Jan. 13th, 2013

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Christmas was great. Thank you for the card [livejournal.com profile] vampirefan! My Dad spent some time with us and much good food was had.

Stacey had gastric bypass surgery back in October. He is halfway to his goal weight and despairs of finding clothes to fit. He also went from taking over twenty pills a day to taking about four.

I go back to work tomorrow from being off since the 2nd week in December. Oh yoyodyne, why can't I quit you? The time off perks are so perky since no other job is going to give me about 3 months off in the summer and a month off at Christmas. Still, I'm not fond of talking to people on the phone and oh yeah that's mainly what I do for about seven hours a day. Sigh. Is it June yet? Cause that's usually when I'm off again.

Teen Wolf still has me in it's thrall. I'd ask for help but anyone who gets too close just gets pulled in. S3 starts in May or June. I can't wait.

Oldest in Eleven now! When did that happen? She is currently on the 6th grade honor roll and taking Tae kwon do after school. She's a yellow belt.

Youngest is being stubborn and driving me crazy while being cute and adorable. She's in the third grade.

Both their favorite class is math.

No one told me when I had kids I would have to go back to school.

Fractions are evil.

Me and Stacey's anniversary was a few days ago. 17 years! Wow.

Writing and me still have a tenuous relationship. Hopefully that will get better. Original fic is hard but I like the two ideas I have right now.

Joined a few writing tumblrs and they have some great ideas.

2 pics of the kiddies.

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