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Quick giggle about tonite's Dark Blue. Le Spoilere )

So the previous ep when Peter was all Spoilers )
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So leverage. Last nights and all others before it )

Now on to Dark Blue. I wish more of you were watching this. I need more people to talk to about Dean and his issues and Carter and his hair. Also Carter and his possibly unnatural love for his shotgun. And does Dean having a shotgun too mean they're married?

Last nights DB and others before it )

Glee was good last night and someone had a link to a Kurt,Puck story that I read because I want the bully and gay boy to fall for each other. Did Puck have a mohawk thing in the pilot?

The fall tv scedule is so bleh. One thing on Monday(Heroes why can't I quit you? Oh yeah, Milo Venti's chest and the possibility that Nathan isn't dead/to see Adrian Pasdar channel Jim Profit). And then Wednesday, Thursday about a million things to watch. I will be using Hulu a lot.

Tonight the boys are back. Oh Sam, Oh Dean.
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Title: Definition, sequel to 'To the last drop'

Pairing: Carter/Dean

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made

A/N: New fandom, new people to play with! Thanks to the usual suspects

Summary: In which Dean is an asshole and Carter has mastered the phrase ‘If you love something let it go’

Story )
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Title: To the last drop
Pairing:Dean Burris/Carter Shaw
Fandom: Dark Blue
Disclaimer: Not mine, no moolah being made
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: Takes place right after 'K-Town'

A/N: This is Carter

This is Dean

Together they fight crime.

There are other hot people involved too. I blame this fic on Dylan Mcdermott's smirk and his stupidly hot hair.

Big thanks to [ profile] slashyme for her evil encouragement and beta skills.

Summary: Dean is at the end of his rope

Story )
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Dylan Mcdermott and Timothy Hutton still favor each other and I keep expecting them to switch shows.

Oh Dean! You are full of pain and angst and like to give people long looks. Oh man do not make me write you into some Carter/Dean so Dylan Mcdermott and his hair can take care of you.


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