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Ooops, forgot to give credit to the most evil of evil twins, [ profile] skripka earlier for the Pic of Adrian Pasdar where he appears to be trying out for the role of Beastmaster. I meant to do that this morning but I was functioning on about two hours sleep.

Fight or Flight )

Oh and check out my new early b-day icon by [ profile] skripka!!!!!!!! Isn't it cute? And hot? Cause it's Adrian and he's smiling and man, what's hotter than a joyous Adrian? (I know there are other things, but I'm basking in icon love right now) There's a banner that I have to figure out how to put on and stuff. *Nubs icon*
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I like the subject title. Thought it up last night while I was drinking hot cocoa and coming down from being very angry. I may put it, or something like it on my profile.

Still jealous with half my friends list in Vegas partying and doing stuff. Getting tattoos and things.

Saw something on [ profile] trollprincess lj about the cast and crew of SPN reading fanfic. Then came the following:

Me: I bet we could get Adrian Pasdar to write fanfic.

Hubby: I bet Adrian Pasdar has already written fanfic.

Me: *Laughing very hard because it's probably true*

I want to do a big essay type thing about fanfic and fandom in general and I might do it one day, if I can get my thinky thoughts somewhat organized as more than something like: fandom yay!

Wrote 300-500(mostly 500) words every day Monday thru Saturday! Am very proud. Need to work on some original fic, but Peter and Nathan are so fun to write about. Writing some crack fic too which I totally plan to blame on [ profile] hackthis.

Certain someone on my flist has me interested in Mike/Henry from Bloodties. Even sent me the clip where Henry bit Mike. I swear my flist is full of evil cheerleaders.

Talk about various eps that have aired;NCIS, The Unit, CSI, CSI:NY, Bloodties, SPN, Life )

Know what annoys me? When people go on and on about not being able to find fic they want to read. It always sounds to me like they're telling writers, 'write what i want, and do it now, wahhh wahhh wahhh.'

Know how to get fic you want? You write it, or pimp the few you find. You talk to those writers, offer them things to write more (icons, cheerleading, banners, beta) and then you keep looking for others and keep babbling about it in your lj, message board, where ever.

You do that over and over instead of continually complaining about how you can't find the fic you want.
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So Captain Jack was created by having all the fangirls (and guys) think of the same thing at the same time?

Finally took the five shelf bookshelf out of the box and got it built. Even with the kiddies asking, “What’s that? What’s that piece? What’s it do? Mama? Mama? Mama?”

Feeling tired and burnt out.

TV viewing so far- Spoilers for first two episode of various eps

NCIS, CSI,Life,SPN,The Unit,Heroes,Prison Break,Criminal Minds )

Am feeling bitchy lately and want to poke crazy people with a sharp pointy stick. Will resist.


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