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All the stuff about the Buffy remake makes me:

Want to make LOLcat protests but instead of cats using screen caps of the scoobies and associates.

Cute Zoe story from this weekend:

Walking by tv while Husband is watching some Buffy. Sees some guy and says, "I KNOW THAT GUY! HE HAS A GIRL INSIDE HIM AND SHE'S LOOKING FOR A KEY!"

Me and Hubby cracked up. We had no clue she'd paid that much attention. She knows who Buffy is and Spike (our 9 yr old had a brief crush on Spike and liked to call him 'spikey) and who Angel is because of the Angel 'puppet' episode.
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Yesterday morning my 3yr old and 6 yr old made me breakfast. This consisted of raisin bran crunch with no milk but in a bowl with a spoon.(we were out of milk) and a french toast eggo thing that the oldest fixed in the toaster.

Oh, and syrup, lots of syrup. The entire fork was sticky and the food was sorta cold but I thanked them and ate some of the french toast. Did I mention the syrup?

It was very nice and thoughtful though and touched me, that they got together and made me breakfast.

Tuesday, took care of registering the oldest for 2nd grade and went to fill out a application with my old company. Then went and toured some daycare places that had pre-k programs.

Zoe is very excited about school and seems less stressed about seperation anxiety than I am.

On a good note, the two places we visited the per weekly prices for a full time care were not bad. Less than we expected (about $150/wk 6am-6pm) and then K's school has an after school program that's about $40 bucks a week.

Exciting times!

ljaqua looks very cool. Almost like a screen saver and then you can click on different subjects. Might be addictive.

Oh and cute cake. Me and sanders agreed that we'd just use yellow cake mix and cocoa powder(with a little sugar added to the powder) instead of from scratch.

I made pineapple upside down cupcakes earlier this week. They turned out pretty good for my first try. Not too sweet and very yummy. I made myself sick the first night after I took them out of the oven by eating about four of them.

Off to work on my ficathon story and other things.
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New computer all hooked up! Still got stuff to move from other computer and will have to learn about this one.

Cute thing wot my three year old did:

Other day she was running back and forth in front of me while they were outside and everytime she got near me she'd wink at me. Just one quick eye lid going down. It was so cute and adorable.

Just now she wanted to watch some Superman, batman as she calls our Justice League unlimited dvds and the WB music came on and she yelled, "Supernatural!"

I'm still giggling over that. She's such a character and I will miss having her around all day next fall as we are planning to get her into some sort of pre-k type school or daycare.

K is feeling better. She's been sick off and on for the past few weeks and she had a fever yesterday morning so no school. She felt better as the day wore on and this morning she was feeling a lot better. They have city or state wide tests today and I didn't want her to miss them.

I have some stories done and hope to have something postable in a day or two.


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