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End of first week back to work. Yay! or Ehh. It's work and no other job gives me 4 months off in the summer and about six weeks off for Christmas. #can'tbeatthoseperks

Tired from trying to get back into the swing of things. I miss my afternoon nap I'd take before going to get the kiddies.

Work is sort of slow. I just think of it as coming in to hang out with a better computer connection. We have Macs now and yesssss, tumblr works so fast! :)

Though our manager's manager can see what sites we visit :( But she's not here today :)
I am paranoid enough. *shifty eyes*

Sleepy Hollow! Yes, I love it though I am hating that it's on FOX aka FUX. I don't trust them a bit and haven't since Firefly. Actually since Alienation.(omg anyone else remember how they left it with this big cliffhanger and they cancelled the show and then a year or two later had a movie that tied it up. Then, then they had 3 more movies! What the fuck Fox?)

Looking forward to Almost Human and American Horror Story: Coven. Angela Bassett. Mmmm. Yes, please.

I still don't get tumblr sometimes. I treat it like a big picture book. Communication is iffy and I don't understand some of the self aggrandizement that goes on(is that a word? like when people post all of these comments they get about a story or the posts of people praising them and telling them about how awesome they are.)

Teen Wolf- Season 3A was not...good. So many problems. I can take a little illogical but when you say, anchors and they need them but they come up out the water with no one there I'm confused. Or when Jennifer seemed to think it was all about her looks in that very just ugh conversation with Derek in the elevator. Lady you're killing people I don't think he's mad about your true face. And why did her face look like that? They show her flashback and yes, she's got the slashes over her face but she still had hair and stuff. I was confused again.

Don't even get me started on Peter and his bullshit. I like Peter as a villain but were any of us really surprised? And also if anyone wanted to try and kill him again? That'd be cool.

God I was not going to rant about Teen Wolfies but but are all the bad guys still alive? How do the twins that helped kill Boyd still around and how did Deuces get a freaking slap on the wrist with bonus eyesight back? And Gerard fucking Argent is still chillin and bleeding black shit everywhere. I just...Jeff what the hell?

*takes deep breath*

In the files of stuff they never tell you about having kids besides you get to go back to school and help with math and english! And other stuff you don't remember! They don't mention the whole kids 'borrowing' your stuff. My jewelry, my perfume, my lotion, and since K has hit size 10 in shoes, she's eying those too. Even though I have gotten them both their own stuff, mama's is still apparently the best. :) They crack me up. K is now 12 and Zoe is 9, and it's just a trip about every day.


Aug. 16th, 2013 10:17 pm
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My 11 yr old just asked me if I read fanfic. Apparently some girl at her school was telling her about it and told her some site but K couldn't remember the name.

I am not ready for this(though i need to speed up my plan to take all of my fanfic off the main computer or find some way to lock it down).

I told her a lot of fanfic is adult and too old for her. (Hmm, i started reading my mom's romance books when i was 13 or 14. I'm talking some pretty racy stuff. Rosemary Rogers level stuff.)

I may try and find some gen type stuff for her though i bet me just saying 'too old' will make her really want to read the others.

I really don't want to send her to

ETA: When she first asked me about fanfic, I had to concentrate so I wouldn't start laughing. I am mostly on the amused side of things.
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Title: The Perfect Fit
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles/Derek
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: No
Genre: AU, Dark
Warnings: Briefly mentions past sexual assault
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made
Author Notes: Big thank you to [ profile] ixchel55 for the beta.

Summar: Stiles and Derek. A basement and lots of sharp intruments


Story )
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Omg, someone drag me off of Itunes and the Motown-The Musical Soundtrack. Jesus. I just bought two Supreme Songs and Shotgun by Jr Walker and The All Stars. 'Shotgun' was one of my mom's favorite songs.

*Eyes Itunes* Maybe a few more?

I'll probably visit that list again before the week is over. I just...what If I have some sort of Temptations related emergency? Or what if I really need 'My Guy' crooned to me?

I love all types of music and have educated my kids on various genres. K loves 'Son of a Preacher Man' and will sing the whole thing to me. We all know some Dixie Chicks and Tim McGraw. Ever want to see four people in a SUV singing about The cowboy in me at the top of our lungs? Good times.

Teen Wolf

Spoilers for Motel California )

Most of my thoughts on Teen Wolf for this season so far and for the future can be summed up as: WAIT AND SEE.

In the time it took to write this I bought two more Motown songs.
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I don't know what that subject title is about. Probably me thinking about hip hop in the eighties.

So I need some ficlet ideas.

Give me a fandom, a pairing or just a person, and a word.


Teen Wolf


Hannibal (havent wrote or had any solid bunnies but i'll give it a try)


The Losers


Fast and Furious

Maybe if I write a few ficlets I can jumpstart my muse(who I think is hiding because I am trying to write original fic. *tempts muse with delicious fanfic prompts*)
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Okay, still watching the new Season of Teen Wolf. Yay! I'm not trusting a damn thing we've seen until the end of the season. By then I will probably rewatch the whole thing since I think we have a break between the first 12 episodes and the next 12.

Have fallen down the Hannibal well. Just wow, the show is good and just got better. The finale made my jaw drop. Now I plan to rewatch the whole season, then watch Hannibal Rising, Manhunter, Red Dragon(Manhunter remake)Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.

I think I first knew who William Peterson was because of Manhunter. A line in the first ep of Hannibal, the TV show reminds me of Manhunter and how much the writers of CSI took from William Peterson's character to make Gil Grissom. Insect specialist being the main thing.

The fic from the Hannibal fandom(or fannibals as they are sometimes known) is good. The one's I've read that can keep Will and Hannibal in character are just breathtaking. I think we as readers and viewers know what is going to happen but seeing it happen is almost like peeking into a window of Will's and Hannibal's lives and the lives of those around them.

I don't really ship Hannibal/Will but I read the gen and slash pairing (hannigram! Hee! I am always impressed by the fandom hive mind to give any two or three people a cute smushed name)if it reads in character (to me). The Gen and Slash to me in this fandom so far hold this level of intimacy between the two that is prevalent on the show. It's awesome.

My writing muse is gone. I'm thinking of putting up wanted posters.

Anyone know where I can D/L Vikings? I d/l the history channel app onto my Ipad but they're basically like 'Hi! We're going to show you everything but Vikings!'
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I feel like my favorite drug dealer is back in town. I mean there are other drug dealers but none with this unique blend.

My oldest K has informed me she would like to be Allison Argent for Halloween. #Myparentingisawesome#

So what the hell is going on with games?

spoilers for game of thrones )
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I caught up on Hannibal. No sleep for me anytime soon. I really need to stop watching this show at night.

Spoiler for latest ep and some earlier eps )
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Title: This Moment
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Yes, for The Fast and Furious 6
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made

Summary: Dom's late night thoughts about life and Brian.

Story )
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So, I am on summer layoff! Got laid off last thursday and while i'm always happy for it I get kind of depressed too. But I get depressed when it's time to go back too. So, yeah.

Been kinda busy busy. Stacey's mom passed away about 2 weeks before Mother's day. He got a call from his sister after the nursing home she was in found her unresponsive. He was mostly worried about his sister and how she was taking it.

Some of you know we had some major problems with her when we lived with her but Stacey had gotten back to talking and visiting with her a few years ago. He took the girls down to see her before Christmas. I was never against them seeing her or her seeing them but I did not go with them, I just had Stacey drop me off at the mall for the few hours they visited her.

I think a few years ago I just mainly felt sorry for her, that she felt she had to do the things she did. (I don't think I ever mentioned how after she put us out, she and J had fights and she ended up putting her out too, before she finished High School).

I did attend visitation and the funeral to support Stacey and his sister. It was kind of uncomfortable though no one was mean. Southern people if nothing else are polite, especially at funerals. I'd never met most of the people there since they didn't agree to Stacey and I being together but hey, it's been 17 years. They'll get over it.

So there was that and while i'm keeping an eye on Stacey, he's good at not showing his sadness. *side eyes my husband* It's frustrating.

He's also still losing weight from his operation in October. He's really excited about it and tells me he does feel a lot better. He's lost about 130 pounds. About a month ago his doctor took him off the 'diabetes potential' list of things they look for.

Haven't planned much for my summer, except getting back to writing. I have two stories ready to post but haven't felt like posting them. Hopefully I'll get to that this week.

Recent conversations with K:

K: Oh, when you wash my mouthgaurd there might be some blood.

Me: Some blood?

K: *proudly* I got kicked 3 times in the mouth!

Me: Uh, okay. Are you alright?

K: Yeah, I'm fine.

Me: *It's not a spot of blood or a drib drab, it's more. I wash it in very hot water.*

Before that convo she did win 1st place in her age at a small tournament at her Tae Kwon do place. I watched her spar with higher level belts and stuff. She loves it.
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I have finished s1 of Game of Thrones. Omg! Really? Really? I have started s2 and I have the same reactions, Omg! Really? Really?

I have thoughts and stuff. S1spoilers )

What little of S2 I've seen, S2spoilers )
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I had a Dr. Pepper with my lunch. A real Dr. Pepper. I am hyper as hell.

Started watching Game of Thrones about 2 weeks ago. Is Ned Stark ever going to catch a break? I mean damn, he's the Derek Hale of GoT or maybe Derek Hale is the Ned Stark of Beacon Hills. I don't know. Does Lena Hedley ever get hers? Don't spoil me, but I hope so.

I've got about 3 eps left of S1. My favorite is Khaleesi and her husband. I may be a little biased because I know there are dragons coming and yay! Jason Momoa! (Recently hubby told me he saw some interview with Jason Momoa and they asked him about his fitness routine and he said he basically just has a lot of sex as his workouts. Has anyone seen Lisa Bonet recently? Does she smile a lot?)

So I'm watching GoT on Comcast on demand and The Following, which is basically Serial Killers in love and Serial Killers who fall for the FBI agents that catch them.

I'm not watching Vikings yet (the hot new darling of LJ and Tumblr) but is it just me or does the main viking guy played by Travis Fimmel look like Tom Hardy? Or Tom Hardy playing a Viking in like a really good inception AU I read. I think I read more than one. I love a good Viking AU. Probably left over from my historical romance days(shout out to Johanna Lindsay and her influence. She had some awesome Viking stories) I will try to watch it soon but I think I might get it confused with GoT so I want to wait.

Justified is kicking all kinds of ass. I love it and Raylan so much. And Boyd. Boyd fascinates me and terrifies me at the same time. Just like Peter Hale on Teen Wolf.

These days everything has a Teen Wolf tie in. Just ignore me and my werewolf mumblings. How long til June?

New Scandal tonight. I love Scandal and Kerry Washington. And her outfits. I love her outfits.

Work is getting slow. For someone who does not like to talk on the phone I don't know how I ended up with a job where I do that for about 7 hours a day. Weird. About 2 and a half months until my annual summer layoff. Whee! I really need to line up some writing and freelancing type stuff this summer. Hopefully I can go part time in the fall.
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Be sure to watch the end.
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At work for almost two hours. Have received less than 10 calls.

Rewatched S1 of Teen Wolf. 11 yr old wakes up when I was watching and watched some of it with me. She likes Scott. She giggles whenever he's on screen or shirtless.

Started reading 00Q fanfic because I am a sucker for cute smished names of couples. Watched Skyfall. Daniel Craig is yum. Also watched Cowboys and Aliens and The girl with the dragon Tattoo. I may have a Daniel Craig problem. The girl with the... was really good. A good murder mystery.


Omg, are you kidding me? March? By then i'll be Revolution who? Grimm has been on a few years but still I have been waiting for the reveal that happened and I want the rest now. There's a episode recap preview thing on Youtube about the upcoming eps. I have watched it numerous times.

Stopped watching White Collar and Suits. Is it just me or do some of USA's shows tend to start to repeat themselves? That's why I stopped watching Burn Notice and Royal Pains. Still might try to catch up on Suits and WC or just kind of watch them by looking at reaction gifs on Tumblr.

Continuing to read Teen Wolf stuff. Tumblr is a well of funny, hotness and despair. I still don't like the format but ehhhh. What can you do?

Saw some pics from Fast 6. I still think they can do a part 7 where they go back in time and rescue Han from part 3, you know the movie where he dies? Timeline is messed up like whoa. Part 3 is like the little girl on Family Matters that just disappeared and no one mentioned her. Oh and Michelle Rodriguez is back after being dead in part four. Someone pointed out that she comes back from the 'dead' in this franchise and in the Resident Evil franchise. That's how badass she is.

Vin Diesel has a sequel to his Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick movie coming out. I guess this would be a part 3. Or maybe a part 4 if you count the mini cartoon they did that was between Pitch Black and Chronicles.
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Christmas was great. Thank you for the card [ profile] vampirefan! My Dad spent some time with us and much good food was had.

Stacey had gastric bypass surgery back in October. He is halfway to his goal weight and despairs of finding clothes to fit. He also went from taking over twenty pills a day to taking about four.

I go back to work tomorrow from being off since the 2nd week in December. Oh yoyodyne, why can't I quit you? The time off perks are so perky since no other job is going to give me about 3 months off in the summer and a month off at Christmas. Still, I'm not fond of talking to people on the phone and oh yeah that's mainly what I do for about seven hours a day. Sigh. Is it June yet? Cause that's usually when I'm off again.

Teen Wolf still has me in it's thrall. I'd ask for help but anyone who gets too close just gets pulled in. S3 starts in May or June. I can't wait.

Oldest in Eleven now! When did that happen? She is currently on the 6th grade honor roll and taking Tae kwon do after school. She's a yellow belt.

Youngest is being stubborn and driving me crazy while being cute and adorable. She's in the third grade.

Both their favorite class is math.

No one told me when I had kids I would have to go back to school.

Fractions are evil.

Me and Stacey's anniversary was a few days ago. 17 years! Wow.

Writing and me still have a tenuous relationship. Hopefully that will get better. Original fic is hard but I like the two ideas I have right now.

Joined a few writing tumblrs and they have some great ideas.

2 pics of the kiddies.

Pics )
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Anybody have any Florence and the Machine they can share? I only have 'Dog Days.'

Please and Thank you!
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Title: Early Morning
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Genre: PWP
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made
Summary: The best part of waking up.

A/N: Based on this pic by Michellicopter

Story )
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WIP Meme

Dec. 21st, 2012 10:42 pm
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I saw this around a few other places and it looked fun.

Pick a number (1-10) and I'll post an excerpt from the corresponding work in my WIP folder.

Then, if you are so inclined, post this with the appropriate number range and let people have a peek at your unfinished stuff. Slacking FTW!

I probably have more than 10 WIP's but I'm going to say top 10 that I really want to finish.


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