer.

Off to fix lunch and possibly do some writing. Considering doing that A-Z drabble thing.
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Have used all my icons spots. Need to go through and weed some out so I can have more. Still have not counted how many of them are now having to do with Milo, Adrian, and/or heroes.

Can't sleep. Have been up since last night. Probably not a good thing trying to sleep with the second half of 'The Matrix' on but I went to sleep the other night with the first half on so I thought it was okay.

It wasn't but I did have some deep thoughts about action movies and their profound sayings and how if we judged action movies in some sort of religious context Bruce Willis ends up being God. It was either Bruce Willis, Laurence Fishburne or Keanu Reeves. Oh, and Nicolas Cage is Satan.

No sleep would be okay if not for the fact that my kiddies will be up in about an hour.

If I sleep when they are up they will possibly destroy the house. I will probably attempt to doze, while keeping a half eye on them.

Hubby has to go back out of town again in a few weeks. *Rolls eyes*

Not looking forward to beginning of August, at all. Sure I'll get to reflect/think about/angst/scream/cry about it being a year since AJ passed but I do that anyway, I don't need a special day.

Watching some preview about Comic-con with hubby yesterday morning (cause i was up, i'm always up or whatever) and they showed David Boreanaz and hubster hollers out, "Hey there's horsedick!"

I looked at him and laughed. Then laughed some more. I guess all those stories I told him actually stuck in his head. Usually when he sees DB hubster makes neighing sounds. Hubster is insane when he's here and not off in another state learning vague stuff for his job. He got some sort of promotion by the way.

Can I get a version of Fergie's video with her cut out of it? Just the Milo parts? And the song, can we change the song? Hee, I guess I'll just keep watching it with the sound muted.

I guess I could go write something. I actually have ideas for original fiction. Look out world. What's it called when you fear failure so much you don't even try? Is that fear of failure? Ehh, whatever it's called I have it when it comes to writing original fic that i'd want published. I do have some people telling me I can do it and that's always nice.

I think I'm going to go find the clip from one of the Milo comms I belong to where's he's um committing some type of sexual crime with a loaf of bread.
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Haagen Dazs has a new ice cream called 'Sticky Toffee pudding.' They should just save time and call it 'CRACK.' I never finish pint in two days but it's gone gone gone. Creamy vanilla ice cream with a toffee swirl and bits of brown sugar cake. It's like cake with ice cream where the ice cream took over. Oh and it's crack.

Had a nice Mother's Day. Hubby made me breakfast with an omlette. I love omlettes. K gave me a handprint she'd done at school and a card. Got a very comfortable pair of brown sandals. Sooo good, I think my feet didn't want to take them off. Also got a pretty notebook. I love notebooks and pens. Even if I don't use them I like looking at them. My mother was the same way.

Medical stuff )

Hubby has to go out of town again in June. Partay at my house. By partay I mean possibly pizza and Dora cartoons while me and my kiddies snuggle in pajamas.

K lost her first tooth! Must take pics. Must get pics off computer and onto LJ. Bad computer! Bad me! Her other bottom front one is loose too. So that will be coming out possibly next week.

Zoe is still crazy. Very stubborn and independent. She told us she was five and not two. I painted her toenails the other day when I did mine and she loved it. After her ordeal in the bathroom (she got locked in for over an hour) she's still kind of leary of going in there by herself. I or K or dada have to go with her.

I've been posting stories lately. Stories that I finish on time for various ficathons. Whee! I need to figure out a way to stick to a deadline for other stories I write without a ficathon looming over me. Or not looming really. I do love the feeling I get when I know the story is done and the other high I get when I post. Is that endorphins?

So self imposed deadline is May 25th for one WIP. I'm thinking either a firefly story I know is almost to an end, or one of two longer Heroes AU's.
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Heh, my five year old just ate a crab rangoon. I should look outside to see if pigs are flying. She who barely eats anything without threats of sitting on her chest and stuffing it in her mouth. Maybe if she likes them I can get more chinese food into her.

Everyone's been sick. Started last wednesday when the two year old threw up once an hour for about seven hours straight. Let me tell you, those are good times! Not. Really, really not. Then the five year old got sick Thursday night. Same thing. Yaaking til around 1 in the morning. Then I felt queasy and yucky. Probably because I got to clean up after them all by myself. Slept most of friday, watched Stargate(ohmygodhowcuteandhotandyummywerejackanddaniel?) and SGA(rodneyverycutetooandlovesheptryingtoteachhim)

After they went off I went back to bed.

Oldest kid still feeling yucky so not in school today. They like 12 hours between throwing up and she did some more last night after I thought she was over it.

Hubby was sick too. Less said about that, the better. *Rolls eyes*

I want to make a post about writing and fic and ideas and plot bunnies but need to be thinky some more. If that's possible. I did finish two stories before their deadlines. I have one more to finish. I started it but who knew Peter Petrelli was a friggin talker?

Right now he won't shut up. Hopefully that story will be done on time. He may need to be tied up by Nathan.

I'm thinking I need to set deadlines for my other stories and maybe they'll get done. Maybe three weeks out. Then I will get people to poke me or something. I really want to finish my cult AU and an older NCIS AU. I want to finish a few others too. Oh and Bo and Jimmy still talk to me. But ha! Fuckers! I was right. With Heroes being back on their voices are somewhat muffled by the hotness that is Nathan and Peter.(okay i did kinda watch cursed last night and fast forwarded and yes yes stop looking at me, rewound Bo and Jimmy parts last night. Leave me lone)

I was still kinda stunned from last monday night until about last wednesday night with Heroes. I am so in love with hot ass scarred Peter it's insane. I really want to rework the entire episode so that Nahtan is still alive though. Then he and Peter could fight mind washing/controlling Sylar when he showed up.

But,um, please oh heroes people never, ever, never put Nathan in a long black coat like Peter's. You will kill your main demographic. Screw what researchers tell you, women who really want to see Nathan and Peter kiss or Mohinder and Sylar make out are your main and very loyal fans.

Three episodes left! And DVDs will be out near end of August. They better give us some man kissing. Preferably Nathan/Peter kissing. Come on, Milo and Adrian totally make out when the cameras are off. Just give us a little treat or two. You know Adrian's cool with it. I bet Milo is too.

You know you think it would be hard to talk slash and incesty goodness with Backyardigans playing right next to you, but it's not. Or I have mastered the gift of blocking children's programming from having any effect on me.

I love LJ's saved draft feature. My power just went out for ten minutes and wheeeeee, my entry was right here waiting for me when I got back.


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