Jan. 24th, 2013

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At work for almost two hours. Have received less than 10 calls.

Rewatched S1 of Teen Wolf. 11 yr old wakes up when I was watching and watched some of it with me. She likes Scott. She giggles whenever he's on screen or shirtless.

Started reading 00Q fanfic because I am a sucker for cute smished names of couples. Watched Skyfall. Daniel Craig is yum. Also watched Cowboys and Aliens and The girl with the dragon Tattoo. I may have a Daniel Craig problem. The girl with the... was really good. A good murder mystery.


Omg, are you kidding me? March? By then i'll be Revolution who? Grimm has been on a few years but still I have been waiting for the reveal that happened and I want the rest now. There's a episode recap preview thing on Youtube about the upcoming eps. I have watched it numerous times.

Stopped watching White Collar and Suits. Is it just me or do some of USA's shows tend to start to repeat themselves? That's why I stopped watching Burn Notice and Royal Pains. Still might try to catch up on Suits and WC or just kind of watch them by looking at reaction gifs on Tumblr.

Continuing to read Teen Wolf stuff. Tumblr is a well of funny, hotness and despair. I still don't like the format but ehhhh. What can you do?

Saw some pics from Fast 6. I still think they can do a part 7 where they go back in time and rescue Han from part 3, you know the movie where he dies? Timeline is messed up like whoa. Part 3 is like the little girl on Family Matters that just disappeared and no one mentioned her. Oh and Michelle Rodriguez is back after being dead in part four. Someone pointed out that she comes back from the 'dead' in this franchise and in the Resident Evil franchise. That's how badass she is.

Vin Diesel has a sequel to his Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick movie coming out. I guess this would be a part 3. Or maybe a part 4 if you count the mini cartoon they did that was between Pitch Black and Chronicles.


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