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So leverage. Last nights and all others before it )

Now on to Dark Blue. I wish more of you were watching this. I need more people to talk to about Dean and his issues and Carter and his hair. Also Carter and his possibly unnatural love for his shotgun. And does Dean having a shotgun too mean they're married?

Last nights DB and others before it )

Glee was good last night and someone had a link to a Kurt,Puck story that I read because I want the bully and gay boy to fall for each other. Did Puck have a mohawk thing in the pilot?

The fall tv scedule is so bleh. One thing on Monday(Heroes why can't I quit you? Oh yeah, Milo Venti's chest and the possibility that Nathan isn't dead/to see Adrian Pasdar channel Jim Profit). And then Wednesday, Thursday about a million things to watch. I will be using Hulu a lot.

Tonight the boys are back. Oh Sam, Oh Dean.
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This is for [ profile] blueraccoon who asked for Eliot/Danny or Alec/Abby. Cause they rock.

In the Moment (Leverage/NCIS/CSI:NY crossover)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: No
Warnings: None unless the potential for costumes scares you
Disclaimer: Not mine which is sad.

Eliot's doing recon on the room so he sees her right away. Black hair, Black dress, black boots; pretty in a Morticia Adams kind of way. She's smiling and staring at Hardison like they're the best of friends. Now Hardison's smiling back but it's his 'what do i do now?' smile and it makes Eliot smirk and nudge him in the side.

"Who's that?"

Hardison tries to play innocent, but it doesn't work and hasn't in a few months. Not since that time he tried to make Eliot dress up like some guy from a geeky sci-if show about a ship named after a bug.

Alec hems and haws and Eliot waits him out.

"Um, that's um, that's Abby, okay? And before you ask, we were not nakedly acquainted with each other, though not from lack of trying on my part. Um, did I say that part out loud?"

Eliot laughs and throws one arm around Alec's shoulder. He likes seeing Hardison all riled up. It's fun and kind of turns him on. He's about to drag Hardison over to his Abby so he can find out more when the guy sitting next to her turns and shoots Eliot a surprised look.

Eliot quietly mumbles, "Oh, Shit," but not quiet enough because Alec hears him and sees the looking and now he's pissed.

"And just who is that?"

The mild voice doesn't fool him and Eliot knows there will be groveling and chocolate and some damn electronic gadget he'll have to buy to get laid again, and fuck, he is not going to Hong Kong again so his boyfriend will forgive him and make out with him. He is totally going to Hong Kong or maybe even China.

Eliot clears his throat and tries to act innocent. It doesn't work but he gives it a try.

"That's Danny and we may have been involved a time or two. Maybe three."

Eliot lets out a faint yelp as he's dragged over to the table. He is never coming to another geek convention again, at least not until Hardison dresses up like that bad guy with the sword and talks about Eliot's sins.
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Once again my observations and utter glee in numbers

On it boss )

This just in. Leverage just went off and holy shit that was intense.

Leverage me baby )
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*coughhackhack* Still alive.

Between holiday shopping and sniffles and trying to hack up my lungs I'm watching Leverage, I'm watching multiple times.

Anyone with Comcast On Demand, they have the first two eps up so you can watch them for the first time or again, like I did the other night.

Alex- I love him! Love him going against the much cliched stereotype and I like his quips to Eliot and Parker. Nathan too.

I think it was the first ep where Nathan got off the phone and Alex rolls by in a chair saying 'oooo, ooooo' and I loved, loved his little speech about being a professional thief and being disturbed by the talk of how easy it was to buy a congressman. And he likes to paint!

Sophie- Love her and her accents. Love the fact that she can't act unless she's in a grifting type situation. Her past with Nathan is intriguing and not to anvalicious. Wouldn't mind them getting together perhaps.

Parker- Insane and good at it. Love her flashbacks and her 'I once saw a horse kill a clown' is about legendary now. Love her riggs and her diving off buildings. One of my fave scenes is her pushing Alex off the building and then he's just hanging there, arms all limp and asking her "Seriously, seriously?" Ha! Awesome.

I do wonder about her childhood since the Leverage website says she was in foster care and had been abused. They mention Alec grew up foster care too.

Eliot- Chris Kane! Wheee! Love him as Eliot. Am looking forward to the inevitable xover with him and Lindsey, or Eliot and Angel or Eliot and Booth!

So many possibilities because once your a Jossverse person it never ends. Love his fighing but the sped up stuff looks too cheesy. But his voice is yum and his hair, sometimes me like and sometimes I don't.

Still hot, and him on that horse was scorching. Didn't really like the ex. They felt forced and just tell her you were in jail! Or something.

Nathan- I've liked Timothy Hutton since I saw him and Lela Rochon play Mr.and Mrs Loving. I like his character and the clues we get to how he used to be before his company betrayed him. I wonder if his drinking will be addressed more later. I like his plans and his ability to improvise.

As to fic, I've read Sophie/Parker, Alex/Eliot, and Eliot/Nathan. Fandom is fast like a fox.

So If you're not reading, try and catch some eps on TNT, On Demand or TBS(i was surfing channels the other night and it was on so I watched an ep again).


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