Sep. 20th, 2013

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End of first week back to work. Yay! or Ehh. It's work and no other job gives me 4 months off in the summer and about six weeks off for Christmas. #can'tbeatthoseperks

Tired from trying to get back into the swing of things. I miss my afternoon nap I'd take before going to get the kiddies.

Work is sort of slow. I just think of it as coming in to hang out with a better computer connection. We have Macs now and yesssss, tumblr works so fast! :)

Though our manager's manager can see what sites we visit :( But she's not here today :)
I am paranoid enough. *shifty eyes*

Sleepy Hollow! Yes, I love it though I am hating that it's on FOX aka FUX. I don't trust them a bit and haven't since Firefly. Actually since Alienation.(omg anyone else remember how they left it with this big cliffhanger and they cancelled the show and then a year or two later had a movie that tied it up. Then, then they had 3 more movies! What the fuck Fox?)

Looking forward to Almost Human and American Horror Story: Coven. Angela Bassett. Mmmm. Yes, please.

I still don't get tumblr sometimes. I treat it like a big picture book. Communication is iffy and I don't understand some of the self aggrandizement that goes on(is that a word? like when people post all of these comments they get about a story or the posts of people praising them and telling them about how awesome they are.)

Teen Wolf- Season 3A was not...good. So many problems. I can take a little illogical but when you say, anchors and they need them but they come up out the water with no one there I'm confused. Or when Jennifer seemed to think it was all about her looks in that very just ugh conversation with Derek in the elevator. Lady you're killing people I don't think he's mad about your true face. And why did her face look like that? They show her flashback and yes, she's got the slashes over her face but she still had hair and stuff. I was confused again.

Don't even get me started on Peter and his bullshit. I like Peter as a villain but were any of us really surprised? And also if anyone wanted to try and kill him again? That'd be cool.

God I was not going to rant about Teen Wolfies but but are all the bad guys still alive? How do the twins that helped kill Boyd still around and how did Deuces get a freaking slap on the wrist with bonus eyesight back? And Gerard fucking Argent is still chillin and bleeding black shit everywhere. I just...Jeff what the hell?

*takes deep breath*

In the files of stuff they never tell you about having kids besides you get to go back to school and help with math and english! And other stuff you don't remember! They don't mention the whole kids 'borrowing' your stuff. My jewelry, my perfume, my lotion, and since K has hit size 10 in shoes, she's eying those too. Even though I have gotten them both their own stuff, mama's is still apparently the best. :) They crack me up. K is now 12 and Zoe is 9, and it's just a trip about every day.


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