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So, I am on summer layoff! Got laid off last thursday and while i'm always happy for it I get kind of depressed too. But I get depressed when it's time to go back too. So, yeah.

Been kinda busy busy. Stacey's mom passed away about 2 weeks before Mother's day. He got a call from his sister after the nursing home she was in found her unresponsive. He was mostly worried about his sister and how she was taking it.

Some of you know we had some major problems with her when we lived with her but Stacey had gotten back to talking and visiting with her a few years ago. He took the girls down to see her before Christmas. I was never against them seeing her or her seeing them but I did not go with them, I just had Stacey drop me off at the mall for the few hours they visited her.

I think a few years ago I just mainly felt sorry for her, that she felt she had to do the things she did. (I don't think I ever mentioned how after she put us out, she and J had fights and she ended up putting her out too, before she finished High School).

I did attend visitation and the funeral to support Stacey and his sister. It was kind of uncomfortable though no one was mean. Southern people if nothing else are polite, especially at funerals. I'd never met most of the people there since they didn't agree to Stacey and I being together but hey, it's been 17 years. They'll get over it.

So there was that and while i'm keeping an eye on Stacey, he's good at not showing his sadness. *side eyes my husband* It's frustrating.

He's also still losing weight from his operation in October. He's really excited about it and tells me he does feel a lot better. He's lost about 130 pounds. About a month ago his doctor took him off the 'diabetes potential' list of things they look for.

Haven't planned much for my summer, except getting back to writing. I have two stories ready to post but haven't felt like posting them. Hopefully I'll get to that this week.

Recent conversations with K:

K: Oh, when you wash my mouthgaurd there might be some blood.

Me: Some blood?

K: *proudly* I got kicked 3 times in the mouth!

Me: Uh, okay. Are you alright?

K: Yeah, I'm fine.

Me: *It's not a spot of blood or a drib drab, it's more. I wash it in very hot water.*

Before that convo she did win 1st place in her age at a small tournament at her Tae Kwon do place. I watched her spar with higher level belts and stuff. She loves it.
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I cannot stop watching this. What came first, the Friends AU fic or this Vid? Doesn't matter. Love both, want to squish both. Which is strange since yeah I've seen Friends, I've watched and liked it but not a fan fan.

Oh and this...just begs for some fic:

I miss Ianto.
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Big thanks to all the birthday well-wishers! And thank you to [ profile] sparky77 for the partay hat! And [ profile] virtualinsomnia for the virtual prezzies!

My bday was great. I got cards from my kids, and a jewelry box from my husband. While opening the jewelry box, Zoe let me know what it was. Kids are hysterical.

The necklace with a nice swirly venetian blue glass heart pendant will have to be returned since it is the exact same necklace my hubby got for me last Chrismas.

He couldn't remember which heart pendant he'd gotten me and when I brought out my other one it and the newer one look almost alike.

Went to the Lane Bryant Outlet, which is turning into my favorite place as I slowly rebuild my work wardrobe. Yoyodyne is pretty casual but I still want to look nice. Found the cutest ankle boots for 40 bucks! I needed something dressy since I've been wearing sandals and it's getting chilly.

We had dinner at Longhorn's and Stacey had the staff come over and sing Happy Birthday. I told him his birthday is in January so watch out.

A story my hubby tells me while we apart on my bday, me at Michael's craft store(yay bead buying!) and he went to look at shoes. He and K stopped at the Pet store and they looked at hamsters.

He said two males were sitting apart from the other males and just watching them. Then he said,"I called them Adrian and Milo because(puts arm around me) they were doing this." I laughed at that because the hubster is crazy.

Finally saw Ironman. RDJ did a good job and at first I wasn't feeling his hotness, but there was a scene or two where damn! he was smokin. I think it was the scenes where he's got the sleveless tank on and he's pounding away at the iron. Then he wore some very nice, tight jeans in a few other scenes. Yummo.

And why did Jeff Bridges remind me of Mitch Pileggi?

ETA: Oh and we went and did the early voting thing on my bday too! Whoo, no long lines!
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I cannot get livejournal at work. Oh woe is me.

I try to look busy but our group had to stuff envelopes one day and then another day put stamps on envelopes since we are so slow. Seems like old times.


The one with Pacey )

Prison Break )

How is Sci Fi making a movie about Ba'al but not having the hot guy who played Ba'al on Stargate be in it? Oh sci fi you fail in so many ways.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still hot.
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So tired. Send energy and some good fruit.

Terminator was excellent tonight. Prison break was at its cracky best.

Had a dream Justin Timberlake was stalking me. He just happened to 'coincidentally' be where i was.

Had a seperate dream that me and Vin Diesel were fight vampires.

My brain at sleep people. Be awed or afraid. Or both.

Yoyodyne is mostly the same as it was five years ago. I remembered more than I thought I had. About 95% of it came back pretty easily. We're slow right now so I get to surf the internet and try and find something that won't set off alarms.

My bebes! K's b-day was on friday. She's seven. Zoe's b-day was today. She's four, which she told everyone about.

Okay off to bed after I check my TV listings to make sure nothing I want to see is coming on tomorrow.

Later, peeps!
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Yesterday morning my 3yr old and 6 yr old made me breakfast. This consisted of raisin bran crunch with no milk but in a bowl with a spoon.(we were out of milk) and a french toast eggo thing that the oldest fixed in the toaster.

Oh, and syrup, lots of syrup. The entire fork was sticky and the food was sorta cold but I thanked them and ate some of the french toast. Did I mention the syrup?

It was very nice and thoughtful though and touched me, that they got together and made me breakfast.

Tuesday, took care of registering the oldest for 2nd grade and went to fill out a application with my old company. Then went and toured some daycare places that had pre-k programs.

Zoe is very excited about school and seems less stressed about seperation anxiety than I am.

On a good note, the two places we visited the per weekly prices for a full time care were not bad. Less than we expected (about $150/wk 6am-6pm) and then K's school has an after school program that's about $40 bucks a week.

Exciting times!

ljaqua looks very cool. Almost like a screen saver and then you can click on different subjects. Might be addictive.

Oh and cute cake. Me and sanders agreed that we'd just use yellow cake mix and cocoa powder(with a little sugar added to the powder) instead of from scratch.

I made pineapple upside down cupcakes earlier this week. They turned out pretty good for my first try. Not too sweet and very yummy. I made myself sick the first night after I took them out of the oven by eating about four of them.

Off to work on my ficathon story and other things.
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Fast and Furious is on USA. I'm giggling and occasionally watching it, even though I have it on DVD and VHS(leave me alone). Oh, Brian. I love how he does about anything Dom says.

This gives me fic bunnies like crazy. I can't wait for part four since Brian proved in the first two movies that he's a much better criminal than he was a cop.

Got my 500 words in last night before I fell asleep on the couch. I'm going to stop upping the count I want to do each night by 50 and go up to 100 every time I change the limit.

Maybe I read this before I had my morning cola so I need someone else to read it and tell me they are not giving the credit of getting Serenity on the big screen to this one group. I'm not arguing the fund raising but the other stuff? Really?

Maybe the reporter is just being dramatic. I don't know. I might read it again once I cool off.

Tried the caramel crunch recipe I posted a few days ago again. Actually twice now with different things besides crackers. Let's see: Graham crackers were not good. Too thick. Hubby found some pretzels that were shaped like square waffles and omg, they have been the best so far.

Got some white chocolate chips and those two combined with the rest of the ingredients has been sooooo good.

With this latest recipie I tried the waffle pretzels, regular saltine crackers and Ritz crackers. The ritz were okay, the waffle pretzels were better.

Loving the delicious skor tasting treats.

Made a spinach mushroom pizza earlier. Turned out pretty good for my first try. Lots of mozzerella cheese, some fresh spinach and mushrooms. Yum.

*Looks at Kitchen* Off to clean this monstrosity and think about Tony and Gibbs. Or Dom and Brian. Sometimes that makes scrubbing the pots and pans a better past time.

Oh! thisis from [ profile] rivers_bend.

I've never heard of the movie but it seems interesting if I can stop myself from wanting to hurt someone while watching it. I wonder how we as women would fill today if someone wanted to take away our right to vote.
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Yesterday my three year old, Zoe, served me imaginary tea. When I asked her what flavor it was she smiled so pretty and told me it was 'Purple berry pie' tea. I told her it was good and we had about five cups. Before each cup we gently knocked the plastic pink and purple cups together in silent toast.

Father's day went okay. Hubby's gift is not here yet from But I did take a pic of the girls holding a sign telling him they loved him and then had it framed. He took it to work to put on his desk. He knew about it before hand because Keyanah told him all about it. She loves to babble and amuses me so much.

Zoe is wild and full of laughter. She knows her own mind and is not afraid to speak to you about it. When we're at restaurants and the waiters asks us for our drink orders she is the first to yell, "I wan sweettea!"

When I tell her she's a chucklehead she puts her hands on her hips and tells me she is zoe, not a chucklehead and that i'm the chucklehead.

I really will miss her this fall if everything goes according to plan and we get her into a pre-k program and I go back to work.

Things I want to do in June and July: )

Links I like that I think you will like:

"I made these with saltines and oh man, delicious"

"Great site and great links to other interesting things"
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Almost all the shows are ending. It's been a weird season due to the strike. I wish I could go to an Alternate Universe where there wasn't a strike and see what differences would have taken place on some of my favorite shows.

The squee and meta about the Season finale of SPN have been interesting. I haven't read any 'this will harsh your squee' posts because I like my squee and want it to stick around for tea.

My babbling about SPN finale )

I have finished one of what I call my 'big 3 WIPs.' It's a sequel to my 'Las Vegas Wild' CSI Werewolf AU. Whew! It's been hanging around for what seems like forever.

Two more big ones to go and a lot of little ones. Finished a SPN fic too that has lots of naughty parts for those that like that sort of thing.

I've finally started writing out some of my original fic ideas. I hate that it took me so long and even though it's fear(hello! Irrational, right this way)I am determined to overcome my doubts and get a book or actually just a story done.

I have two bunnies I'm working on and yes, more are knocking on the door. Out of four i'm thinking about three have supernatural elements like mediums, or creatures of the night. One is a 'two young men run from bad guys and fall for each other' type story.

My head is quite full of people and places, and other goings ons.
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Had a great Mom's day. Went shopping, bought some clothes and then on Sunday, went to breakfast and later for dinner, hubby made some lasagna for me.

K gave me a drawing of her shadow and a little cute magnet she'd made at school. I need a memory box or a bigger one. All the stuff she makes for me is scattered in different places.

This has been making me giggle since yesterday:

I make it a point to go to 'I can has cheezburger' site about twice a day. It makes me smile.

Back to washing dishes and staring at a lump of clean clothes that won't magically fold itself.
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Am writing Adrian/Milo Baker AU fic.

I totally blame [ profile] sparky77. I have about six stories I should be working on but Milo as a baker kept coming back to me and right now he's 'showing' Adrian a few things.

I plan to make this short, but my bunnies always start crying and give me pitiful looks.

I am surrounded by evil people [ profile] ixchel55 and people who threaten to hit me with keyboards [ profile] sandersyager. (I changed that paragraph, I swear!)

I couldn't have wished for more better people.

Got the beta back for my first J2 RPS AU fic. Hopefully I will have time to make corrections and polish it for a final time this weekend.

Finished my resume for hubby and the application he bought me. Hopefully next fall I will be working to help a bunch of new and old college kids arrange their meal plans. Whoo hoo.

I bought the 'Tv's sexiest stars' edition of TV Guide. I couldn't help it! Jared is so hot and adorable and I luff him.

Main two dinners I'm planning for next week are beef tips in gravy white some white or wild rice. I have chicken breasts, so I must find something to do with them.

Made meatloaf and macncheese last night. Kids ate it and I twas happy. I forgot to get veggies last week so there was none in the house to fix.
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New computer all hooked up! Still got stuff to move from other computer and will have to learn about this one.

Cute thing wot my three year old did:

Other day she was running back and forth in front of me while they were outside and everytime she got near me she'd wink at me. Just one quick eye lid going down. It was so cute and adorable.

Just now she wanted to watch some Superman, batman as she calls our Justice League unlimited dvds and the WB music came on and she yelled, "Supernatural!"

I'm still giggling over that. She's such a character and I will miss having her around all day next fall as we are planning to get her into some sort of pre-k type school or daycare.

K is feeling better. She's been sick off and on for the past few weeks and she had a fever yesterday morning so no school. She felt better as the day wore on and this morning she was feeling a lot better. They have city or state wide tests today and I didn't want her to miss them.

I have some stories done and hope to have something postable in a day or two.


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