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Bleh, so last night the computer was attacked by some'window registry' virus. I was going to use Stopzilla to get rid of it but the hubby just renewed our Norton today instead.

The problem. Rest )

ETA: Found my music folder! This makes me hope hope hope that the other stuff is just lost somewhere on my computer.
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House moving has not happened yet. Should happen tomorrow.

I have an old computer from 2000. What do I need to do to erase everything on it? Music, pics, vidd, stories. Especially stories.

We are thinking wireless at the new house eventually. Do we need just a wireless router to accomplish this? Do we need to do something to the computer we have now? I'm thinking yes, but I have no clue what.

Any advice/answers are appreciated.
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We're getting a new computer. Yay! The old one is 8 years old and needs to be retired.

What's the best way to get my fic, pics, music,and fanvids over to the new computer?

I need quick and cheap. I have some disks and I guess I can buy an flash drive. The CD-Rom is broke on this one so that's out if it was even an option.

Okay, once everything's off, best way to wipe the computer? Word, bookmarks, etc? We're not sure what we're doing with this one yet, but it may become's kiddies computer or we may just throw it out. Either way I want all info*coughproncough* off of it.

So basically I need a way to transfer stuff and then wipe the harddrive.

Oh and on a flash drive can I store fic, music and vids? All on the same one?



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