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For you are evil and made me want Vampire Mob boss Peter who would not cooperate fully cause he's all stubborn and shit.

Title: The newborn
Rating: NC-1&
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Disclaimer: Not mine, for really reals
Timeline:It's so AU there is none
Spoiler: No
Summary: Peter's newest creation is also his favorite

Story )
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Title: Straight on til Morning
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Brian/Dom
Timeline: Some vague time after the fourth movie
Disclaimer: Not owned by me and no money being made
A/N: For [ profile] katikat

Summary: Dom has all he needs

Story )
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Title: There is no sex in team
Fandom: Royal Pains
Pairing: Hank/Boris, pre-slash
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: These two belong to the USA channel or someone that is not me.
Timeline: Early in the season
A/N: Written for the lovely [ profile] ixchel55

Summary: Evan talks and it's up to Hank to smooth everything over.

Story )
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For [ profile] wersheep who requested some Nathan/Peter in Nathan's office. You all know me so well.

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer:Not mine
Spoilers: No
Timeline: Pre-series

Story )
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This if for [ profile] finitejester37 who wanted dark Burn Notice.

Title:How to be a ex-spy in two easy steps or FUBAR: Assassin style
Pairing: None
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warnings: Dark, depressing, full of yummy angst

Summary: What if Michael and Victor changed places?

I used to be a spy. I loved it, it was fun, dangerous, and glorious. Then The Company happened. They killed everyone close to me. Then they thought a few layers would hide their crimes. Underestimation is a bad thing in the spy business,but a good thing for me.

Right now I'm playing nice and I following orders. I gathered intelligence and assets and money. I smiled in Carla's face and dreamed about cutting her head off. Fiona, Sam, my mom. All gone, all dead and all because of me. Now i'm following this guy, this Victor and he's stupid, weak, and I want to end his life so badly.

He gets to smile and laugh and help the gullible citizens of Miami, because this time Carla's trying something new. She couldn't have done that with my family, my friends?

There wasn't enough left of Fiona to put in a shoebox.

She talks to me sometimes, Fiona, late at night, her voice lilting and beautiful. She tells me how we'll make them pay and I fall asleep to the faint smell of C-4.

Sam visits too, but he doesn't talk about revenge. He talks about old times and drinks all my beer.

Ma doesn't visit.

I follow and gather intel like a good pet assassin, I watch and I grow angrier as Victor visits his kid and wife, all together, thinking their safe. I'll show him safe, the stupid son of a bitch. He's got someone and all I have are dreams that offer little comfort. Those and a brother that will spend the rest of his life in a straight jacket.

Victor looks thoughtful and caring in my scope as I get ready to squeeze the trigger and make his head pop like a balloon full of blood and bone.

It'll get on his kid.

I let my finger relax without taking the kill shot. Carla wants him dead, wants it messy, but I decide to slip my leash. In an hour, Victor will get a letter and if he's half the burned spy I think he is, he and his family will be gone ten minutes after that. In the morning, everything will be in place and there will be bullets flying and bombs exploding and I'll be happy for the first time in years.

How to be free in two easy steps? 1)Make sure you have nothing left to lose 2)Make them pay, not matter what.
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This is for [ profile] blueraccoon who asked for Eliot/Danny or Alec/Abby. Cause they rock.

In the Moment (Leverage/NCIS/CSI:NY crossover)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: No
Warnings: None unless the potential for costumes scares you
Disclaimer: Not mine which is sad.

Eliot's doing recon on the room so he sees her right away. Black hair, Black dress, black boots; pretty in a Morticia Adams kind of way. She's smiling and staring at Hardison like they're the best of friends. Now Hardison's smiling back but it's his 'what do i do now?' smile and it makes Eliot smirk and nudge him in the side.

"Who's that?"

Hardison tries to play innocent, but it doesn't work and hasn't in a few months. Not since that time he tried to make Eliot dress up like some guy from a geeky sci-if show about a ship named after a bug.

Alec hems and haws and Eliot waits him out.

"Um, that's um, that's Abby, okay? And before you ask, we were not nakedly acquainted with each other, though not from lack of trying on my part. Um, did I say that part out loud?"

Eliot laughs and throws one arm around Alec's shoulder. He likes seeing Hardison all riled up. It's fun and kind of turns him on. He's about to drag Hardison over to his Abby so he can find out more when the guy sitting next to her turns and shoots Eliot a surprised look.

Eliot quietly mumbles, "Oh, Shit," but not quiet enough because Alec hears him and sees the looking and now he's pissed.

"And just who is that?"

The mild voice doesn't fool him and Eliot knows there will be groveling and chocolate and some damn electronic gadget he'll have to buy to get laid again, and fuck, he is not going to Hong Kong again so his boyfriend will forgive him and make out with him. He is totally going to Hong Kong or maybe even China.

Eliot clears his throat and tries to act innocent. It doesn't work but he gives it a try.

"That's Danny and we may have been involved a time or two. Maybe three."

Eliot lets out a faint yelp as he's dragged over to the table. He is never coming to another geek convention again, at least not until Hardison dresses up like that bad guy with the sword and talks about Eliot's sins.
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Work boring. Someone hit me with some drabble ideas. First five gets a drabble or two.

Dark, Fluffy, Au, anything.


NCIS, CSI:LV or NY, Criminal Minds, Fast and Furious, The Unit, Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Firefly, Stargate SG-1, SPN, RPS involving naked JDM, Heroes, RPS involving naked Milo and/or Adrian.


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