May. 28th, 2013

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So, I am on summer layoff! Got laid off last thursday and while i'm always happy for it I get kind of depressed too. But I get depressed when it's time to go back too. So, yeah.

Been kinda busy busy. Stacey's mom passed away about 2 weeks before Mother's day. He got a call from his sister after the nursing home she was in found her unresponsive. He was mostly worried about his sister and how she was taking it.

Some of you know we had some major problems with her when we lived with her but Stacey had gotten back to talking and visiting with her a few years ago. He took the girls down to see her before Christmas. I was never against them seeing her or her seeing them but I did not go with them, I just had Stacey drop me off at the mall for the few hours they visited her.

I think a few years ago I just mainly felt sorry for her, that she felt she had to do the things she did. (I don't think I ever mentioned how after she put us out, she and J had fights and she ended up putting her out too, before she finished High School).

I did attend visitation and the funeral to support Stacey and his sister. It was kind of uncomfortable though no one was mean. Southern people if nothing else are polite, especially at funerals. I'd never met most of the people there since they didn't agree to Stacey and I being together but hey, it's been 17 years. They'll get over it.

So there was that and while i'm keeping an eye on Stacey, he's good at not showing his sadness. *side eyes my husband* It's frustrating.

He's also still losing weight from his operation in October. He's really excited about it and tells me he does feel a lot better. He's lost about 130 pounds. About a month ago his doctor took him off the 'diabetes potential' list of things they look for.

Haven't planned much for my summer, except getting back to writing. I have two stories ready to post but haven't felt like posting them. Hopefully I'll get to that this week.

Recent conversations with K:

K: Oh, when you wash my mouthgaurd there might be some blood.

Me: Some blood?

K: *proudly* I got kicked 3 times in the mouth!

Me: Uh, okay. Are you alright?

K: Yeah, I'm fine.

Me: *It's not a spot of blood or a drib drab, it's more. I wash it in very hot water.*

Before that convo she did win 1st place in her age at a small tournament at her Tae Kwon do place. I watched her spar with higher level belts and stuff. She loves it.


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