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Chris Evans is on the front of GQ.

I only scanned the interview very lightly because i'd heard about it and I have an embarrassment squick. But the pictures, oh man, the pics.


Look and drool.

I need to go see Cap America.

I also have some Haagen-Dazs exclusive 'spiced peach crumble' ice cream. It tastes like heaven.
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You know how sometimes you can't explain something with words. You just point at someone or something and go "Look! look! omg, unf unf." And other weird noises. Well, this post is going to be like that as I try to articulate why I loved these guys in 2010.

photo heavy )
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I don't even know why I was searching for these. But hot damn.

I need an icon of this first pic. My icons usually suck so if someone wants to make one i'll totally write you at least 500 words of Jensen being awesome and hot. (and possibly dressed in white and undercover as a male model)

Unf )

This pic makes me dizzy.

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I have a sudden and weird craving for fic in which Eddie Blake, John Winchester and Franklin Clay all meet. Either through Max manipulating realities or some other way.

I may try and write this if I find the time but this idea is free to a good home(like any story ideas I talk about on here) if anyone wants to adopt this hot, psychopathic, we-all-like-guns-too-much-to-be-healthy,bunny.

Here's some temptation.

Eddie )

John )

Franklin )

Bonus JDM because it's friday: Rowr )

The fact that I already had all these pics on my hard drive just means I have a healthy obsession, stalkeriffic tendencies, interest in JDM.

Off to the bookstore!
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The new Men's Health, March issue, has Paul Walker on the front and in a suit on the back, plus an article inside.

Matt Bomer also appears for a nice four page spread on style inside.

'Imma be takin these pics'

Could not find the Paul Walker pics on the Men's Health website. And I have no scanner. Oh woe.

ETA to add: Link to Paul Walker pics Thanks katikat!
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Been meaning to post some pics. Got some bracelets, necklaces I've made. Plus a few pics of the kiddies.

I've really gotten into the whole jewelry making thing and I love designing and making my own sparkly stuff. I love learning new techniques and browsing Michael's and Hobby Lobby for stuff. Seriously, I could spend hours in those places.

Dial up users beware

Pictures )

Back to work tomorrow. Yay and boo.Yay for money, boo for 40 hour work weeks plus addtional work at home doing the cleaning,cooking washing and kid care stuff. Exhausting.
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A good reason to watch Life )

His shoulders, his legs, those jeans. He's just....that scene was impossibly hot and I think I blacked out for a moment.
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Pic from Jezebel:

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We didn't go see the movie since we have no babysitter and found out during Xmen3 that three yr olds and movie theaters don't mix.

No biggie. I'll see it eventually though I have made a deal with hubby for him to watch the girls when Fast and Furious 4 comes out. Me + Paul+Vin+Big screen=Win.
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Happy late B-Day to the great evil twin [ profile] skripka.

So yesterday we were all up at around 8am so we went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast. Halfway thru breakfast this guy goes by carrying a baby carrier. Hubby's eyes light up and he goes, "That's Chachi!"

I was like, "Yeah, right." Hubby insisted it was but I couldn't see the guys face though I did notice people staring as he passed by. The couple across from us was like "Oh my god, Scott Baio."

Then a waitress was asking another couple if they'd spotted Baio. Then he stopped outside the restaurant for something and I could see his face and it was him! I used to love Chachi! Hee! I just want to know what he's doing in the middle of Tennessee. Maybe he's shooting a new reality show: 'Scott Baio's 46 and having a baby and pritty damn lost.'

Sometimes I see an actor and think they look like another actor so much but when I mention it, most people look at me like I'm nuts (I still say Leelee Sobieski stole Helen Hunt's genes and Skeet Ulrich stole Johnny Depp's genes before he stole them back).

I've said for awhile that Adrian Pasdar looks like the guy from 21 Jumpstreet, Richard Grieco. Now I have proof though you all can still look at me funny.

Seperated? )

At birth? )

More Proof )

Richard G )

Bonus hot Adrian pic cause I love ya'll )

Burn notice re-running on USA on Thursdays and probably other days. New season July 10th!
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They're so cute together. I read some of the interview they did together and I really really really want to know what Adrian meant about Milo 'riding shotgun.'

I also love Milo calling Adrian Sexy.

I kinda want to write fic where Milo's like a 12 yr old girl and he has a diary he writes about stuff like: "Today Adrian smiled at me and let me go before him in the buffet line. Omg, he totally likes me!"
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Pics of kiddies.

Dial up users beware.

My six yr old )

My three yr old )

Them together and omg my oldest is doing some supermodel pose )

The smiles hide two whirlwinds that will exhaust you in two seconds )

Pic of AJ since you all didn't get to meet him )

My pirate girls )

I have more but I will stop here for now.
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Made a list, scribbled some names out, added others, forgot one and considered making this list longer but really wanted to stick to ten.

Dial up users beware

#1 is of course Adrian Pasdar. The man's been making me happy since 1987 when he appeared in 'Near Dark.' But it was his turn as Profit that really made me fall.

Then he showed back up in '06 as Nathan Petrelli. Hot as hell with a smile that'd make you buy a lemon of car from him or vote him to a polital office.

He looks like sex )

As Profit )

As Nathan in a French magazine. The hair? Oh yeah, sexy )

#2 is Milo Ventimiglia and I learned pretty fast to spell his last name. It helped my photo searches go quicker. I had no previous experience with Milo but I caught up quick. I still haven't watched Gilmore Girls but I never say never.

Wet and hot )

As Peter in the future. No not that future universe, the other one )

# 3 used to be #1 but he's still on the list. The Rock has made me happy for a number of years too, ever since I first saw him on wrestling. He's the reason I started watching the WWE stuff and I followed all his exploits. I was so happy that he moved to movies, and I continue to love him and his gorgeous smile. And his other gorgeous attributes.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson now )

And The Rock then )

#4- Jeffrey Dean Morgan came as a complete surprise. But how could I resist, after I saw a clip of him as John? I didn't even know he was Denny on Grey's Anatomy at first. He was okay on there as I remember, but on Supernatural he is hot, hot,hot. Daddy Winchester kicks ass and I love him. Oh and please keep the scruff. The scruff adds to the sex.

JDM looking like the most best ice cream cone )

Jeff as John )

#5 is Jared Padalecki and everytime I look at him I think about mountain climbing. I have a few ideas I'd like to try when I reached the top.

It's his legs and his shoulders and and and omg, his kicked puppy looks and his long sexy fingers and his ability with a knife and gun as Sam Winchester. This first pic is a perfect example of his lips. The second picture is a perfect example of everything.

Wont you take me home? )

Sweaty and dirty and yeah can he check my engine? )

#6 is Jensen because yes, it took me awhile to accept and love him (seriously, never ask me about Jensen and Dark Angel)but I do now. He does a fantastic job as Dean and oh mama, with the gun and the blood and the kicking ass. And the smarm, the snarky delicious smarm.

Yum yum love )

In the future when they can clone people, can I get one of these? )

#7 is the handsome Mark Harmon. Mark Harmon is what happens to hot guys when they get older. They get even hotter. The hair, the smile, the body. *Fans self* He just hasn't stopped being hot since I saw him on St. Elsewhere so many years ago.

Old school Mark Harmon )

Beautiful man, beautiful suit )

#8 is David Boreanaz, who I almost forgot. Bad kellygirl, bad. But this man has been making me happy since his Buffy years. He's the main reason I discovered TWOP back when it was mighty big TV.

And I'm totally blaming him and his hotness as Angel for getting me into slash. His hotness is at times off the charts. And then in real life he seems so goofy and cute. I love that.

I love his slouchy come-sex-me pose )

I love a wet man, even one still dressed )

#9 is Michael Weatherly. He still entertains me as DiNozzo so he must make my list. I love DiNozzo and his portrayal of him. The way he and Gibbs(Mark Harmon) act is fantastic. I wonder if they're good friends in real life?

DiNozzo plus gun shoulder straps equal me making tiny sqeeing noises )

He looks different here but still hot )

#10 is Vin Diesel. The amount of hotness this man produces could power a small city. I think he's got an intensity that he can bring to a role and I really hope he does get to play Hannibal(the warrior not the serial killer).

Hi, Im really hot and look good in almost every situation )

The most lickable arms )

Bonus guy! I am really loving Shemar Moore this year too. Morgan's interactions with Garcia after she was shot just made my heart melt. You want some hurt/comfort? They had the best. Loved seeing them together and him take care of her.

Is this what white-hot means? )

Okay that's my Top Ten men who drew me into their characters and made me happy in 2007. Hope you all enjoyed and feel free to post a pic or two in the comments of men(or women) that made you happy in 2007 and why.

**first AP wallpaper above by my darling twin [ profile] skripka
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Is my subject line from a song? It sounds familiar.

Belated b-day wishes to [ profile] darlong and [ profile] sandersyager.

"Adrian for what ails you, or you know in case you're cold and need something hot"

The untied tie, the hands on his hips, the face, the hair. All of it screams 'i am so hot my clothes just slide themselves right off my body.' Or you know, that's my interpretation of the text.

Last night in chat we discussed a milo or peter mood theme. Then we said we needed a Peter hair theme(like the shep hair mood theme) and then the most brilliant thing ever came up... Adrian Hair Mood Theme!!!!!

I mean his hair has moods like whoa, anyway. It would not be hard at all to find pics of happy!hair, or bitchy!hair or high!hair, or you know, awake!hair. Man, if I had the skills I would totally do this. His hair was made for it!
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I couldn't decide on what picture after I found two that I really liked. Then I realized, it's Adrian. There can never be enough Adrian.

"I'm hot, and evil or you know, morally ambiguous, but mostly, I'm hot"

"Still hot. I may be a little sweaty/damp/fresh from the shower and yes, evil. The important thing is how hot I am."

These are from 'Profit.' Short lived series on Fox(fux) and if you have not seen it, run and rent it. Hell, buy it. Adrian Pasdar is hotter than the sun in it. He stars in it and spends quite a lot of time naked, half dressed, in a kimono(yes, seriously) or lying in a cardboard box. Yes, naked in a box.

More gushing about Profit )
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"I am supermodel"

Seriously, everytime I see this picture I imagine the following scenario. And for some reason Adrian sounds German.

"I am Adrian. Your scrawny camera cannot adequately show my hotness to the world.


That is my plight. I am too hot. I will pose for you, but be warned that my hotness will make you drool, want to touch me, or cover me in different kinds of expensive melted chocolate.

What? You want me to pout? Am I some sort of pouty puppet? Fine! I will pout. I will give you the best subtle pout you have ever laid your plebian eyes on!"

He's wearing eyeliner y/n?

The makeup person was so distracted(by his hotness) they laid it on thick y/n?

He'd be hot even dressed as a clown y/n?

Heh, Adrian would have been fantastic in Zoolander.

"Bonus Milo pic that I may or may not have spent a significant time staring at yesterday"

His stomach. It's hot and yummy looking. I like the way the shadows play over his body in this pic and the faintest hope/wish/fantasy of nipple.

Also I love the James Dean-ish look he has going on with the hair and the collar. But most of all I love his belly.
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He looks...very interesting. The hair is just heh. I have no clue what this is from.

Unruly hair alert! )

Is is just me or does he look like his hands might be tied behind his back?

Stocky, hot and oh, did I mention? Still hotter than most guys.
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Can't wait for Heroes tonight!!

No Prison Break. Booo!

Finally looked at all 45 icons and guess who I have the most of? Milo comes in at 8, counting him as peter also. Then Adrian comes in at 5, with Nathan/Peter/ or AP/MV having 5 too. Gibbs/Tony, single or together came in at 6. Paul Walker has 2 and Vin Diesel only has 1. Poor Vin.

Time for another Adrian Pic! I have no idea if this from a movie or not but it's monday and let's have some pre-drooling while we wait for tonight.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"He could have been a contender, a hot sexy contender"

I love the hair and the look on his face. And the ability to look hot without giving us any hand porn. Hand porn is important people, and can make or break a picture. But this is the man who managed to still look hot while wearing a forest on his face.

Edited to fix linky link.


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