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Oh NCIS:LA how I love you and your silly ways (and silly plots)

Tuesdays ep )

NCIS original flavor was good too.Who loves you baby? )
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I chose this song title because of events in the NCIS:LA ep and also because I think G is Sam's 'Around the way girl.'

Ncis:LA aka we thrive on angst and flirty looks )

NCIS: Original flavor )

Someone needs to come talk to me about hot ass men on White collar who smirk and wear clothes that make me want to write about the designers, even though I have no clue. Or just entice me to write fic where Neal has to wear Peter's clothes for some reason.
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NCIS:Original Flava )

Quick note on tonight's glee.

courtesy glee cut )
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Yes, I continue my LL Cool J song title thing. Both shows were pretty good tonight though I will have to rewatch NCIS: LA as I fell asleep for about 15 minutes of it midway. Nothing on the show, I was just really tired.

NCIS-Original Flavor )

NCIS:LA or AKA my new toy )

Me and hubby are seriously considering getting a DVR because I'm missing shows and V is coming on in November. On a TUESDAY! My Tuesdays are already filled with crunchy ncis love. I cannot abandon them for the sexy devious Aliens of V.
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Yes, since LL Cool J(i have crushed on this man for around 20 years, jeez) is now on my TV every Tuesday night I will be using more of his songs as Subject headers.

I think both shows did well, hence the title.

NCIS-S7,1 )

If we don't get at least one shirtless LL Cool J scene this season I will accuse them of wasting the natural resources at hand.

I love LA or NCIS:LA )

Tired, must go to sleep. Hopefully to dream about hot guys doing hot stuff.


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