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I've often said to myself that i'd stop watching BSG. I watched last season and looked forward to this one, but in the past I had a serious love-hate relationship with it.

After tonight:



To help myself calm down I present a question about an entirely different show.

Anyone else humming Timberlakes sexyback when they see this? )

Adrian Pasdar: Hot ass, Sexy ass, or both? Inquiring minds want to know.

Pee ess: No BSG spoilers please. Already aired eps, yes, future eps, no.
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Is my subject line from a song? It sounds familiar.

Belated b-day wishes to [ profile] darlong and [ profile] sandersyager.

"Adrian for what ails you, or you know in case you're cold and need something hot"

The untied tie, the hands on his hips, the face, the hair. All of it screams 'i am so hot my clothes just slide themselves right off my body.' Or you know, that's my interpretation of the text.

Last night in chat we discussed a milo or peter mood theme. Then we said we needed a Peter hair theme(like the shep hair mood theme) and then the most brilliant thing ever came up... Adrian Hair Mood Theme!!!!!

I mean his hair has moods like whoa, anyway. It would not be hard at all to find pics of happy!hair, or bitchy!hair or high!hair, or you know, awake!hair. Man, if I had the skills I would totally do this. His hair was made for it!
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I couldn't decide on what picture after I found two that I really liked. Then I realized, it's Adrian. There can never be enough Adrian.

"I'm hot, and evil or you know, morally ambiguous, but mostly, I'm hot"

"Still hot. I may be a little sweaty/damp/fresh from the shower and yes, evil. The important thing is how hot I am."

These are from 'Profit.' Short lived series on Fox(fux) and if you have not seen it, run and rent it. Hell, buy it. Adrian Pasdar is hotter than the sun in it. He stars in it and spends quite a lot of time naked, half dressed, in a kimono(yes, seriously) or lying in a cardboard box. Yes, naked in a box.

More gushing about Profit )
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"I am supermodel"

Seriously, everytime I see this picture I imagine the following scenario. And for some reason Adrian sounds German.

"I am Adrian. Your scrawny camera cannot adequately show my hotness to the world.


That is my plight. I am too hot. I will pose for you, but be warned that my hotness will make you drool, want to touch me, or cover me in different kinds of expensive melted chocolate.

What? You want me to pout? Am I some sort of pouty puppet? Fine! I will pout. I will give you the best subtle pout you have ever laid your plebian eyes on!"

He's wearing eyeliner y/n?

The makeup person was so distracted(by his hotness) they laid it on thick y/n?

He'd be hot even dressed as a clown y/n?

Heh, Adrian would have been fantastic in Zoolander.

"Bonus Milo pic that I may or may not have spent a significant time staring at yesterday"

His stomach. It's hot and yummy looking. I like the way the shadows play over his body in this pic and the faintest hope/wish/fantasy of nipple.

Also I love the James Dean-ish look he has going on with the hair and the collar. But most of all I love his belly.
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Title: The threat level has been raised to chicken
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, pre-slash
Other characters: David Boreanaz, Christian Kane
Spoilers: No
Warnings: Crack fic is addictive
Disclaimer: Yeah, like I know what goes on with them, this is all make believe.

A/N: Happy late b-day to [ profile] sparky77, lover of all things Adrian. This started in chat as lots of ideas do. Big thanks to [ profile] skripka and [ profile] sandersyager for their input.

Summary: Socks, chickens, crushes, the usual day for Milo

Story )
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Doesn't he look like he's waiting on you to service him? )

Seriously, AP as Nathan Petrelli is hot, smart,arrogant,sexy. If I had time, I'd list characteristic's AP has for each letter of the alphabet. Got Heroes DVD. Omg, the "I can't be with you right now." Jesus, that was just. Wow.

I'm not repeatedly listening to Zac Efron's songs from Hairspray, but now I'm listening to Alan Jackson. I don't know if this is an improvement or not.

My 300-500 a day writing thing has paid off. One long long story at the beta. Three other stories done. Two are sequels to other stories already out there. One is cracky zombie apocafic.

Know what this means? Crack fic! I plan on writing Crack fic today and tomorrow. Possibly on Wednesday. I have two stories midway done that could be considered mildly crack worthy (okay, one of them a lot of crack)

Or I might work on one of my big Wip's that is lingering on my hard drive. I have about four that need to be finished. Or five. Or finish my alphabet meme. Gahhhh.
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Question contains a mention of P-cest and it may be too early for that. )

On another note? Adrian Pasdar is the sex on a boat. Actually he'd be the sex anywhere, and suddenly I have an urge to try and write some sort of Dr. Suessian story about that.

The Pasdar is sex on a boat.
He is sex in a moat.
Hot in a coat, or on a sparkly parade float.
Do you doubt it?
I think not, but just in case you didn't know, he is mind meltingly hot.

Yeah, I may need more sleep.
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Ooops, forgot to give credit to the most evil of evil twins, [ profile] skripka earlier for the Pic of Adrian Pasdar where he appears to be trying out for the role of Beastmaster. I meant to do that this morning but I was functioning on about two hours sleep.

Fight or Flight )

Oh and check out my new early b-day icon by [ profile] skripka!!!!!!!! Isn't it cute? And hot? Cause it's Adrian and he's smiling and man, what's hotter than a joyous Adrian? (I know there are other things, but I'm basking in icon love right now) There's a banner that I have to figure out how to put on and stuff. *Nubs icon*
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He looks...very interesting. The hair is just heh. I have no clue what this is from.

Unruly hair alert! )

Is is just me or does he look like his hands might be tied behind his back?

Stocky, hot and oh, did I mention? Still hotter than most guys.
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Can't wait for Heroes tonight!!

No Prison Break. Booo!

Finally looked at all 45 icons and guess who I have the most of? Milo comes in at 8, counting him as peter also. Then Adrian comes in at 5, with Nathan/Peter/ or AP/MV having 5 too. Gibbs/Tony, single or together came in at 6. Paul Walker has 2 and Vin Diesel only has 1. Poor Vin.

Time for another Adrian Pic! I have no idea if this from a movie or not but it's monday and let's have some pre-drooling while we wait for tonight.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"He could have been a contender, a hot sexy contender"

I love the hair and the look on his face. And the ability to look hot without giving us any hand porn. Hand porn is important people, and can make or break a picture. But this is the man who managed to still look hot while wearing a forest on his face.

Edited to fix linky link.
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So [ profile] skripka links me up with the best porn pictures. Cause it's in our charter or something.

I know many moons ago there was some question as to whether who it was in this pic, molesting our poor Milo. I think the question has been answered. Or maybe other people already knew and I'm late to the party.

The one where Milo is getting felt up )

The mystery is solved by comparing Adrians pants/shorts and hands with the groper above )

And this! I love this picture so much. If I did not have a twenty gabillion trillion Wips begging me for some attention I would totally write an AU where AP is some rich mysterious guy and this rare photo was taken while he was picking up a nice rent boy(except no rent boy would wear that checkered shirt, omg Milo you dress so nice, don't let Adrian's deranged choices take you over!)

Either he is a rich industrialist, an actor trying to be sneaky, or a P-I-M-P, I vote for P-I-M-P )


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