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I am not addicted to Milo Ventimiglia. I'm not.

*Looks at icon*

*Does not count how many icons of him are in my icon batch*

Okay, maybe I am a little.

I joined [ profile] milo_fans and [ profile] milo_daily

I can see me now: *Stands in front of people*

"Yes, I'm a Milo addict. It's been 12 days since I last saw a picture or a show featuring Milo."

Then the new season of Heroes would start and I would fall of the wagon hard.

[ profile] skripka is evil. Evil wrapped in a cute red haired package. She enticed me to join Facebook. Now I have a fluff friend named Venti(not named after Milo *shifty eyes*) who thinks he can fly.

Also there's a group over there all about our favorite flying congressman. It's hilarious.

They have sayings like: Sayings )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] llaras Hope it's fun and full of great J/R stories.

Also she shares b-day with Milo (I look at pictures of him occasionally).

They have a nice b-day picspam here. There are a few I hadn't seen including Milo sitting with AP's son at a game, while apparently AP is gone to get popcorn or something. I giggle cause I think Milo is sitting in AP's seat.

Oh and this is my new fave Heroes fan vid. It's mostly Nathan, with some other heroes thrown in and it's good. Done to Nickelback's 'I wanna be a rockstar' song the vidder did a great job. Oh, Nathan Petrelli how are you so hot?

Off to fix lunch!
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Ganked from [ profile] moosewizard and ONTD

I miss the hair. (And no my first thought wasn't on how to get my hands on some of the cut hair. That was my third or fourth thought, since it's not like I have the means to clone hot men in my basement. I think Q has that machine this week.)

Milo and his new hair )

Milo with his new hair and does that shirt really need rolled up sleeves? )

He looks like a shorn deer or a puppy. Something.

At least he doesn't look like a male hustler. Maybe those pics will show up later. ;)
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So [ profile] skripka links me up with the best porn pictures. Cause it's in our charter or something.

I know many moons ago there was some question as to whether who it was in this pic, molesting our poor Milo. I think the question has been answered. Or maybe other people already knew and I'm late to the party.

The one where Milo is getting felt up )

The mystery is solved by comparing Adrians pants/shorts and hands with the groper above )

And this! I love this picture so much. If I did not have a twenty gabillion trillion Wips begging me for some attention I would totally write an AU where AP is some rich mysterious guy and this rare photo was taken while he was picking up a nice rent boy(except no rent boy would wear that checkered shirt, omg Milo you dress so nice, don't let Adrian's deranged choices take you over!)

Either he is a rich industrialist, an actor trying to be sneaky, or a P-I-M-P, I vote for P-I-M-P )
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I never thought April 23rd would get here. Heh, i'm still mad at NBC. Manipulative bastards. Heroes tonight! I cannot wait. I am not spoiled that much and am very happy. I saw the big preview thing NBC showed that I think has clips from all the remaining episodes. Based on pure speculation at one point I may need someone to come dump water on my head. I don't think it's tonight's episode but wow. Tonight I may squeeee at only a tone whales in Pegasus will be able to hear me.

Cooked Beef stroganoff last night. Did pretty good. Have enough for tonight so no cooking dinner. Will get kids their baths early so I will have everything out of the way way before 7p.m. Then I get to watch Nathan Fillion look really really hot in his muscle car. Maybe he'll even hit someone again tonight.

So is Monday night now Nathan night? Nathan Fillion and Nathan Petrelli. Hmm, some of us may not survive.

I have been mainlining OZ fic the last few days. Omg, this author should have wrote for the show. So good. The characters were spot on and I was reminded of my love for Beecher and Keller. Nothing says love like beatdowns and shanks. Yeah, I may have read too much fic when I considered calling my hubby some unpleasant names the other night.

The stories are long and good. There's an AU where Keller is an OZ CO and whoo, lovely fic. Keller was still Keller and Beecher was still himself. I loved it. Did I mention the fic was long? I'm reading another AU right now that takes place after OZ ended and Beecher meets Stabler. Oh yeah. It's good cause they don't jump in bed. Stabler just ain't the type and Beecher is freaking out while his ghostly Keller companion is laughing his ass off.

New crack drink: V8 Fusion fruit(strawberry banana)drink mixed with sprite zero. The V8 is good. I was surprised. When I mixed it with some Sprite zero it got better.

OH! MY ICON! *Gazes at it in complete adoration* There is nothing like Milo tummy. I had to upgrade him to BIAL (Boyfriend in another lifetime) I mean look at it. Look at the dip in his hip, all that smooth delicious skin. That bellybutton. The area below his belly button. *Makes humming noises* Yeah, I need to stop now before I start writing poetry about his stomach. I will have to watch the new Fergie(damn her) video a billion times to see Milo with his fake tattoos and ponytail. He looks so, *shudder* he looks like a mobster but damn, I'd still have to stalk aggressively pursue him if I lived in CA.

Listening to Fall out boy and really want to write a story using "he tastes like you, only sweeter."

*Eyes slide back to icon*

Okay, back to Beecher and Stabler. And my kitchen since it needs cleaning.



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