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I did it! Yay me! It was hard but not as hard as I initially thought.

I think I mostly talked about TV, which is one of my favorite subjects anyway. I wanted to talk more about writing but since my own has stalled, it just all seemed blocked.

I just found a playlist labeled, 'Inspire.' Okay I WILL write something(story wise) tonight. Just five sentences.

I can't wait to watch more robots, cops and their patriotic 200 hundred something year old partners, (plus some Jirving. I am here for the Jirving), more Justified Cops and elegant Cannibals.

Thank you for reading. I have felt more in touch with all the people I have met here through various ways and means and hopefully will continue to do so.

Later, Taters!

P.S. Does anyone else hear "there's a bathroom on the right," instead of "there's a bad moon on the rise," in Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Bad Moon Rising?'
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I feel very blah today. I was going to tell a story about socks but I changed my mind.

Anyone know of any scary books for teens? K is 12 and wants some scary books. She watched the first 3 Scream movies with one of her friends and all of sudden she's into horror. She mentioned Stephen King and I was like 'um,let's wait on him. Start you out with someone else.'

She said she didn't like Goosebumps books but any recs are welcome.

Catching up on Nikita. I'm up to April of last season. Shit is Cray in Division.

Let's see. Saw an poster type ad for Hannibal which comes back end of February. Tag line was 'Embrace the Madness.'

Between it and Teen Wolf's 'Lose your mind,' I'm going to need some alcohol.

Anyone else that watches Teen Wolf like and despise Peter Hale at the same time? Like I want to see what he'll do next and as a villain he fascinates me, but if Lydia or one of the others wanted to kill him again, I'd be okay with that. It's weird.

Christmas is almost here! I think I'm done being excited and just want it over with.(grinchy gif here)
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Got Beyonce's album/video's. I'm tardy to the party but whatev. I really like a majority of the songs. My Ipad was like "lol you out of space" when it started d/l the videos. I got the radio edit version I guess you call it because I like for my kids to be able to listen to stuff I listen to with minimal cursing, but I'll need to listen a few more times. It's a very grown woman album.

Almost done shopping. Kids want Just Dance 2014 so I have to go find it. Walmart has it for around $39. Might have to see if it's cheaper some place else. They have Robin Thicke on it though.:( ugh.

Gotta help the kids clean their rooms in the next few days. I always try and get rid of some stuff before new stuff comes in.

I get so tired around 7pm but I got stuff to do to get kiddies ready for school and then if I go to sleep before them it's chaos. I rarely do that, I have to be really wiped. I try and do the ironing of clothes and stuff early but since i'm on layoff (aka christmas break yoyodyne style) I might do it later but before bed. Then around 10 pm i'm not sleepy anymore. Weird.

Someone emailed asking about one of my older stories so I'm going to try and track it down. I don't know if I ever posted it to LJ. Then if I did, I was probably before I tagged stuff. *puts on detective hat*

Since i'm having problems with my original fic and fanfic my brain decided to give me a completely whole new idea. Thanks brain.

Day Seven

Dec. 17th, 2013 09:44 pm
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Got a message for K's school about them having a code yellow and locked the school down because an armed robber was in the area.

K told me a few weeks ago they had a code red drill. I told her when I was in school, we had fire and tornado drills but no code red. She was amazed.

Code red is to try and prepare them in case of a gunman gets in the school. Right now Z's school has a buzzer where they have to let you in after they ask you why you're there. And then you come to the office with you ID.

Sometimes I just want to wrap them in bubblewrap and never let them out of my sight.

My writing fu is just...bleh. I have several WIP's and one or two that are almost...almost done, but I just don't feel like writing. Though I want to write.

Off to bed!

Day Six

Dec. 16th, 2013 10:04 pm
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We got approved for financing on the HVAC! Yay! They'll put it in tomorrow. Today I kept throwing my fuzzy cover in the dryer to warm it up then I'd wrap it around me until I resembled a giant burrito.

The stove stopped working for awhile and we thought we blew the heating element but it still worked after we let it rest. Whew!

I love glitter nail polish. All kinds of colors and grades of glitter. Give me all of them.

Watched Almost Human tonight. It was good and the next ep looks good too. Supposed to show in three weeks. Hopefully it will.

Dear quirky shows, Please stop ending up FOX.

Everybody done with Christmas or holiday shopping? I have few more things and I need to check on a shipment of two slushy cups that the kiddies have been asking for for about 3 years.


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