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Fireflyaspeanutscharactersbyanna-maria jung


Oh and this:


*Shiny pic by 6amcrisis, FireflyasPeanuts gang by Anna-Maria Jung, Firefly art noveau by Unknown, Fireflycancellation meme by unknown.

Watching Firefly on Science Channel. Later there will be a 'Browncoats Unite' special 9pm Central Standard time. I keep saying I'm only going to watch one more but...yeah. It's my show.
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Spotted this over on Epic Win

Simon's Glasses! Omg, chatty peeps, remember when we'd have entire nightly conversations about these people?

I still hate Fox.
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Spn was like whoa.

SPN s4 finale )

I've been gorging myself of Uhura/Spock people and it's good and yummy and there are descriptions of them touching each other on the elbow that are better than some porn out there. I've only read one story that made me go 'wtf' and even then, not that much.

I have an idea or two and work is slow. I may try and drabble tomorrow. And there are about 50 U/S icons I wan to use at the same time.

Who's writing the Firefly/Star Trek story? Mal and Kirk meeting? The snark, the hotness, the tight pants. Come one, it almost writes itself!

Scotty and Kaylee totally making out in engineering because hell, it's the Enterprise and I even got a little breathless when they showed it.

Kirk/Inara? She'd run circles around him and Zoe would be cautious because her captain made her leave one of her shotguns on Serenity and how did he expect her to just be okay with two guns, three knives and a grenade she borrowed from Jayne?

Simon would think Bones was just like Mal and go find Spock to talk to, and he'd be busy eyeing River and muttering, 'fascinating.'
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Here's my two stories that I wrote for the NSP Ficathon.
One is Mal/Simon and the other is Firefly RPS, Nathan/Sean.

Title: Red light special
Prompt: NC-17, any pairing
Pairing: Mal/Simon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Timeline: Eight months after ‘Serenity’ the movie
Summary: Mal looks for Simon and sees more than he expected

Story )

Pairing: Nathan Fillion/Sean Maher
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: This didn't happen
Summary: A party brings two friends back together.

Story )

If you want some more Firefly fic, check out the results of this years' Ficathon Lot's of good stories.
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And the alphabet title ficlet thing continues. I'm having fun and getting rid of bunnies before they get big and bite me with vicious bunny teeth.

O is for Oral and Mal noticing Simon's penchant for sticking things in his mouth )

P- Prisoner in which new prisoner Matt Parkman learns a few things on his first day at The Linderman Correctional facility )

Q is for Quiet which Nathan is as he watches Peter and someone else )
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In honor of the Collector's edition of Serenity coming out and because I miss my show.

Disclaimer: These are all my opinion and not meant to be some proclamation or absolute truth.

Twenty things about Firefly that I still believe

1. Mal is hot.

2. Simon is hot and very pretty.

3. Jayne is sometimes scary but still hot when he licks a knife, or does pull-ups, or just stands there and breathes.

4. Book was an operative.

5. Inara is pretty and looks really good in red and gold.

6. Zoe kicks ass seven days a week and twice on Sundays.

7. Kaylee is like a ball of sunshine and puppies.

8. River is crazy but has more good days than bad.

9. Wash is never dead as long as the crew of Serenity speaks his name.

The Rest )

Feel free to add some of the things you believe in the comments.
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Title: Dreams as bright as the moon
Pairing: Mal/Simon/River
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Occurs after the movie
Disclaimer: All belongs to Joss
Warning: Fic contains undertones of fictional relatives being a little too close , or CSI as it is known in the firefly 'verse.

Notes: This was written in thanks to [ profile] kernelm for helping with the song search a few weeks ago.

Summary: The lines between dreams and reality often shift.

Story )
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Title: The Great Gelatin Wrestling Contest
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen with a touch of Mal/Inara
Spoilers/Timeline: Before the movie, near the end of the series
Disclaimer: All crew belonging to Joss, no money being made

Author Notes: This idea started in chat one night because somehow we always end up talking about Mal and the crew. And Michael Shanks but he’s for another day. Thanks to the chatty peeps for the hilarious chats. Also big thanks to Liss for the beta.

Summary: Mal's plan backfires as so many of them do.

Story )


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