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[ profile] khaleesian is well known in the fast and furious fic circles. Her stories are tightly put together, with lots of action, and some scorchin sex.

This one is different.

All of the above writing makes an appearance but other things show up too.

It's Dom making a life changing decision.

It's Brian wanting what he can't have.

It's Letty and Mia, Rome and Monica and Tej. Each character is multi-faceted and not just in the story because they were in the movies.

She writes them like she's in their heads and it's a wonderful thing.

Oh and the city of Miami is a character on it's own. I almost needed Sunblock.

Read and tell her you loved it.
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Oh! Icon love! [ profile] slashyme did a fantastic job. Milo looks so yummy. I just want to strip him out of those beautiful clothes with my teeth.

Got my yuletide fic written, betaed and posted. \O/

Hubby bought me these two little hand sized stuffed coca cola polar bears from his job (he got some for the girls too, thereby possibly curing my need to buy them Christmas bears).

I'm going to name my bears Nathan and Peter. If I get too bored I will give the Peter Polar bear some emo bangs. Then make him dive off of my computer.

Messing around with the slogan generator and I got this:

div style="background:#fff; text-align:center; padding:8px 32px;margin:0px 10%;border:8px #cca solid;color:#000">

Life Should Taste As Good As Nathan Petrelli.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator, for all your slogan needs. Get more Nathan Petrelli slogans.

*Cue dirty laugh*

I been meaning to do a fic rec here and I keep forgetting.

[ profile] spikedluv has been writing some kick ass Bloodties fic featuring Mike/Henry. She's got a great handle on their voices and the sex is very very hot. She's got a series and some single part fics so go read and enjoy. And give her fb so she'll write more.
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Been meaning to do this for awhile.


These are P'cest unless stated. There is some gen, so keep scrolling down.

"2+2=5 by Colloquially"

It’s peter times 2 or 3, it’s hilarious and then takes a turn for hot. Nice short read

"This is Peter burning by Q(Sparky77)"

If you have not read this story and the ones before it, do it right now. We’ll wait and won’t laugh at you behind your back. If you ever wanted evil Nathan and evil peter this is the series for you. It’s like looking at a beautiful picture then realizing that the people in the picture are all running and crying and screaming. Now it’s a pretty twisted picture that you love and worry about at the same time.

Just read it. And don’t skip Skrip’s little addition. Her Peter and Claire are fantastic. I want to tell Claire, “good show brave toaster!”

"Reciprocity by Sparrowette"

It’s the Peter and Nathan get married fic. That’s the summary and it’s fantastic. It’s the good crack, people, and who doesn’t love that?

"Sex Bomb" by Scribblinlenore"

I had to read this again and again for ‘review’ purposes. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. For me this was almost like ‘aliens make them have sex’ but there are not aliens on ‘Heroes’ (as far as we know) so it would have to be a sex power that Peter absorbed. I’m all for Peter absorbing lots of sex powers so he can be hotter than he already is, if that is possible.


I think I made high pitched squealy noises after reading some of these stories. This author kicks ass. Gen stories that make me sigh and laugh and occasionally sniffle. Go read every Heroes story. I did and I didn’t regret it at all. She’s got a firm grip on what makes Nathan tick. Peter too. I read her Simone story first and it was all kinds of awesome. Then I tracked down her other stories and they were just as good. Here are a few:

Five lies that made Nathan Petrelli- It’s Nathan back when he was building himself into who he is now.

The Worst Lies- The Simone backstory. Man, I loved it and it made me like her.

Lunch Break- It’s Hiro and Nathan eating waffles. Do I need to say anymore?

Illusions- Oh my. I loved this. It’s creepy and twisted, which is how I like my heroes. Candace trying to survive and getting hired by mother Petrelli to impersonate Nathan. Then Candace meets Peter. Just read it, it blew my mind.


NCIS Crossovers

"Sucked by Sperrywink"

NCIS/Criminal Minds, Reid/Tony. I loved this. It’s Spencer down to the core, including him thinking about statistics. It’s Tony being helpful and flirty. I loved Morgan in this and their talk. Loved Tony teaching Reid a few things after helping him on the gun range.

"Highly classified and very hush hush by Rageprufrock"

OMG! I found this last night while skimming around LJ and it cracked me up. Gen. Very funny and it comes with a sequel:

"Strictly on a need to know basis"


"Without you, I'm nothing by Nikki6" Scroll down to get to part one. Pay attention to the warnings.

QAF(US)/OZ, Brian Kinney/Chris Keller

It’s a WIP but damn it’s hot and has a pairing that might make you wonder, but don’t panic. They’re in character and that always helps. Read it and enjoy.


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